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Before I embark on this highly flammable and spiritually sensitive issue of “who is God” I want everyone to know that this definition is the sole work of Lovology. There are many different approaches and arguements related to this most amazing subject, of different minds trying to define who God is. My definition came from my own mind and the Merriam Webster Dictionary, OK? I am not trying to start a Theological arguement here, just a Lovology rendition coupled with a dictionary’s terms in words melded together seamlessly, to form a cohesive whole.
First things first. God said “I am Spirit.” Now, what is Spirit? The Dictionary says that Spirit is a Vital Principal and Animating Force, that is believed to exist in all living things. Lovology says; Spirit is invisible, and cannot be detected by the 5-outer senses, of smell, touch, taste, hear and see. But can be seen by the inner eye of our own human spirit. Thru Faith and inner reflections and trust in your own inner powers into powers above and thru you and your subconscious mind you can discern this Spirit. Thru Meditation and deep spiritual prayer you can feel your own sense of personal power rise up out of the depths of your soul and manifest itself into the physical realms of mankind. From the invisible into the visible. That power is also known as an etheral energy form, or aura, or subtle energies. This spirit in you can be detected thru technology as a living thing. It is real, no ficticious myths anymore. Science makes this discovery plain, we just have to connect the dots. The body you see is much smaller than the body you actually own. I know from experience as a human, I have seen my own spiritual energy field, thru meditation. Now, let’s get on with the discernment, to see clearly.
God IS: A VITAL PRINCIPAL AND ANIMATING FORCE. That’s it. Pretty simple, huh” Smile.
Now let’s examine those words up there seperately, and see what we come up with.
The word “vital” means: Existing as a manifestation of life. Lovology says: Something essential, that we cannot do without. Of utmost importance.
The word “principal” means: Most important, consequential. Lovology says: This comes first, and not having it is problematic in itself. first cause with meaning.
The word “Animated” means: Endowed with life or the quality of life. Lovology says: To move about, have action, to breathe, to live, we are done as living beings without this quality.
The word “force” means: Strength, energy, power. Lovology says: This also means to have intelligence to learn, to create, to love.
Now, when you put those words up there into a mix, it kind of blends into one coheasive sense of inner feelings, that without those qualities we would not exist as humans with any sense of sanity. We would be totally lost. We would have no sense of civility about ourselves, we would be no more than animals. God said “we were created just below the Angels, but one day we will judge the angels. Therefore we do have a God, a God that exists everywhere at once. All powerful, all seeing and all knowing, in US. God is inside us all the time, all we have to do is enter into the flow of this awesome power as ONE people on earth, individually. But we prefer to go our own way and lose the powers of spirit, for the sake of the miniscule powers of the Confuser, that will lead us all astray for the sake of Sensationalism, loud noise, slavery to our own creations, vain things, things in dark places, like murder, rape, wars, greed, willful mental mayhem, complacency, chaos, apathy, and death. This Spirit can lead you to Love, which can heal all of the above, if we will open our hearts and allow it heal us. That’s all we have to do, just that one itty bitty thing to correct all wrongs on this earth.
God is as real as the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food that we eat, because God’s active force (Spirit) exists in all living things, animate and inanimate, our original DNA.
You may add or take away from these words, that is your perogrative, but beware of what you do with these living -words.
Lovology uses the same message, but a different method, the method must change, this is my method given to me thru grace. I can only do this for the Chosen Few, this is God’s will. Selah

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