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The Importance of Breast Feeding.

Greetings my friends. Are you hungry for another goodie, straight from the Doctor? OK, let me get this disclaimer out there, just in case someone thinks that I am trying to pose as a Medical Doctor. I am not a Medical Doctor, nor do I profess to be one. My articles are for informational purposes only, for the few that are looking for a breath of fresh air, and not for sale.

I am a Theocentric Philosopher that believes in God, and the many attributes of the same spirit. This information has been formulated by me from countless hours of listening, and reading, and watching, and also, asking deep profound questions. The bottom line is a result of my pondering such things and meditating on these things, with a mindset that leans heavily upon the speculative and critical knowledge of things, put them into my mental-mixer and arrive on the scene with my own abstract recipe, cooked down to a wonderful stew, that is food for thought..

The importance of Mother’s milk is beyond mere thinking on the surface, you have to dig down deep into your own psyche and see. Breast feeding is extremely important to the Newborn Child, and wonderfully pleasing and satisfying to the Mother. You see, when the Mother feeds her baby for the first time, there is the pre-milk or Colostrum. This first feeding of the baby really is the baby’s first natural Immune Injection. Also, this is the most important immune injection that the baby will ever get, straight from mommy to the child. The follow up immunoglobulin injections are, shall we say, follow ups. When the Mother feeds her child for the first time, she passes onto her child all of her immunities that she has in her body, that her body has built into immune defences gathered from her life of moving thru time and space, being bombarded by a plethora of diseases, funguses, rashes, pollens, and other invaders of the nasty kind. Her body has fought a war and won against these invaders. Now what she has is a smorgasboard of defenses custom made and passes on to her child. That child in turn will be more that ready for the world, or at least have a fighting chance for a healthy survival.

Colostrum: mother’s milk, secreted for the first few days then gradually change to normal milk. This Colostrum has a high protein and antibody count. Please do not confuse the Colostrum from Bovine cows with that from humans. One is fully compatable for the human child, the other is fully compatable for the baby calf. That’s where the conflux comes in. A Mother cow cannot possibly give your baby the type of immunities that that child needs for it’s future. Because it is a cow!!!! A cow’s milk of Bovine origins is good for you, yeah, sure, but no where as good as those first few days of Mommy’s goodness. Can you diggit?

Mother’s milk protects against: #1. Haemophilus Influenza type B. #2. Pneumonia cause by Streptococus Pneumonia. #3. Meningitis. #4. Infant Botulism. #5. Urinary tract infection. #6. Cholera. #7. Salmonela. #8. E.Coli infections. #9. Respiratory Syncytial Virus. #10. Reduce SIDS. #11. Fever problems with GERD. #12. Atopic Dermatitis. #13. Against Ear Infection. #14. Diabetes. #15. Obesity. #16. Herpes Simplex infections.

Mother’s Benefits: #1. Chemicals are released when the baby is feeding that calms and soothes the mother. #2. Helps the Uterus to contract and the bleeding to cease more quickly after delivery. #3. Reduces the risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer. #4. Also, a great way for the Mom and Baby to Bond for life.

What’s in it?: #1, Fats (the good kind). #2. Vitamins- A-D-E-K. #3. Carbohydrates. #4. And more, all in perfect combinations, easier to digest than Bovine milk, because it comes from Mom. This is good stuff for your mind, I hope everyone that reads this will be blessed.

Now here are my final words about being Politically Correct. Beware of the Moral Police. These are the people that for some reason view the sight of a Mother Breast feeding her child in public as some type of evil thing. There is nothing evil about it. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Baby. I am only kidding there, but I think you get it.

Especially in our Civilized societies we see this as a reason to toss the Mother out of an Eatery or other public place. I suppose some people view this action as some type of Errogenous act or turn-on. Well maybe so, but deal with it, control yourself, adults. The kids around you are hearing you complain and act up about a simple thing that Mother Nature says is a good and proper thing to do. Mother Nature don’t have a problem with it, and we all know that it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature ;- ) Also, the kids has to learn from a natural action. They don’t see this as bad. We be ranting and raving about a natural thing like it is bad, programs the kids to react the same way and they don’t even know why. This is twisted logic for the adults to do this. Just go on about your business like it’s nothing to freak out about,no big deal and the kids will act accordingly. They do what we do, not what we say! Helloooo!

