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The Jesus Discovery | Latest Research on the Jerusalem Talpiot Tombs

This finding sets a defining tone among many other findings to the prior real existence of the Jesus. Just relax your mind and explore the power of this knowledge.

The Jesus Discovery | Latest Research on the Jerusalem Talpiot Tombs

Clues To My Life’s Purpose.

Have you ever wondered about your life’s purpose? What am I going to do? Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I deal with me? When am I going to realize who I am?

The only way is to thoroughly look inside yourself, to see yourself. The real you. There is a way to begin the endless journey of self-exploration, to reap the benefits of clarity of mind, as to where you are right now, in the here-and-now. Here is an analytical technique that I once used to begin my own journey inside myself. These are clues that you can change accordingly to your indigenous location in life. This is a template that will give you insight into the spiritual you, the real you. You are the Captain, I am the guide. Let’s go to work. Let’s begin to explore you, from the inside out.


1. Love to sing.  2. Write, read.  3. Communicate.  4. Must be fun, joyful, playful.  So, the collective answer is: I love to read, write, communicate, and have fun.

2. What part of my present job or life activities do I thoroughly enjoy?  #1. Traveling, seeing new lands and new faces, sights and sounds.

3. What do I naturally do well? #1. Communicate, read, write, sing.  #2. Empathic towards others.

4. What are my greatest successes today?  #1. Photography, custom made mailbox, tutor for Operation Upgrade, teaching people how to read, volunteer for the homeless, helped a lady that had mental problems, gave blood, Lovology Research Project, a ministry. Shucks, I’ve even written a book about my research in “Practical Meditation.”

5. Are there causes of which I feel exceedingly passionate about?  Sure: #1. World Peace, saving mankind from itself, inner discovery, embrace God as my saviour, promote positive mental and physical health worldwide.

6. What are the most important lessons that I have learned in my life? #1. Prepare before entering into any situation. #2. Do not procrastinate.  #3. Be decisive.  #4. Be truthful, even if it hurts, period.  #5. Mind my own business.  #6. Stay out of trouble, especially if it is wrong or you sense that it will negatively effect you in the future.  #7. Be forgiving.  #8. Be tolerant.  #9. Love one another.  #10. Do not judge others, unless you are prepared to be judged.  #11. Help, do not hinder.  #12. Let God be God.

7. Are there some issues or perceived problems that have occured over and over again? Yes: #1. I kept trying to operate a business venture, and had to let it go because of frustration, loss of self-esteem, desire, perseverness, letdown, not enough money or spiritual willpower to continue.

8. What do you dream about? Peace, happyness, love, adventure, financial stability, physically healthy, being debt free.

9. Imagine writing your own epitath. What do I want to be remembered for at the end of my life?  #1. I got my affairs straightened out with God and my loved ones.  #2. Finding my true self and broadcasting it to the world.  #3. My home and family members was left secure, financially and spiritually.

10. What would I do if I knew that I could not fail?  #1. Start a program of world peace, a movement toward peace and prosperity through God and mankind, that the world has never seen.  #2. Become the motovative teacher of Godly things on the ground, to lead from Chaos to Reality, on to Divine Consciousness.  #3. Implement my life purpose, forget any and all fears or forms of fear.  #4. Go to church, sing, read, write, communicate to all willing to hear about the beauty that still exist in mankind and of the world. Work for peace and harmony around the globe for all peoples of the earth for the rest of my life. Why, because I have found me, and the Me inside is a whole part of the body of everything. I am no longer alone, I will be free, to persue my life’s purpose, for what ever it blossoms to be. The final Epitathical clue. The only thing that I really own in this world is me, and that is good.

Hopefully those clues up there helps someone to go inside themselves to complete their very own journey to self discovery and realization. We are all worth more that we realize. Discover yourself, no one else can do it for you. Open up your mind and see yourself as a diamond in the rough, waiting for the master diamond cutter to cut all of the little facets into the body of the jewel, and watch yourself shine like a million dazzling points of light. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Fair enough? I never said it would be easy. Never-the-less, find your own way home.

