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Exploring Inner Space, the Final Frontier of Human Consciousness. Get to know who you really are, by asking: Who, What, Where, When, Why,  and sometimes How.

“Who Am I” and “What Am I” as opposed to “I Know Who I Am”, according to Immutable Spiritual and Universal Laws, coupled with Mystical insight, and etc.

To Meta-Teach, Counsel, Educate, and help heal the Chosen Few, via Heart and Mind absorption. Hands on Healing utilizing physical therapies, tempered with Science and Holistic and Spiritual Modalities according to each individual from the collective consciousness of the Word of all creation.

In our world today, Love is missing, and only a few is talking (praying) and listening (meditating) upon God’s Precepts and Statutes. Our way (Carnal Mind) leads to destruction, whereas God’s way (righteous mind) leads to a Devine nature and Truth and Salvation.

We are not here by accident, there is a reason for us being here, to take Dominion of ourselves and the earth. To love, to take care of, to keep ourselves safe, to be positively responsible, according to the laws of the All and All. We can all live in harmony on this planet. There is plenty of room on earth for all of us. I have traveled 45-states in the USA, plus Canada and South America. I have seen this space in these travels. There is more in other parts of the world. The world is larger than you can imagine. We are just thinking with small minds. Get out and about and explore this planet, you will be surprised at what you will discover on your own that this world is full of wonderment and natural beauty. Evil will trap you into living inside of a small box inside your mind. Break out of the box and live as free human beings on you own, but you will not be alone. Don’t be fooled by negative and divisive language from any tongue, or small minds that spews hate and confusion. Get to know who you really are, and live your own life according to Spiritual and Universal Laws of our Creator and Benefactor. Save yourself!

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