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Lovologists, this is for you, the ones that are awakening to the reality of ourselves and our minds. I implore you to take up a tiny bit of responsibility for yourselves, our planet, and dabble a bit in something of great interest in your life. Something that is geared to peace, hunger, education, guidance, taking positive control over your home, your kids, your life, take dominion, not domination. We all can do something to help better ourselves wherever we are, whatever shape we are in, financially or physically. Help at least one other person, somewhere that is really down, that you know is not a threat to you, reach out your hand.

But beware of the Devil hiding behind pity, and lies, and fancy things. Bring yourself up inside, read another book about good things and creative thought things, positive things, things about creation or whatever you are led to read or do that is good. We as a human must take Dominion of the earth, Dominion means: to take responsibility, to take care of, to cherish, to be the caretaker of each other and our planet. This is ordained in spiritual law. Our Creator placed this burden on all of us, it is a positive and good burden, that we can grow up in spirit and beautify our world for us and him. Dominion does not mean Domination in any sense of the word. Domination is like an Overlord, Dictator, overbearing Ruler, if you are being Dominated you have no real control. If you are a Dominator, you are controlling others lives for your own selfishness means, suffocating others.
Now that being said, we can go on to the following suggestiions for future research that I hope each and everyone that reads these words in my book, find a personal project that motivates you. We are one.
A. Communicate to religious leaders the importance of teaching their congregations meditative skills, as well as prayer, to complete the act.
B. Using meditation to zero in on the pain centers of other minds, using our built-in antenna.
C. Teaching the kids the core of meditational mind control over their emotions.
D. How to develop visualization powers, using imagination and dreams and ideas for all of life’s benefits.
E. Mind Regression (looking into the past) to seek out and destroy problems in the present, that you are dragging behind you like so much useless baggage.

F. Suggestive therapeutics (planting positive mind-seeds) to reprogram the subconscious with positive mind healing effects, for special healing needs.
These are but a few main suggestions I see that could be of great help in elevating subconscious suffering being put upon others by persons not knowing any better, or not caring. With these they will know. In the latter days we must know, or we will all suffer and be lost alone into infinity.
I realize that what I have been teaching you is quite a responsibility that I am placing upon the shoulders of a tired and weary world. But you can help yourself and others do better, but firstly, you will need education. You will have to learn to learn again, you will have to study, and read and write, and study some more. You must unlearn the old useless clutter and relearn the new. Teach or train yourself to greatness. Meditate and pray for things of a greater good for you and your world, be kind to yourself.
It only takes one person to save the world, providing all ears would listen and apply right thinking habits into our daily lives. Meditate on life, the power is yours and ours. The Holy One of all creation ordained this into law, and the law is good. selah


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“Miracles are acts of love”
A Course In Miracles

“We are one”
Universal Life Church

“It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh is useless. The words I have spoken to you is
“spirit and life”
Jesus the Christ

“May today be good to you”
B. G. Love

“Come go with me, I will be with you forever”
A personal, true, live, walking, breathing vision of Christ to me. B. G. Love

“Learn to value spiritual things over material things, they last longer, costs less, and bring more”
Linus Mundy

The above mentioned quotes are some of the best that I have seen or experienced,

that I use as a driving force behind all my years of pondering, who am I, what am I, why

am I here? Exploring one beautiful adventure after another, I found my answers, written

in words and languages of a many people. These people had keyes that I needed to

open my own personal locks to the doorway to sanity and salvation. This power is inate

in all of us all the time, this power is us, we just need to wake up to it, that’s all. We do

not live in it, it lives in us, and in the trees, the water we drink, the food that we eat, the

birds in the air, the sun, the Universe, our blood. Absolute permeation everywhere at

once, no division, no seperation, only one power. I love you all. I am going to rest for a

spell now, in God’s grace. Lovology Book II, will follow soon. Selah

The Beginning of Practical Meditation.

To all of my friends of yesterday and today, and new friends of tomorrow. I am about to embark on a new journey. This new journey is a continuation of the past into the future, based on Ancient Wisdom and new knowledge of meditation in various styles and varieties to reach into the Higher consciousness of the conscious mind. The mind has three levels of consciousness.

First, there is the Conscious level; this level is mostly active when you are fully awake and verbally communicating and physically moving around.

Second level is the Subconscious level; this level is where your thoughts are stored and live, waiting for you to call upon your memory banks to produce the newly stored memories as well as the old historical records of your thoughts for retrieval into the Conscious mind.

Third Level or Superconscious level of consciousness; this level of mind exists inside and outside itself and beyond. This higher level is also your doorway to all things imagined and not seen before. This state of mind melds into the outer reals of wonderment, exploration, visualization, spirit, and infinity. This area of consciousness renders everything transparent. The tomorrow becomes today. The outer reals of darkness becomes light (light is knowledge being hidden from the Consciousness and Subconscious mind and brought out or exposed to the realities of truth. Vision is realized here. A man or woman that does not have Vision will surely perish from the lack of knowledge on this earth. To know the unknowable and see within darkness should be any sane human’s desire, to let live and help live. The Superconscious mind is the reality of and discovery of God-mind. The highest mind that can be known and realized while your are still existing in physical form.

Ministers of the world talk and teach about Prayer, but not about meditation these days. We are always asking God for things, but we never ask God “what can I do for you today?”) Can you see from within where I am going with this line of thought? You see, when we pray to God we are talking to Him. When we meditate we are quiet and give God the chance to talk to us. How can you talk and listen at the same time effectively in any conversation? Enter into the closet of your mind, close out all noises and distractions of the day. Seek God/Spirit with a quiet mind “listen” to the inner and higher Superconscious mind to make contact with your Subconscious and Conscious mind. This way Enlightment can bathe your inner soul with good things straight from the pure mind of the Creator to you. From the invisible to the visible for you to avail yourself of and co-create good things for yourself and others to experience blessings the right way. You see our own out of control minds are the Devil’s (evil) workshop. The Superconscious mind (Spiritual) is where the true controls are for you to get from the Creator of all creation. You will survive the world. I did. But the world will test you for all time, but you will have the tools to fight back with the power of the Universe helping you. Bow down to the Creator inside you, and you will be able to overcome this world. Evil cannot make you do anything that you do not want to do. The power of the Creator of the Universe is alive and well. Enter into yourself and get to know him or her. Peace and Joy to all peoples of the Earth. I stand with Authority to write these words to you expecting good things to realize and materialize in your life.

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