Seriously Mothers, It’s only natural to Breast feed if you can. You will know from within your heart and mind that you have done the best that you can do to ensure that your baby has what it needs in the invisible world (inside), to survive from some of the many preventable diseases in our indigenous zones where we live.

A closing note: I was not Breast fed. I have a type of fungus that attacks my skin about evey three or four years, my Mom does too. It is called “Lichen Planus”. It is a type of fungus that is in the air. It is not contagious. I cannot pass it on, even thru normal sex or blood. My Immune system does not recognize this enemy, as there is no built-in defense for it in my body, so my immune system just lets it sit there and itch the heck out of me and makes my skin erupt into small blisters. My Dermatologist commended me for doing the research on this. Even though there is no real cure for Lichen Planus, Steroids and Hydrocortisteroids can kill it, as well as the good cells. We agree that my research is at least going in the right direction. I hope my work helps at least one person on this earth, if so, then my job is well done. Take care of yourselves, afterall, that body is all that you really own on this earth. We use everything else. Everything else can be stolen by a thief in the night. Peace/Love

15 Health Benefits of Avocados

The wonders of natural foods. Just simply good reading

15 Health Benefits of Avocados

The Benefits of MASSAGE THERAPY.

According to my latest findings related to Massage Therapy and the healthy benefits that can be experienced from such a simple treatment, many do not avail themselves of this alternative health-care for their physical bodies. Some do not because of the prohibitive cost of anywhere up to $70.00 an hour or more. Some because the availability of a good massage therapist simply does not exist within a reasonable traveling distance of their home. Or the lack of conducive help and attention from love ones that simply do not know how to help you in this area. Loved ones can buy a DVD and learn how to do these simplest of techniques, they don’t have to be a pro. But they have to have the care, the desire and ambition to help you. That’s all.

Well, my friends, let me tell you something good. Massage therapy of the human body is welcome by anyone that sincerely wants to give their aching muscles a little attention. The human body loves attention. A rub here, a tap there, causes all sorts of surface stimulation that the surface of the skin receives from sensory cells that will welcome any help it can get.

Now let’s get down to the gist of this topic. Massage is considered Static Exercise. Which means in this discussion, for the receiver to get their body exercised while they themselves are lying still. Sounds good already, huh?

Ok? Now, here are some of the benefits of massage therapy. Therapeutic Massage: is good for stress reduction, pain relief, and overall well being. Aids in removing waste thru the Lymphatic System, removes debris from the skin and red blood cells. Pathogenic toxins and cancer cells, while strengthening the immune system. Effleurage massage: is a fast, brisk, light motion back and forth across the surface of the skin to increase the heat on the surface of the skin. This helps the arteries, veins, nodes as well as the lymphatic system. Musculoskeletal Massage: helps to rid the ligament’s, tendons, joints, muscles and nerves of pain. I know this one especially well.

There, do you see what I am trying to tell you? The greatest thing about Massage Therapy is, at the onset of pain, soreness, stiffness, physical tension and anxiety, start working on your body then, even at the first sign of discomfort. I cannot stress this strong enough. Don’t procrastinate and put off your body when it is trying to relay a message to your “grey matter” that you have a problem coming your way. It is your body, take care of it immediately. If you wait days, weeks, months, years, you are a candidate for the Doctor’s office, for electrical treatment, surgery, corrective therapy and a whole plethora of expensive medical bills, and hardship on yourself and your family. Take care of you immediately. That body is the only thing that you really own. That body is the House for the Soul, take care of the House, and your Soul will take care of YOU. Do the preventive thing, please?

I performed those types of massage therapies on others, and have seen some very good benefits with my own eyes. My Mother was able to walk without limping again, and dancing, she was 77 yo. Another lady had problems with her ligaments and tendons. I was able to help her to regain better mobility to go back to dancing, she was in her early fifties. My Grandmother was about to lose her left leg from a mild and advancing onset of Gangrene, she kept the leg, but she did lose her index toe on her left foot. I had to fight with the Doctors on this one. Power of Attorney, signed by her for me to take care of her, and I did. There are more that I could list here. Some of you will see me one day, and I will go into greater detail, with no time restraints.

