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Our Prayer of Universal Hope.

Dear Lord of light, we pray that your love is shining into the hearts and minds of everyone in and on this poor planet earth. Lord look into the hearts and minds of the Lawyer, the Politician and the Presidents of the world, that has earthly power over these things. That they will have the God-given sense and sanity, coupled with a little Wisdom, to be able to turn the tide of greed, hatred, racial strife, carelessness and unmittigated unnatural desires to own, and to kill each other wantonly and in malicious manners. To help them learn not to want to own or dominate others to the point of despair and untimely deaths.
My Lord, bless the heathens for they need to embrace you, to regain their sense of self-worth, dignity, and respect for their own selves, for they know not what they do, to our sense of sanity and their own useless carrying ons for the sake of sensationalism and vanities. Bless our homes, our families that are together and estranged, that they too may prosper as best as they can with what they have, abundantly, according to their will and their faith. Remove the veil of sadness, and hopelessness, and pity from our hearts and minds, so that we can wake up and see how far we have really strayed from the right paths and took the wrong paths, that seems to have a never ending spiral down into darkness and despair. Help us to wake up to the truth of why we hate our own kind, and we think there is nothing wrong with our points of view into the negative realm of evil, as long as we can get our own selfish desires and will imposed upon others. I know that God is not the Master of Confusion, then who is? It must be the evil one himself, the Devil, or should I say the evil energy that is confusing the majority of people on earth, burrowing itself into us in vain and low thinking minds, that does not yearn for the higher principles of life. Life is being twisted and contorted by this evil one, but we think that is good for us.
That too is confusing, shake it off, get rid of the confusion, and see what is real, see the light, light is right knowledge. Do not think in darkness, come up out of the abyss of scurrying things that rend and tear you apart, and maim and mutilate others, and then destroy itself.
There is only one real point of light, only one Savior, only One Race of people, the human race. Soon there will be a new day, glorious and bright, possible in our time. Brothers and Sisters of all races and creeds in harmony, is one of the most spiritual and right things to experience. I believe that God created us all a little different from each other to make us wonder about ourselves, and be interested in each other in positive ways, not to hate each other because of skin color and religion or things that we cannot comprehend with our small minds. That is where the beauty of life dwells, in the interest factor of swirling kaliedoscopic hues and sizes and textures, and different types of hair, and things that we can comprehend with an open source of understanding. If everyone looked the same, I think that our world would be rather boring. What do you think about that? The All and All knew what he was and is doing at all times, we just need to get into the flow of right things to wind up at the right destination point, that is all we need to do. Honestly.
God said “if two or more people on earth get together in my name, I will be there,” which means, to share our compassion, our love, our ideas, our pain, our hopes, and that he will bless anything and everything in his name. This is not a parable or a sooth saying thing, this is truth in the spiritual realm that manifest itself in the physical realm, on earth, thru us. This spiritual stuff is all energy, intelligence, vital principals, a moving force and power, that can be proven to some extent by studying physics. But, alas and alack, you wil see the true power when our spirits departs our fleshly home and enter into our Heavenly home, I believe. We cannot see this magnificent glorious thing while we still reside in the physical self,we have to ask for the salvation of our souls to experience this infinite thing. You see, the body that you see in the mirror is much smaller than the body that you really own. Our energetic spiritual life force is much larger, this has been proven by science, that we really do have an energetic thing that leaves the body when we expire, that can be detected by technology. More on this later.
The coming together signifies Unity, Strength, and a connection of the Silver Cord, which is our invisible lifeline to God in the spiritual world. The Silver Cord is akin to the Umbilical Cord that connects the Mother to the unborn child, that nourishes and sustains that unborn child in a safe and comfortable place in time and space till it is time for the unborn to enter into the real world of humanity. We do the same thing after we are born, we get connected to the Silver Cord once the Umbilical Cord has done it’s job, and seperated from the Mother, which is the sustainer for 9-months. Spiritual powers take you the rest of the way on your own personal destination into the future. In this outline you can sense what I am trying to convey to you, that God is more real than we are, all the time. Hold onto the spiritual silver cord, or find your way to it and connect to it, you will find that what I say is the truth.
The two or more persons will be sharing and activating the Active Force of God, the Holy Spirit, which is the Comforter and Teacher of all things. This is our prayer and peace period with spirit right now, where ever you are in the Universe. And to the Universal God, we give thanks!

