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I Am A Free American Man

Obviously when you first see me, my appearance is black. My Great Grandmother is/was an African American (bless her soul.) I myself on the other hand is 12% Muskogean Creek. My Great Grandfather was Muskogean Creek Indian (bless his soul as well.) Therefore I am Biracial. But most of all, I am simply an American Man. I was born here in the USA. I am “free”. I worked my butt off and got an education. I have lived all of my dreams thru God’s loving grace.. It was not easy, life itself is not easy. The laws and rules and regulations are in place for the freedom of America’s People. Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Polka-dotted, and etc. The original laws came to this country in the form of the Holy Bible. Thusly all laws used by mankind in the USA, such as Legal, Natural, Civil, Moral, Ethical and etc., are derived from that original set of laws. The Law of Love is the utmost law created by God. Love your neighbor as you would yourself and you will have fulfilled all of the remaining laws.
The problem is: Laws, rules, regulations and etc. are hidden in books. Some of my people of this world will not take the time, nor have the ambition to look in a book and read real talk. Some prefer to spend their time shucking and jiving, dramatizing and bullshipping their way thru life, ripping and killing each other. This is the low road to life.
Do not be lazy with no self esteem or ambition to do what is right for yourselves, no matter the so-called race stigma that the Devil tries to identify you with. God is no respecter of personalities. Meaning: that God is not concerned about the hue or color of your skin. He chose us to be different from each other. If you don’t like what I just said, then have this discussion with him and complain to him. Don’t you dare fall into that bottomless trap of negative mindlessness. I think that the different colors of skin is extremely beautiful and definitely not boring to look at. So, how did we learn to hate each other because of this pseudo reality? Was it some sort of past-history or some other negative thing that was cast upon you? I can understand how you feel about that. I too had to overcome myself and get past my own skin. Thru education, travel amongst indigenous peoples of different lands and countries, and most of all my greatest discovery was that I had a creator. I was not alone anymore from that day forward. I was able to see the suffering of other races, at the hands of their own race. There is a lot of misery on the planet. But God can bring you thru. I have the scars, scrapes, bandages and wounds of war from fighting against everything and anything that tried to destroy me. I am sore and getting old from all of the wear and tear. But you know what? I AM STILL STANDING. I am a free American Man. Period.

God said” I am not the Master of confusion. So this begs a question. Then who is the Master of confusion? Simple answer again: The Devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Satan among many other negative and rotten names. This Master of Confusion is in charge of the Air and lives on earth. Do not allow this evil entity to creep into your conscious/subconscious/mind/heart ever. He cannot do no more than you allow him to do. God’s got your back on this one, trust me. God cannot lie, simply because He is LOVE, and LOVE heals all.
We no longer have leaders of prominence, so we have to lead ourselves. Sounds good to me. Some has made a conscious or subconscious decision to enslave themselves in the here and now. We are our own dang problem. “Even when Heaven and Earth passes away, my words will never pass away.” Says the Host of Hosts.  My old neighborhood in Baton Rouge was too mean, dramatic, and self-destructive for me. I love my people, but they were making my life miserable. There was one more “key” in my spiritual pocket, to open one last door after retirement. I  used this key to open another door, hopefully in a better geographical setting that is more fitting for my mind-set, and where people like myself, black, white, Red, brown, and yellow and multicolor, that has a common spiritual plane of recognition and a hunger to get to know who we are inside, as humans, that wants to live and thrive. To love one another, for all eternity. I am a free American Man. I AM.

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