I am not exaggerating here. You see the HEALER is within YOU. I simply brought the necessary catalytic event of LOVE and WILLINGNESS and SKILLS and ENERGY, to help wake up the Healer inside them. I kind of JUMP- STARTED them, if you will. Pun intended ;- ) But massage therapy works.

This is my work, to teach, counsel and educate the chosen few, that is willing to listen and DO IT. Go with GOD, when the smoke clears, YOU will still be standing. Life is not easy, you will have to work for your own sense of mental peace and physical wellness. Your body is YOUR responsibility. Take care of it. May life be good to you all.

SMOKING: how your will-power enslaves the body.

This blog is a deep seated, heart felt subject from the heart of Lovology as a Theocentric Philosopher, that has taken the time to think thru this insightful rendition. I am quite sure everyone has their opinion regarding how they want to approach the subject of smoking. Their defenses, or their justifications protecting their right to smoke and destroy themselves from within. I only ask, why? Why would you do that, just because you can do whatever you want, is that the best answer? Let’s see what we have here thru exploration of the mind.

Do you still remember what happened when you inhaled your first long-draw on a cig? Remember the coughing, choking, wheezing, and nausea, sputtering and gasping? Remember? Do you realize what was happening, really happening at that first inhalation of smoke? Your body was telling you that it did not want that foreign stuff inside it. The body was rejecting that awful smelly toxic smoke that you had just willfully inhaled into it. But you did not pay any attention to those warnings, you just kept on forcing the body to inhale that poison till the body finally gave in to your demands and allowed you to enslave it with the will-power of your mind. The human mind is exceedingly powerful, especially when it decides to doing something good or bad. The human spirit has to learn what is good or bad from trial and error, hopefully, and do good. The subconscious mind inside the body caused the cells of the flesh to respond by rejection of what you are forcing upon it, but the unlearned mindset with will-power forces the programing into the cells to accept your will, from the conscious mind. The conscious mind is our awake mind where the state of objection resides. The conscious decision maker, not the subconscious mind that warns you is in charge of will-power that enslaves.

Now, just because you have learned to smoke, the body still rejects this abuse. Otherwise where do you think emphysema, tuberculosis, COPD and other ills that damages your lungs come from? This is the body rejecting in the strongest way it can for you to stop smoking. But you still don’t listen. The body is now enslaved by your mind’s will-power over your physical self. The body still do not like the smoke, but it has learned to put up with your abusive enslavement, it has to tolerate your will-power, because your will-power is spiritual law of the mind over matter. This is a sad thing to do to the only thing that you really own on this earth. You are on your way to destroying yourself from within. Why do that? Surely you love yourself or maybe someone else loves you. Or, do you know what love is? Think! And then make a wise decision regarding your own decision to commit slow-self-imposed-suicide. This is real in the spiritual and real world. Think!

Now, I will take this matter onto another level of thought.

Wave patterns are necessary to store memory in brain receptor areas. Each habit has it’s own storage area in the brain, and this requires energy, electrical voltage, and chemicals, which the body started manufacturing at your first smoke.  At that first smoke you needed to know that your body required certain vitamin supplements to help counter the radical damage that the smoking was causing, by depleting certain natural chemicals for the body’s immune system.  Vitamin C, D, E and CoQ10 is some of those organ saving nutrients that are being wiped out by smoking. I bet you never thought about that, did you? Think!


Objective thinking, planning on sight, sounds, smells and olfactory nerves. Acceptance or resistance, analytic, such as lacing your shoes, or smoking. The first time being the beginning of all future repetitions.


Storage area for pre-recordings in the brain. Repeat date and experiences in memory storage areas, like dreams, visualization, reflexes from memory. Objective storage area from consciousness. Brain wave patterns recognized here, like lacing your shoes Automatically for life. Smoking Automatically, and Repetitiously over and over again relentlessly. All repetitions forever played back to you, non stop. Like a broken record.


Auto-immune system, body temperature. Thoughts originate and pass up to the Subconscious for use later. intuitional factors, insight, love, spirit, soul-fire awakens here and lives here. The most powerful part of your mind. This is where God lives, inside you.