I did my part, I actually lived thru all that stuff up there and there’s more to go. Hopefully you can find yourself too. Just look into the mirror, look real hard and deep. Your spirit is looking thru your eyes at it’s physical self, where it lives, it lives inside of you, and it likes what it sees. Peace

SMOKING: how your will-power enslaves the body.

This blog is a deep seated, heart felt subject from the heart of Lovology as a Theocentric Philosopher, that has taken the time to think thru this insightful rendition. I am quite sure everyone has their opinion regarding how they want to approach the subject of smoking. Their defenses, or their justifications protecting their right to smoke and destroy themselves from within. I only ask, why? Why would you do that, just because you can do whatever you want, is that the best answer? Let’s see what we have here thru exploration of the mind.

Do you still remember what happened when you inhaled your first long-draw on a cig? Remember the coughing, choking, wheezing, and nausea, sputtering and gasping? Remember? Do you realize what was happening, really happening at that first inhalation of smoke? Your body was telling you that it did not want that foreign stuff inside it. The body was rejecting that awful smelly toxic smoke that you had just willfully inhaled into it. But you did not pay any attention to those warnings, you just kept on forcing the body to inhale that poison till the body finally gave in to your demands and allowed you to enslave it with the will-power of your mind. The human mind is exceedingly powerful, especially when it decides to doing something good or bad. The human spirit has to learn what is good or bad from trial and error, hopefully, and do good. The subconscious mind inside the body caused the cells of the flesh to respond by rejection of what you are forcing upon it, but the unlearned mindset with will-power forces the programing into the cells to accept your will, from the conscious mind. The conscious mind is our awake mind where the state of objection resides. The conscious decision maker, not the subconscious mind that warns you is in charge of will-power that enslaves.

Now, just because you have learned to smoke, the body still rejects this abuse. Otherwise where do you think emphysema, tuberculosis, COPD and other ills that damages your lungs come from? This is the body rejecting in the strongest way it can for you to stop smoking. But you still don’t listen. The body is now enslaved by your mind’s will-power over your physical self. The body still do not like the smoke, but it has learned to put up with your abusive enslavement, it has to tolerate your will-power, because your will-power is spiritual law of the mind over matter. This is a sad thing to do to the only thing that you really own on this earth. You are on your way to destroying yourself from within. Why do that? Surely you love yourself or maybe someone else loves you. Or, do you know what love is? Think! And then make a wise decision regarding your own decision to commit slow-self-imposed-suicide. This is real in the spiritual and real world. Think!

Now, I will take this matter onto another level of thought.

Wave patterns are necessary to store memory in brain receptor areas. Each habit has it’s own storage area in the brain, and this requires energy, electrical voltage, and chemicals, which the body started manufacturing at your first smoke.  At that first smoke you needed to know that your body required certain vitamin supplements to help counter the radical damage that the smoking was causing, by depleting certain natural chemicals for the body’s immune system.  Vitamin C, D, E and CoQ10 is some of those organ saving nutrients that are being wiped out by smoking. I bet you never thought about that, did you? Think!


Objective thinking, planning on sight, sounds, smells and olfactory nerves. Acceptance or resistance, analytic, such as lacing your shoes, or smoking. The first time being the beginning of all future repetitions.


Storage area for pre-recordings in the brain. Repeat date and experiences in memory storage areas, like dreams, visualization, reflexes from memory. Objective storage area from consciousness. Brain wave patterns recognized here, like lacing your shoes Automatically for life. Smoking Automatically, and Repetitiously over and over again relentlessly. All repetitions forever played back to you, non stop. Like a broken record.


Auto-immune system, body temperature. Thoughts originate and pass up to the Subconscious for use later. intuitional factors, insight, love, spirit, soul-fire awakens here and lives here. The most powerful part of your mind. This is where God lives, inside you.

