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Letter to the NAACP

Mr. Benjamin Todd Jealous
RE: Remove me from your mailing lists.

From: Dr. Love

Dear Mr. Jealous.
I hope that this letter will be placed in your hands, and not discarded. This matter is very important to me, and hopefully to others. No politics or special interest project involved here, just me.

I am not going to renew my membership with the NAACP, untill I can find a legitimate reason to do so, which I will explain further.

I am a Black American, 66-yo. I was around and participated in the Civil Rights movement, both as a civilian and as an American Soldier, controlling riots in Detroit, Michigan in the 60’s. I have seen and experienced a lot with various movements that are highly historical and truly important to our people. But the way things are going presently with the NAACP, I don’t see too much help for the Black People, but a lot of self-servient help for the individuals running the organization on sensationalism.

What I am trying to say is “if you really want to help the plight of the black-man, the tactics need to change.” The old way is useless, we need a new model. The new model must incorporate chastisement and correction from a standard model of upbringing. Man has the obligation to chastise man when he does wrong, and reward him when he does right.

Being raised up on a farm, I was chastised by my Great- Grandmother first and foremost, however, I was also chastised by my community and my friends. I did ok with my life, I survived without all of the sensationalism and drama that we have today. We as a people have lost sight of Spirit and Heartfelt correction at the basic level of intelligence. We are not stupid, but we are being given a confusing concoction of misguided knowledge that has twisted everything right into everything wrong, and we are being made to think that the wrong things are right and true. We need our leaders in high places to tell the truth about how to live amongst others as well as ourselves, if they even know how.

Here in Baton Rouge, La. our young Black men are killing each other without any real motives on a daily basis. It’s as if we have forgoten how to love ourselves and want to destroy ourselves, with no real fundamental reason. Just misguided emotional reactions that lead us into destruction. I realize that this is going on elsewhere, but where is the NAACP when our very people of color kill each other? Don’t you think that your organization should descend down upon them too, and chastise them for doing bad things to each other too? You should chastise them too, make them think about the consequences of their actions also. Not just wait untill some white person kills a black person then you descend upon a town and create all sorts of division amongst the indigenous people that lives with each other on a daily basis. We need correction too. To be able to dignify ourselves, to have quality, pride, respect for all peoples. Dress approiately, have class and manliness. Love each other instead of hating each other. Stop the chaos, or at least control it, to the extent that the chaotic thing (evil) has no where to go.

Mr. Jealous, do you see what I am saying here? Do you care? We as a black people need serious help, from our own and everyone else. We are drifting further and further away from when we were Kings and Queens of African Nations, and Black-pride in America, with all sorts of artistic skills, We were beautiful then. We are drifting closer and closer to Heathanism. Heathens has no God and is Uncivilized. That’s where we are headed. It’s a conscious or subconscious choice the we made somewhere in the not so distant past, maybe a couple of generations ago. What Happened to Black Pride? It’s gone. We need leaders that can help all of us to bring it back, otherwise we as a race are headed toward an abyss. Hell does not discriminate!!!!!

That sir is why I will never renew my membership in the NAACP, or any other special interest group that I believe are leading the people astray. I don’t believe in you anymore. Why should I? The greatest thing that mankind can do is “seek peace and persue it”. Sir, where is the peace that you are seeking? Looks like division to me. Please remove my name from your lists.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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