Take control of your life in all ways. Smoking has no power over you, nor does anything or anyone else, except the Creator that lives inside you. You are worth more than you really know, way more than the sum totals of your parts. Useless and destructive habits has no place being inside such a wonderful house which is the physical body, where your Spirit lives. Activate that same power that you used to put your body into slavery and bondage. Use that same power to free yourself of the chains around your mind that is keeping you down on the ground. Use that self-same power to stop what you started. Stop smoking those awful “Coffin Nails and Cancer Sticks,” NOW! It is your will-power waiting for you to take command and set your body free. Setting things right again. Be free, be at peace. LOVE YOURSELF!

Dealing With A Lovable Alcoholic

There are many ways to approach this problem. However there is one more, my method with Theocentric Philosophy in Lovology. I hope this method helps at least one person on this earth, that will mean my work was not in vain. I would be happy.

Hello Friends,

I pray that this blog helps you, and your loved one to be able to get a grip on this problem. Above and beyond most problems, there is a need for some serious praying to be done, OK?


I tried to arrange this blog in steps, so the pathway to winning this war that is facing you will be better understood and remembered upon your mindscreen. I will leave the finer details for you to construct, as you know this loved one better than I. My work is to guide you to your own way of acheiving personal success. The final victory is yours.

#1. A good plan would be to construct a scenerio that nourishes great human potential, to replace the one that nourishes great social maladies.

#2. The abuser is identified with rebelliousness against authority, and reality.

#3. A drunkard is one that is out of control of their inner self, and civility.

#4. Addiction is forbidden in the spiritual realm of Holiness, and Wholeness.

#5. Alcohol is Ethyl Alcohol, or Ethanol, which can eventually kill you. If not for your liver breaking down the proponents of Alcohol, you would die of Alcohol Poisoning from one single drink. Eventually liver damage will happen anyway, also the brain cells are being killed off. This destruction to the brain cells lead to memory or physical problems in later years. There may be damage done to an unborn child that cannot protect itself, or speak up in it’s own defense.

#6. Don’t try to force the person to quit or talk down on him or her, as this would lead them to see you as an overlord, or someone that is better than they are. A bad case of resentment will start growing.

#7. Let them know that this is a universal problem and we all are vulnerable to all sorts of sins and hells. Let them know that we share this problem either directly or indirectly, one way or the other, even when we cannot understand or see the error of our ways until it is too late.

#8. The ultimate end is an early death, since alcoholism, like any other self-defeating useless habit is a slow form of self imposed suicide, either consciously or unconsciously, the end result is still the same, you lose needlessly.

#9. The addict needs Jesus Christ. He already lives inside everyone of us, you just have to allow the power to wake up and take control of that negative, destructive human weakness that is misguided by the Other god. Allow and welcome the true Physician to Heal you from inside out. It can be done, trust me.

THE REASON AN ALCOHOLIC OR ADDICT does not want to or care to quit is because your loved one has gotten comfortable with their habit. That person is entertaining their pleasure centers of their minds, where the sense of the Conscientious Objector does not exist. That person has not taken the responsibility of their own actions and behavior. Their consciousness is at a point of irresponsibility. At times the child needs attention drawn to themselves, especially if that person indulges at will. This special person in your life probably has a good mind with creative abilities, that is being drowned from too much drinking or consuming this poisonous garbage.


Maybe your loved one needs some type of responsibility issued out to them, that get him or her so involved in the activity that they forget about the drinks. A type of diversion that fills up an empty space, if you will. Try a type of diversion or responsibility where their drinking would interfere with the exactness of detail, that would be ruined if they were not mentally clear. This trick could help someone that is not totally lost to their personal abuse.  As I mentioned before, there are many ways to approach this type of problem with your loved ones. This is just another way with Lovology.

I hope this message helps someone to help themselves or their loved ones to overcome this particular thing. We all need each other if we are going to make it to a healthy old age and beyond. Just love yourself and each other. I also need the prayers and whatever support my friends and strangers can give to me to be able to make Lovology become a wonderful ministry. I know, overcoming can be rough at times. I understand. Peace and love.

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