Take control of your life in all ways. Smoking has no power over you, nor does anything or anyone else, except the Creator that lives inside you. You are worth more than you really know, way more than the sum totals of your parts. Useless and destructive habits has no place being inside such a wonderful house which is the physical body, where your Spirit lives. Activate that same power that you used to put your body into slavery and bondage. Use that same power to free yourself of the chains around your mind that is keeping you down on the ground. Use that self-same power to stop what you started. Stop smoking those awful “Coffin Nails and Cancer Sticks,” NOW! It is your will-power waiting for you to take command and set your body free. Setting things right again. Be free, be at peace. LOVE YOURSELF!

A Letter To My Son: The problem with life.

One fine day, as my son and I was discussing the frustrations and twists and turns of his life and how the world seems to not care about anyone anymore. He had just come back from a tour of Iraq in 2009. I hope the world doesn’t mind my sharing those precious words for my son with you. You see, if you have a son or daughter, trying to grow up in this uncertain world, there may be something useful herein that you may be able to avail yourself of, and give to one of them a heartfelt moment. Don’t miss any moments to talk to each other, in the early years. You will one day wish that you did. You and your child will both lose if you do not do that little thing.

The problems with life.

Well, that’s just the way life works son. Sometimes we have no control over certain events that come our way. We just have to do our best with whatever it is that is presented unto us on a daily basis.

The thoughts and plans that you have in your mind right now, may not work out as planned when you get home from Iraq. Your agreed upon plans that you discussed deeply with your girlfriend or family memebers will not work out without their help. Juan, you see, fate is a strange thing. You give yourself beautiful thoughts, to dream while you are away from your familiar realities……but, when you actually get back home, fate moves those thoughts and ideas and dreams away from you thru distraction, and you then pursue another wayward objective, totally different from that which you originally planned. The reality of doing something is much more difficult to follow thru with, than the idea  of a dream. A dream is beautiful and free and easy, reality is difficult and costly and hard, therefore you abandon your original thoughts/dreams for new ideas and new dreams when you get back home. Thoughts and ideas change like the weather. Only your best thoughts with a greater-good as a catalyst will come true in the real world, your other thoughts will be like smoke in the wind, evaporated into nothingness.

Have you noticed your own thoughts? Have you had great lofty ides as to what you wanted to do while away from home? And then when you come home, non of these ideas seem to work, you find something totally different to do. or do nothing at all? It seems like you are just going around and around in circles, running into an invisible wall, getting nothing done? What’s the matter? Once again, blame it on FATE? If you do, then fate is working inside you. You can’t get rid of it, but you can manage it and control it and keep it on the outside of your mind, at a distance. You have to establish your very own balance of power, that is uniquely yours in your lifetime in this world. Having said that, don’t blame the game, blame the player. It’s your life, change the way the game is played, create your own method, your own uniqueness and live your life.

I, me, myself, am subjected to fate on a daily basis like everyone else. Most people don’t even have a name to identify the thing that is causing them to have empty dreams, or dreams that seem to fade away into nothing or is taken away by other distractions. Stop allowing yourself to be distracted. Stop making important business decisions when your mind is in a state of emotional flux. Make your important decisions when you are calm and is in a controlled intellectual state of mind. The emotional states of mind in man can be driven by ego and vanity, and cause you to make unsound judgements and critical errors that you probably would be able to see if you are in control of your thoughts and take the time to think it out. You see the ego do not like to fail, it loves to exploit and do wanton and dumb  and incorrect things. Egotistical human’s do not take the time to think, they just react to stimulation without real thought, and get themselves into trouble with the Laws and everyone and everything else.  Remain vigilant of your own thoughts and where they are about to take you into the future. Learn to see from within, using insight, instinct, mother-wit, intelligence. When you embark onto a new seemingly fun thing, be careful there too, because having fun has it’s own built in responsibilities that will trap you in the future. The fun thing will disregard the prospect of warning you, that you are having such a wonderful time with your new adventure, that you throw caution to the wind and run head-long into trouble in the near future. Pay attention to laws, both Legal and Spiritual Laws. Strengthen your resolve, focus your mind and master it, afterall it is your mind to have and to control. Isn’t it?