University Of Metaphysics, Since 1959

My friends. This is the University from which I earned my accredited PhD. Dr. Masters is a wonderful teacher and is also the founder of the  University. Inside this beautiful place is also a wonderful staff, some of which I have met personally. I must say that Della Reese-Lett also earned her Doctorate here. Remember her for the show “Touched by a Angel?”

Here is one more, a world known singer, that graduated from this school. Do any of you remember Kellee Patterson"? She sang the song “If it don’t fit, don’t force it” just relax and let it go. I personally met her in Las Vegas and got a big wonderful hug from her.

If you ever decide that you want to advance your thinking power into the realities of Spiritual, Holistic and new-age advanced studies for your mind, and earn yourself a Bachelors, Masters Or Doctorate, this is the place. You can do it online, and I must say that the enrollments are more diversified now. There is a way to get going for mostly anyone. And you may get the chance to graduate in Las Vegas, at the Sahara Hotel and Casino like I did, or at their new location in beautiful Sedona, Az. The whole course was a phenomenal and beautiful challenge. The trip and stay at Las Vegas was some kinda experience in a highly positive way. You can start by accessing the website at: or  I highly recommend this school. Thank you

University Of Metaphysics, NewThought University Metaphysics Since 1959

The beautiful promises of God

God hath not promised skies always blue,
Flower-strewn pathways, all our lives through,
God hath not promised Sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow, peace without pain.
God hath not promised we shall not know,
Toil and temptation, trouble and woe.
He hath not told us we shall not bear,
many a burden many a care.
But God hath promised,
Strength for the day,
Rest for the laborer,
Light for the way.
Grace for the trials,
Help from above,
Unfailing sympathy,
Undying love.
These beautiful words were not created by me. I symply found the poem written somewhere just like you see it here, and rewrote it.  Author unknown.

Keys to a happy, healthy marriage

Since the beginning of time, I suppose we as humans has wrestled and fought with ourselves, trying to find the perfect key to understanding relationships. Especially the relationship of marriage. I don’t think there is only one key, I think there are lots of keys. We just have to find the right key that fits the lock to our specific marriage problems.
Each and every marriage exists in it’s own little world of the two of us united. What works for one marriage, may not work for another and etc.
Over time there are some keys that really becomes apparent. We just don’t see them because we are looking outside of ourselves for these answers. Every problem that a human experiences comes with it’s own built-in answer. The answer is inside of us all the time, waiting for us to reflect within the inner mind to do a self discovery.
Have you ever wondered, why does a Doctor ask us so many indepth questions about our signs and symptoms of a malady or a disease? It is because the Doctor has to get you to open the window to your mind, so that they can look inside and do a diagnostic of your condition, to be able to treat the problem.
Now, if you applied the same diagnostic treatment upon yourself, and opened your own window so you can see inside, you would most likely arrive with an affirmative and correct answer for your problem. Answer your own questions thru inner reflections of your mind. The answer is always with you, inside you, not out there somewhere. Ok?
Let us begin examining a few keys that has been diagnosed and proved highly effective, as the prognosis looks good for the long term, in opening the doors to our inner minds concerning the marriage problem. This writing is dealing with the problem before it happens as well as an ongoing problematic situation within your own present marriage. Take these keys and optimise them for your own benefit, some keys may be modified to fit your own particular situation. Nothing is cut and dried here. This is speculative and critical thinking being utilized to arrive at the correct key to fit the proper lock.
The keys: I don’t know if these are really secrets, maybe they are built in personal traits within ourselves that we use to have a happy marriage..
Firsta person must know themselves at a great depth, their own character or personality must not be a stranger.
Be kind to yourself first, then look for kindness in the future partner. When these powers are combined you have mutual kindness without force.
The relationship cannot be built upon a fantasy or good sex or a mythological foundation.
We must know from within that the mate we wish to spend eternity with must be a close mirror reflection of ourselves. I repeat>A relationship cannot be based upon sex, and good times being the sole reason we want to share an intimate lifetime relationship with another. The values must be based upon the real causes, like respect, honor, empathy, personal self-esteem, personal space, trust and love, to get the desired effects of love returned to you in all of it’s beautiful glory.
Try not to base it on lies, deceit, possesiveness, jealousy, suspiciousness, because all of these things will reflect hate and discontent, and distrust at an early or later date in the time continum.
Basically what you start out with is what you reap in the end. Be open and conducive to ones personal growth, mental and physical. Be able to see the mental competitive and combative grounds that also cause resentment, although constructive critisim is always useful, be kind and gentle to the other mind and implore upon it as to why it is acting this way. Get to know your partner.
Abuse, both mental and physical is not a good thing, it’s bad. Try to nurture and produce peace and harmony, allow yourself to  listen to your partner’s heart and mind. Ego trips cause disruption, which the male partner has to learn to use for positive effects, not to dissmiss the other partner as weak, but as a protective tool. Our society offers little help these days for married couples, as the battle lines were formed decades ago within the laws of our lands. The battle lines cause us to blame the other partner for our own short-comings. Usually the ones close to you get the undeserved blame, we must take responsibility for our own actions.
Man and Woman were made a little different from each other. I believe that difference is Mother Nature’s (God”s) way for us to be attracted to each other and to guarantee and assure the survival of the human species on terra firma (earth).
Most of all, be yourself and to yourself be true. Oh man and Oh woman, know thyself, for within thee is the greatest of treasures. Make the most of your life in a very good way, as time is very short for us all and waits for no one.
Miracles are acts of love, let’s try and create one. With these thoughts in mind we can have that wonderful marriage that we have dreamed of. Whatever a man thinketh, whatever a woman thinketh can be acheived. Mankind cannot think of anything that they cannot do, we are without limit, we are free. Make it right.
Our personal freedoms, spiritual and moral values are being loss or snatched from us on a daily basis, minute by minute. Recognize these keys, these truths, and free your mind from oppression that lurks outside of us trying to get in and destroy us from within. Within is our core, our center, our foundation.
Understanding is the greatest thing in this world, to seek and persue peace on all levels. Help one another, just be there when the going gets rough. Be there when the pain gets to the point it is unbearable. Just be there. Remain flexable, learn to bend and move with the wind. Don’t be too rigid as you will surely snap when the wind blows too hard>>I hope you understand.  A marriage is not just another contract, it is a spiritual connection of the hightest order, bound under Grace. Peace!

