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We are the Government, fight for peace.

We must positively fight to save ourselves first and then the USA, 24/7

Instead of launching yourselves into some type of negative diatribe. Why don’t we all do something positively constructive and ethical to help out this country for us all. Contact your Senator or Congress, and rant and rave straight at them for all this mess that we are in.
Stop crying to each other, and writing rants online that go nowhere but down the drain. All you are going to get from ranting and hating to each other and online is the ability to view your own rhetoric for the sake of rhetoric. Nothing but empty drama that creates more hate. Express yourselves collectively and positively, to the ones in charge of this mess, and come up with some brilliant ideas of your own.
I have seen and participated in the Civil Rights movement, Women’s Liberation movement, Hippie, yuppie, Vietnam war, Dominican Republic, Civil Rights movement, Desert Storm, and I am still here fighting today for our peace of mind, and personal rights and freedoms. I am 72-yo, and still don’t blame anyone but myself and the free people of this country when our Political and personal freedoms and rights slip from our grasp, from being complacent and not pro-active..

Standing around wringing my hands and screaming into the darkness of nothingness gets us nowhere, we as a people must do this now. Generate the right type of Karma, the good Karma and you will be rewarded personally, with goodness and prosperity, by the God within you. Faith is hope for things not seen.
I am a Social Security Retiree, and an Army Veteran with two Honorable Discharges. But, I am being threatened very directly by all this lack of jobs, right education, hopelessness that the USA is about to default on. I am not going to embarrass myself by saying dumb and senseless things to each other in person or online, showing what a useless person I am, I am fighting now and has always been fighting all my life in this country. Freedom is not free, you have to as an individual fight for what is right. Not pick on one person to save your rear, blame it on your own inability to respond in a smart and dignified manner. No one man or woman can give you dignity and respect, you have to create this inside yourself and project this to the outer world to gain positive results. Fight the good fight, and let’s get together at first individually while you are setting there staring at that computer monitor, or smart phone, and do something good. Recreate yourself if you have to. If you can’t find a job and is able, invent or create something from your own mind. You are not helpless. You are at the bottom? Then there is only one way to go, that is UP. Hopefully  you as one can fire up someone near to you, then someone else, like a snowball rolling downhill, gather momentum, and grow bigger into a loud voice, then the ones we have elected will have the backup power from us to go forth and fight for us. We are the USA’s Government, we the people. The power is still with us, we must project this power and live a good life. Be powerful, think Positive Construction. We are responsible for our own lives, not someone else. But it is a joyous thing when we can think and prosper together as one. Motivate and help your representatives to help you achieve prosperity, otherwise they will have to lead alone without your input. Then we all lose. Don’t blame the game, blame the player.  THINK!!


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