You just have to keep on keeping on, and work for a greater good in your life. I am tired of most things now, I just want peace in all things that I do. I would be content with that, to live a simple uncomplicated life now. I can feel the days and years getting shorter, at a slow and gradual pace. But to actually have that peace I so desire, I am going to have to fight for it, no one is going to hand it to me on a silver platter, I have to earn it. I am not naive, I have no illusions about that. I must earn that respect from others to have that which I cherish so much. Now my world is coming into reality a little bit at a time. I have the invisible key, to open that invisible door, that only I can see. Can you see it? Not yet? You will one day, just open up your mind, and keep the faith.  Faith is Hope for things not seen. ;- )

I am not sorry for how this economy is screwing up my life, so don’t you feel sorry for me. I have done ok with my life. I am just so tired to still have to do so much for some of those that missed the mark in life. My Soul and Spirit is just fine. The real world is where the tiredness is. I have done more in my life that many people. I cannot look back at my past life and say “I wish I could go back twenty years and start my life all over, I would do this or that.” I have already done it. I am happy with me.

Therefore, I want you to keep on growng and getting smarter and smarter each day. Keep love in your heart wherever you are. You have the tools, you just have to learn how to use them, just like I had to learn. You have everything that you own right with you all the time, inside yourself. Your car, a house, a computer, is only temporary, and good for useful purposes. But, even though you bought it, you are only a user, it too will only fall into disrepair and fade away, like dust in the wind. Your body is all that you really own in this world, and it too is only temporary, but it will outlast all the other things that you buy. Also, people can sue you and take away all that you own. They can even damage your body and kill it, but give your heart and soul to the ONE that gave it to you, and no human or Devil can take that away from you. You will have acheived victory over your life, and prospered accordingly to what you set forth in your heart and mind.

Take care of that body and mind Son. Keep your head high. Life can be unforgiving and merciless, life takes no prisoners. You can see where my mind is, and hopefully, later on down the road you will look back and see what I have been telling you, and laugh out loud. On another day you will look at my writings, a treasure trove of spiritual and actual words that you lived by and prospered as you saw it in your dreams, and say ” Inside myself – I am ok- I have me- I am free, my creator is with me.”  ‘Nuff said, peace and love, your Dad.

Everything Man Creates.

Think about it. That’s all I want you to do. Come to your own conclusions or agree with me. You are free to do so. Discern.
Everything Man Creates, causes harm, maims, mutilates and or destroys someone or something. Even if the thing is created to do good, there is still an element of danger attached to it as a part of it, regardless of it’s outward appearence or intentions.
Think about the things that are around you that seem harmless and cute, proceed with caution and an awareness of it. Some things are quite obvious, some are esoteric and occult, meaning some are not obvious at all. We feel safe with them, then BAM, something bad happens that was designed into that thing nointentionally or intentionally. It seemed safe, but was not, this befuddles us. We retaliate against the creator/manufacturer and etc. Anger and distrust rules the moment.

Is this because mankind is inheritently evil along with the good? Could be. Think about it.
Mankind is the best player in the game of life when it comes to deception. What you see may not be what you get. Remember that old cliche? It may not be real. This is somewhat confusing isn’t it? Look at your world around you very closely and you will see. Take nothing for granted on this planet earth except our Creator, since the power of Confusion is spreading across the land like an invisible thing that is very much alive, and has twisted intelligence. That thing is moving across the oceans and the lands of our planet, intent on perplexing and creating chaos amongst us.
Good is the new bad, and evil is the new good. Everything around us is being changed into a new kind of twisted logic. Therefore good ideas and good intentions and good inventions need to be created or done with the only true Spirit on earth guiding us, the Spirit of Love, received into the higher mind of mankind. Given freely to all of us from the original source. Then, most absolutley, everything that mankind creates would be perfect and safe, and cause no hidden harm.

