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Lovology Motto

“To Teach, Counsel, Educate and help Heal the Chosen Few”


  1. Philosophy; to search for the truth. The synthesis of all learning.
  2. Religion; belief systems and their Gods.
  3. Psychology; the science of mental processes and behavior.
  4. Ontology; the study of being, a state or quality of having existence.
  5. Epistemology; the studies of the nature or origin of words.
  6. Cosmology; the study of the structure of the Universe.
  7. Ethics; right or good behavior, moral principals.
  8. Dignity; to have honor, prestige, high self esteem, poise, self respect and good appearance.
  9. Virtue; moral excellence, good qualities.
  10. Integrity; rigid adherence to a code or standard set of values. Unimpaired soundness, whole and complete. A mental or physical adhesive that binds things together.
  11. Wisdom; that which is right, true or lasting (God gives us this freely), the most important tool for the mind.
  12. Metaphysics; the study of first principals and ultimate realities, causes and their effects. Including Ontology, Epistemology and Cosmology, as well as Holistic thought. A speculative and Critical Philosophy.
  13. Last but not least: I am a Theocentric Philosopher and Metaphysician that believes in God Therefore, go inside your Heart and Mind. God wants to talk to you too. May tomorrow be good to you. Peace-out.
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