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The Proverbial Garden of God.

Lord, today we humbly thank you, for your supreme sacrifice of love you did for all of us, by dying for our sins throughout all eternity.
We bless your name, that you may bestow Grace and Prosperity upon us all thru these most trying of times of our world today. To rejoice in the wisdom of the spirit, knowing that your blood was not shed in vain.
May all who care to listen, open your eyes as well as your ears, open your hearts and lungs and breathe deeply, very deeply, and cherish the very little air of freedom that we all strive for, 2,000 years later.
My friends, look down at your own footsteps as you stroll along on your daily journeys, to and fro, and experience the reality of our Lord’s most amazing gift to us, the proverbial GARDEN OF EDEN, our Mother Earth. Yes we are the caretakers and the dwellers here. We are the Gardeners, the keepers of the footstool, turned around and given back to us. We must take DOMINION, but NOT DOMINATION. Please understand the difference between these two words, because their meanings are profound and discerned. The latter word up there is where we are now, it seems the powers that be want to Dominate and put you down under their feet. That is not good, we are supposed to care for each other and protect each other and the earth, that means to take Dominion. We were given our responsibilities since the beginning of time. If we Dominate and not take Dominion, we will surely perish. Spiritual Law supports this. There is no other way out. Take care of the GARDEN and everthing there is upon it, and live.
Christ did not die in vain, for the ones that keeps the flame burning bright. The fire will never go out, or to be extinguished as long as we remember his name and seek the Creator of the Universe, thru Him. He is alive and living thru the HOLY SPIRIT in us right now, as we gather wherever we are. You at this very moment is sharing the Spiritual effects of all that is Holy, right now. Our Lord and King and Friend  in Heaven, is preparing for his grand entrance like no one else can. An entrance that is beyond the scope and imagination of the lower human mind-set, but not to the Higher Spiritual Mind in us. A higher calling is being offered to us all, since WE are ONE.
This day, let us bless this day for all of us, this house, all that we rightfully own, our Father and his Son, and all things that’s Holy, past and present, and beyond, as we wait for Him in the GARDEN (Earth). Love and Peace forever into infinity.

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Fifty fifty plus 1 Remedy

Greetings and Welcome,
Please sit for a moment and absorb what is useful for your health.
What you are about to read is a simple and effective way to help care for yourself. You will be using natural products that you find on your grocery shelf. This is a natural remedy to use to help alleviate aches and pains and discomforts of the muscles. arthritis, sprains, strains, and etc. You will benefit from this treatment, providing that the problem has not gotten out of hand, then you need to see a Medical Doctor. I am not a Medical Doctor, I am a Researcher as specified on my blog.
This remedy was developed by me while practicing massage therapy for pain. A holistic approach using products that are readily available in most stores. Here is the remedy, and a blessing to you.
Fifty Fifty Plus 1 Remedy.
1. 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2. 50% Cold Pressed Castor Oil.
3. 1-Heaping Teaspoonful of Cayenne Pepper Powder. (the hotter the better)
4. 1/2 oz. vitamin E oil, 30000 IU (di-alpha tocopherol).
5. 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.
6. 1- half pint bottle or other container.
Carefully measure the oil amounts so there is about one inch of space below the neck of the bottle. This is for shaking purposes.
After mixing these five items together, shake the bottle vigorously until well mixed. Set it aside for 2-hours. Then shake it again. Let it set overnight at room temperature, then shake the bottle once more. The product is ready to use. Massage this in once in the morning and once before bedtime. Or whenever you like to at your discretion. Take your time and do a thorough massage.
How to convert oils to a soft salve..
Get yourself a small pack of beeswax from a grocery store or online.
Pour about a cup of your blended oil into a small pot. Heat the oil just enough to melt the beeswax. Do not make the oil too hot, this will destroy the healing nutrition in the natural oils. Let the oil cool to room temperature and check to see if the consistency/thickness is suitable for you. If not, reheat the oil and take small amounts of beeswax and pour this into the oils while stirring, till fully melted, then sit it aside to completely cool once again. Then enjoy your massage.
The beeswax will not dilute the strength of the oils. The beeswax is also good for the complexion of your skin. Also the beeswax does not leave you with an oily shine on your skin, just an enhanced radiant look.
How to use the Fifty Fifty Plus 1 remedy.
Both oils recommended here are known natural healers around the world. You will need to massage your body parts till the oils penetrate the skin, and the Cayenne will rub right in also. The Cayenne pepper will increase the flow of fluids in the lymph glands as well as help increase the acceleration of the natural action of the blood flow, so the blood cells can bring more healing power to the sore area faster. Take your time and rub it in thoroughly. Afterall this is your body.
Castor Oil has a wide range of health benefits, as well as Olive Oil.
This remedy is designed for massaging into the skin only. Please do not take this remedy orally.. since there are some side effects of Castor Oil if ingested. And the Cayenne will surely heat you up. I am not aware of any negative side effects of Olive oil.
A Reminder.
The Cayenne Pepper will literally disappear into your skin as you massage the area. Especially after a few days sitting in the oil, and is softened up more. You can make as much as you want to, just remember to use the 50/50 method for the oils. The pepper is 1-heaping teaspoonful for each 1/2 pint of oil.
To make and oil pack, use gauze pads and First Aid tape to hold the pack in place. Saturate the pad till wet, but not dripping. Then attach the pack to the area being treated for 1 to 2 hours while resting or moving around. Store the oil pack in the refrigerator to keep the pack from spoiling and for later use. Then warm the pack in a microwave oven or stove before applying to the affected area. You can reuse this pack for about five times before it becomes unstable, then discard it.
It is ok to wash the area with a mild soap and water after each use, if you desire. Some people prefer to wash as needed, as the skin will not become dirty or flaky from a couple of applications. There may be a natural build-up of old skin cells that will die and new ones regenerate, so wash that off as needed. I have been told that the Fifty Fifty Plus 1 Remedy works good in other ways on the skin and feet, so explore, have fun in your adventure.
I am not a Medical Doctor, I am a Researcher as stated on my blog. If your problem has gotten out of control or has been ongoing for years you need to see a Medical Doctor. My remedy is Holistic in nature and designed to be used at the onset of soreness and pain, and is not intended to be used like a prescription drug. You have the right to make up your own mind about your health and state of being and the right to treat yourself as you see fit. I make no outrageous claims as to the effectiveness of this remedy. Although I have seen the positive effects of these oils and Cayenne Pepper. The healer is inside you.