Think about this, that is my most deepest request to whoever reads these words of wit coming from the heart of Lovology. Think consciously and allow the subconscious to be your inner fail-safe guide. You will still be imperfect on this earth but you will feel special unto yourself and your higher mind of all creation.
Just look at your world today. Even the athiest tells me that “I don’t believe in God, but there is something very wrong with our world and us.” Even the Athiest is aware and tells the truth. God smiles. We are the chosen few, the ones that strive to do that which is right, true or lasting. Those three words form the trinity of one word, “WISDOM.”

Guess what? God says “I am not the author of confusion.” (Corinthians 14:33). That statement, right there, automatically begs for an obvious question in my mind. If God is not the author of confusion, then who is?
Answer: the little god and his minions running amuck about the earth, causing all sorts of problems and mayhem, like distrust, discord, enmity, evil, lust, lies, greed, madness, religious strife, disrespect, and chaos. An evil form of energetic particles permeating everything, everyone, anyone that accepts twisted logic as truth.. The Devil himself and his Angels.

God (the Spirit) is truth and love. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, everything that we need to exist is here inside the fullness of the Universe. The Universe in Lovology means the body of the All and All. We are cells within a cell. Biologically our physical body is within the energetic form which is our real body. Our real body is much larger than the physical body that you see. Humans are God’s greatest creation, which is considered “good” by the master planner and creator.  We too can create things for a greater good, if we only changed our hearts and minds according to the word of God (the creator.) It only takes a moment in time to change your mind, that’s all it really takes, just a conscious decision to always work for peace in all it’s forms. We are truly one on this planet, we are special. Let no one make you believe anything differently. Be of a strong mind and heart, believe very little of what you see, and none of what you hear. Remain vigilant and defensive as nothing is as it seems. Beware of deception and confusion.  Peace.

Evolution or Creation?

Food for thought. In this blog, I am going to venture into the real reason Lovology came to be. For us to get to know ourselves, who we are, what we are, thru speculation and critical thought. This article is centered on speculation and a critical possibility of our creation. An open mind is requested here, since I am not trying to start an argument. This is food for thought. Anyone can form their own opinions, but I do not think that there is enough room on my Blogsite for all the comments. Just think about it, ok?
According to research about the human being, there is a particular part of the human that defies the evolution aspect of mankind as to how we came into being initially, or our starting point in actuality. The human EYE.

Scientifically speaking, the human eye, because of it’s intricate and complex nature as to what it can do is so profound that as far as I can see, it would have taken a billion billion years to evolve into the state that it is in now, in us. The human eye is not changing it’s structure or evolving at all as far as an Ontological observation can see. If there is evidence that the eye has evolved over the past million years, I would like to see it.

Here is one more proof of creation found by Universal Space Exploration: Our DNA is not located on earth. Say what? That’s right. Our DNA is not found on earth. Our DNA is found in space dust, on comets and in comet dust. Earth has the material for a physical body to be formed, but not the DNA, which is genetic information that causes the human form to recreate itself over and over again in like fashion according to design patterns of our color, height, facial features and etc. So, it appears the we actually came from out there somewhere. We/our spirit actually originated from space, carrying the genetic DNA for our physical bodies to be born looking like the parents.

