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Dealing With A Lovable Alcoholic

There are many ways to approach this problem. However there is one more, my method with Theocentric Philosophy in Lovology. I hope this method helps at least one person on this earth, that will mean my work was not in vain. I would be happy.

Hello Friends,

I pray that this blog helps you, and your loved one to be able to get a grip on this problem. Above and beyond most problems, there is a need for some serious praying to be done, OK?


I tried to arrange this blog in steps, so the pathway to winning this war that is facing you will be better understood and remembered upon your mindscreen. I will leave the finer details for you to construct, as you know this loved one better than I. My work is to guide you to your own way of acheiving personal success. The final victory is yours.

#1. A good plan would be to construct a scenerio that nourishes great human potential, to replace the one that nourishes great social maladies.

#2. The abuser is identified with rebelliousness against authority, and reality.

#3. A drunkard is one that is out of control of their inner self, and civility.

#4. Addiction is forbidden in the spiritual realm of Holiness, and Wholeness.

#5. Alcohol is Ethyl Alcohol, or Ethanol, which can eventually kill you. If not for your liver breaking down the proponents of Alcohol, you would die of Alcohol Poisoning from one single drink. Eventually liver damage will happen anyway, also the brain cells are being killed off. This destruction to the brain cells lead to memory or physical problems in later years. There may be damage done to an unborn child that cannot protect itself, or speak up in it’s own defense.

#6. Don’t try to force the person to quit or talk down on him or her, as this would lead them to see you as an overlord, or someone that is better than they are. A bad case of resentment will start growing.

#7. Let them know that this is a universal problem and we all are vulnerable to all sorts of sins and hells. Let them know that we share this problem either directly or indirectly, one way or the other, even when we cannot understand or see the error of our ways until it is too late.

#8. The ultimate end is an early death, since alcoholism, like any other self-defeating useless habit is a slow form of self imposed suicide, either consciously or unconsciously, the end result is still the same, you lose needlessly.

#9. The addict needs Jesus Christ. He already lives inside everyone of us, you just have to allow the power to wake up and take control of that negative, destructive human weakness that is misguided by the Other god. Allow and welcome the true Physician to Heal you from inside out. It can be done, trust me.

THE REASON AN ALCOHOLIC OR ADDICT does not want to or care to quit is because your loved one has gotten comfortable with their habit. That person is entertaining their pleasure centers of their minds, where the sense of the Conscientious Objector does not exist. That person has not taken the responsibility of their own actions and behavior. Their consciousness is at a point of irresponsibility. At times the child needs attention drawn to themselves, especially if that person indulges at will. This special person in your life probably has a good mind with creative abilities, that is being drowned from too much drinking or consuming this poisonous garbage.


Maybe your loved one needs some type of responsibility issued out to them, that get him or her so involved in the activity that they forget about the drinks. A type of diversion that fills up an empty space, if you will. Try a type of diversion or responsibility where their drinking would interfere with the exactness of detail, that would be ruined if they were not mentally clear. This trick could help someone that is not totally lost to their personal abuse.  As I mentioned before, there are many ways to approach this type of problem with your loved ones. This is just another way with Lovology.

I hope this message helps someone to help themselves or their loved ones to overcome this particular thing. We all need each other if we are going to make it to a healthy old age and beyond. Just love yourself and each other. I also need the prayers and whatever support my friends and strangers can give to me to be able to make Lovology become a wonderful ministry. I know, overcoming can be rough at times. I understand. Peace and love.

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