What is Lovology?

Hello and Greetings.
I am BG Love. Continuing on a lifelong quest for the discovery and rediscovery of who am I, what am I, and why am I here? This quest started in my subconscious mind when I was a small child, looking up into the Heavens, gazing down at the grass, marveling at the stars that hang from the sky without any attachments. I have traveled extensivelly as an individual, on my own, in the Army, cross-country trucking, and thru books and meeting all of God’s different hues of colors and minds, and atmospheres.My travels was like I was moving thru a book that came alive and attached itself to my memory banks, to be forever hard-wired inside me. To learn and relearn, all that my human mind could comprehend, so I could one day express the wonderment of life and the intrinsic beauty of the One Race of People on starship Earth. I am at the gate now, and I have the keys to a lot of doors, and I want to share some of those keys with you thru Lovology.
The name Lovology came to me in a dream. But later, I found out that I was not the only one privy to that name. In some ways those dream-waves was meant for me in a special way. Thought waves and dreams has energetic properties of their own, also those energy waves are shared by everyone of us, in a universal fashion. Your thoughts do not belong to you alone, they are unconsciously shared by all languages of the earth. It just depends on who is tuned in to the vibrational frequency, like a radio. My real last name is Love. The word Lovology is a shared name by a few. My meaning for the word is very abstract and takes a different path. Agape is very close to that meaning of Spiritual Love.
Lovology is copyrighted in the Library of Congress, and not many people know who I am. I have written a small book or should I say study-manual with the subtitle being ‘Practical Meditation." The manual is written by me and produced thru the Lovology Research Project. I also completed a Meditational Course on three cd’s, bearing the Lovology style. As well as the seal (logo).
What is Lovology?
A theocentric and philosophical concept, based upon ancient wisdom and new knowledge. It pertains to the five spirits: God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love itself. The seal. Embracing the vital principal and animating force that is believed to exist in all things. Founded by me, a metaphysician, that also bears the name.
I hope that clears the air somewhat. There is a many paths or methods to take, but the message must remain the same. This is my way of expressing the name and the power of the Holy One. The methods must change, but the message must remain the same. This is my method. The power must be given in a way for the poor and down-trodden to be able to hit the ground running with knowledge and wisdom and understanding, once personal control and a sense of balance is established. You shall see and understand as we move thru the wilderness what Lovology is and how you can benefit from these personal words of wisdom gathered all my life. Just remember, Lovology is not a religion, it is non-denominational, all you need is a belief in God and yourself to make your life as prosperous as you can vision it. Thank you for helping yourself. May today and tomorrow be good to you.
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