Jesus said that he was not from here, or his kingdom, he was sent by the Father from Heaven. God created us to be like them, right? So there is the answer. We are not from earth either, our bodies and soul is. Our Spiritual life and DNA is from space or a heavenly place as well. Like creates like. I hope you understand and can see and comprehend this finding. In person I can speculate more at a lecture or meetings.
You see, this means that we as humans could not have come up out of the depths of the ocean, evolved from some type of primordial slime. We could not have evolved from apes or monkeys either. Why? Well, if we did, why are they still here? Shouldn’t they no longer exist, because they morphed into us? We were them? I don’t think so.
The prevailing wind in Lovology is: because of all this non-evolving thingie about how did the eye get to be like it is? Well, if it could not have evolved in a billion billion years, then we must have been created outright, someone or something must have thought us into existence. We must have been created from a single thought coming from something far superior and beyond our sense of comprehension. The universe is as complex as the human eye, and is still creating itself right now, it is not static, or standing still as I write these words. Our universe is in a continued state of flux. This flux is not just evolving , it into itself is perpetually recreating itself to a higher and higher state and size. This universe we live in is alive, and intelligent, like us. It came from nothing to become something. That statement is where GOD comes into the picture. Energy and matter creates physical things.
In Genesis 1:26-27. God said “let us make man in our image” then :27 says “So God created man in his own image” you see? That statement right there is true and I believe it is, that we were created, not evolved. The human eye would be a definitive truth that we have been around all along throughout time, many many years as humans, possibly in different states of evolution after the initial creation process, in all parts of the world. We adapted and was possibly changed by mother nature herself because of the different weather, and environmental conditions of the earth itself according to the indigenous people existing in certain climates. Hot climates caused skin to darken, cold climates caused skin to lighten and anything in between, hence the different hues in coloration and pigmentation changes. Also some interracial/color mingling may have happened too somewhere along the line. Evolved after creation? Why not?
The research in Lovology is mere speculation looking for the critical truth in us on a metaphysical and ontological plane. This is not a religious issue to me. It is a TRUTH issue.
Genesis says that we were created, Lovology says we believe we were created from a single thought. Just compare those two separate bits of information up there, and see what transpires in your mind, you are free to think what you want, but the evidence is positively overwhelming, and shocking.
Once again, genesis says “created” while lovology says “Thought” into existence. These two are the same. How many thought this up, you ask? Lovology says, three. Genesis says “let us” make man. So there were more than one doing the thinking about creating US.
This information is directed at the chosen few, as only a few will understand, and grasp the faith to hope for things not seen. Looking thru a Universal Lens will give you a glimpse into the invisible realm of yesterday and tomorrow. Open up your mind to visionary thinking, and you will be able to see thru your self erected barriers around your mind. Peer into the darkness, and you will find light, light is knowledge. This I promise you, is the truth.
This article itself may be upgraded as more profound information is discovered about the complexity of us. Peace

Introducing my first book. Lovology Research Project Book I, Practical Meditation.

Introducing, my first book. Lovology Research Project Book I, practical meditation. This book/manual contains my findings thru research, about the benefits of meditation and it’s wide array of methods around the world to acheive the desired calming of the mind. You can choose your own type of discipline or method that you desire. As long as you experience the overall calm and control of your mind to better your life’s desires and positive benefit of a focused inner spirit to help calm your nerves, body, mind and soul. These manuals are sold by me thru the Lovology Research Project. If anyone is interested in inquiring about or receiving a copy of the book/manual, please send an email to me: Dr. Love,, and I will send to you the requested donation amount plus shipping and the address to Lovology Research Project in the USA.

No spam or negative communications allowed from this Blogsite.
This book/manual is copyrighted in the Library Of Congress, since 2008. Due to a lack of funds I had to publish it myself. I am happy with the small results and good words from the souls that I meet in person and online.

This is a personal ministry of helping others survive our world. Not a big business. I charge no set fees for my services. I am also available for speaking and motivationals, within a limited distance from my hometown of Baton Rouge, La. Donations only accepted for my work. I am an ordained minister, in a specialized ministry for the chosen few.

I apologize for not having a picture of the book on my site. I am new at this. Irregardless of my temporary handicap, I will email you a picture of the cover of the book/manual if you like.
Lovology is alive and well. Thank you

Our Prayer of Universal Hope.

