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Becoming and Being a Writer.

These thoughts of becoming and being a writer haunts the very fabric of my being.
These thoughts ride the wave lengths of my mind and soul like a living thing, restless, nervous, giddy and excited.
I relish the thought of being in a quiet place at home or in the wilderness, putting pen to paper in the serene environment of a peaceful world of my choosing, breathing in deeply the heavenly eathers.
Since I love to communicate verbally at warp-speed, bursting out all over with energetic words of wisdom and motivation, writing would be the corner-stone or the bringing together possibly the two most powerful things known to man. One is my belief in GOD. The other is using a computer to bring me together as a unique entity. (1) myself, (2) God, (3) and the computer. A trinity of sorts. This sounds like a powerful medium indeed, almost a spiritual high pondering the reality of this combination.

At 49-years old I had a lot to talk about concerning this self-same prose. Now I am 67, and I plan to use my remaining days on earth to have my say, to research, practice, and to leave behind a legacy of Dr. Love and Lovology.
Writing may be the special ingredient that completes the puzzle that I have seen in space, that my day will come to ascend into the Heavens with the Master, as I will have attained my own mastership, earned by pain and toil and woe, while here on earth.

You too can ascend to higher levels in your own mind. But first, you need to get to know who you are, what you are, and why you are here on earth. We must all find our own special invisible path, to discern the visible path that is already laid out for us before time began. Just open your inner eyes and explore the possibilities of finding your own way back home. You cannot find the Spiritual you outside yourself, because it is right there with you all the time.

You can’t see the forest for the trees, because you are standing inside the forest. Step outside the forest and you can look back and see all of the trees. Meaning: Step outside of your own little box(mind), and look at yourself in a mirror in an objective way. Reintroduce your spirit to your own body, and allow your own spirit to see you for what you really are, a spiritual being learning how to be human. You see > your spirit is inside you looking out thru your eyes, which are the windows to the world, and observing where it lives, inside this physical body, absorbing all the goings on of your daily experiences in life and recording all of this information into the book-of-knowledge (meta-speculation: the Medulla Oblongota). It sees everything that you do and experiences all the sensations of the six senses. Try to record good stuff that you do, since this good stuff will make your life a lot better. I believe that the Human Being is God’s greatest creation. Get to know YOU, the I AM. Think upon this wisdom. You will find yourself. From this point on you can aspire to be a writer too. Fin.


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