A Personal Supplication For Healing.

Dear Lord,
Look down upon this poor and weary soul, whose sick and afflicted state of health is within your power to heal. Raise me up out of the ashes, so I can stand tall even when I am forced to lay down. I will obey with a humbled spirit.
Heal me, both mentally and physically, in heart as well as in mind and body. So I can say with true feelings and conviction that you did this for me. Bless the Physicians and the Nurses, and all of my Caregivers, that they will be inspired to do their best for me. This problem is only temporary and has no devilish hold on me. He will not bar the door that I have to open to reach in and get the precious gift of healing and restoration that I need. My body is temporary, but my soul is of God’s making and saved thru his Son.
May my will be his will, and that my health will be restored. I will prosper today and tomorrow. Blessed is thee who calls his name, IMMANUEL!!!!
Amen and Amen

The Cure For All Dis-ease (practically applied.)

    Being a philosopher at heart from birth, that discerned in Godly things, and the truth, I would like to address some of the problems plaguing our world. The people are asking why, and “what is the matter with the young people in my city and the world? Why all the chaos, shootings, murder, rape, robberies and etc?
    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. If you do not plant a seed into the ground a plant will not grow. If the human mind does not have truth and reality planted into it’s subconscious soil, the plant of righteousness, truth and reality will not grow to the surface to be seen.
    Unless the conflict between the Personality and the Spirit is not addressed we will always have mental dis-ease and then emotional dis-ease that acts out in the physical world. Herein lies the cure. This conflict at times start before the child is born, and lasts forever or until correction of truth is administered.
    Let’s look at dis-ease; the pref “dis” means, absence of, undo, deprive… “ease” means, free from pain, worry, or agitation, constraint, without discomfort. Dis-ease is an abnormal condition of an organism or part of it. Unity between the personality and Spirit eradicates and prevents dis-ease.
    The Personality is the part of the human mind, which is without intervention of another (the objective mind). We need to intervene to correct errors on the surface, and get past the objective mind and into the subconscious mind..
    The Spirit, is the person in the vital principal of the soul force, in the subconscious realm where the superconscious resides. This human spirit is the neucleus of the person where the Holy Spirit is Lord inside you.
    Connect the personality and the spirit together without conflict, and you will have a much more divine human form. Dis-ease of the mind would be eliminated, the physical body would not experience extreme emotional pent-up rage or mindlessness, which infects us with morbid behaviortism of physical chaos, personal despair on to Death, in this order.
    God is still in charge, not out there in space or some far off land, but right here all the time, within the human psychophysical temple. Look within yourself and you will see and understand, hopefully. For the Lord gives Wisdom, and from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding, Proverbs 2:6.
    We must be taught by the learned ones, the old ones. The new ones need to listen to right instruction and learn. As ministers and leaders in the clergy, we need more practical knowledge, to allow ourselves to be led by spiritual insightful principles and teach, counsel, and to educate our young as well as the old alike, since we are essentially all of God’s children in his eyes. Those with eyes let them see these words and hear them from within. All the ranting and raving, and complacency and hope will get you nowhere, unless the conflict between the Personality and the Spirit is eliminated. Only the Creator can do this thru us. Ask and it shall be given. My friends of the world what you have just read, is the Cure For All Dis-ease on our planet earth and beyond. Given to me to thru Spirit, to give to you. It is a very simple formula. Read it again and again until you absorb the meaning and the meaning becomes you. So be it.
    My personal and private ministry is to Teach, To Counsel, To Educate, The Chosen Few, using Scientific Principles and Spiritual research methods. A special kind of mix, if you will. To help myself and all persons to improve upon the quality of their lives. I will be working to help save our inner worlds, not to destroy them. The outer world will take care of itself, because of the ways and means that we plant our seeds of good things into our personal soil, that good things will grow up out of us into the light, light is right-knowledge. I too had to seek right-knowledge and understandings to get wisdom. Wisdom means, to do that which is right, true or lasting. Do any one of these three words of light and you will be activating wisdom inside yourself.
    We all have plenty of work to do. There is not much time left, our world is wracked with all kinds of problems and are getting worse. I myself am not perfect, but I feel very special in the eyes of God. I want the chosen few to feel the same as I do. As the majority of people on earth is going to perish and there will be only the chosen few left to build the new world. God said that.  Each one must choose to bring themselves up out of despair and hopelessness, and stand up and face ourselves and a new beginning. But tearfully the majority will not heed anyone’s warning, only the chosen few will do this rightful-thing. This is happening right now in our world. Open your inner-eyes to the soul and you will see clearly. There is no competition in God’s work, practically applied. Enough said for now. Peace.
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