Dear Lord of light, we pray that your love is shining into the hearts and minds of everyone in and on this poor planet earth. Lord look into the hearts and minds of the Lawyer, the Politician and the Presidents of the world, that has earthly power over these things. That they will have the God-given sense and sanity, coupled with a little Wisdom, to be able to turn the tide of greed, hatred, racial strife, carelessness and unmittigated unnatural desires to own, and to kill each other wantonly and in malicious manners. To help them learn not to want to own or dominate others to the point of despair and untimely deaths.
My Lord, bless the heathens for they need to embrace you, to regain their sense of self-worth, dignity, and respect for their own selves, for they know not what they do, to our sense of sanity and their own useless carrying ons for the sake of sensationalism and vanities. Bless our homes, our families that are together and estranged, that they too may prosper as best as they can with what they have, abundantly, according to their will and their faith. Remove the veil of sadness, and hopelessness, and pity from our hearts and minds, so that we can wake up and see how far we have really strayed from the right paths and took the wrong paths, that seems to have a never ending spiral down into darkness and despair. Help us to wake up to the truth of why we hate our own kind, and we think there is nothing wrong with our points of view into the negative realm of evil, as long as we can get our own selfish desires and will imposed upon others. I know that God is not the Master of Confusion, then who is? It must be the evil one himself, the Devil, or should I say the evil energy that is confusing the majority of people on earth, burrowing itself into us in vain and low thinking minds, that does not yearn for the higher principles of life. Life is being twisted and contorted by this evil one, but we think that is good for us.
That too is confusing, shake it off, get rid of the confusion, and see what is real, see the light, light is right knowledge. Do not think in darkness, come up out of the abyss of scurrying things that rend and tear you apart, and maim and mutilate others, and then destroy itself.
There is only one real point of light, only one Savior, only One Race of people, the human race. Soon there will be a new day, glorious and bright, possible in our time. Brothers and Sisters of all races and creeds in harmony, is one of the most spiritual and right things to experience. I believe that God created us all a little different from each other to make us wonder about ourselves, and be interested in each other in positive ways, not to hate each other because of skin color and religion or things that we cannot comprehend with our small minds. That is where the beauty of life dwells, in the interest factor of swirling kaliedoscopic hues and sizes and textures, and different types of hair, and things that we can comprehend with an open source of understanding. If everyone looked the same, I think that our world would be rather boring. What do you think about that? The All and All knew what he was and is doing at all times, we just need to get into the flow of right things to wind up at the right destination point, that is all we need to do. Honestly.
God said “if two or more people on earth get together in my name, I will be there,” which means, to share our compassion, our love, our ideas, our pain, our hopes, and that he will bless anything and everything in his name. This is not a parable or a sooth saying thing, this is truth in the spiritual realm that manifest itself in the physical realm, on earth, thru us. This spiritual stuff is all energy, intelligence, vital principals, a moving force and power, that can be proven to some extent by studying physics. But, alas and alack, you wil see the true power when our spirits departs our fleshly home and enter into our Heavenly home, I believe. We cannot see this magnificent glorious thing while we still reside in the physical self,we have to ask for the salvation of our souls to experience this infinite thing. You see, the body that you see in the mirror is much smaller than the body that you really own. Our energetic spiritual life force is much larger, this has been proven by science, that we really do have an energetic thing that leaves the body when we expire, that can be detected by technology. More on this later.
The coming together signifies Unity, Strength, and a connection of the Silver Cord, which is our invisible lifeline to God in the spiritual world. The Silver Cord is akin to the Umbilical Cord that connects the Mother to the unborn child, that nourishes and sustains that unborn child in a safe and comfortable place in time and space till it is time for the unborn to enter into the real world of humanity. We do the same thing after we are born, we get connected to the Silver Cord once the Umbilical Cord has done it’s job, and seperated from the Mother, which is the sustainer for 9-months. Spiritual powers take you the rest of the way on your own personal destination into the future. In this outline you can sense what I am trying to convey to you, that God is more real than we are, all the time. Hold onto the spiritual silver cord, or find your way to it and connect to it, you will find that what I say is the truth.
The two or more persons will be sharing and activating the Active Force of God, the Holy Spirit, which is the Comforter and Teacher of all things. This is our prayer and peace period with spirit right now, where ever you are in the Universe. And to the Universal God, we give thanks!
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