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Hypocrisy and Hypocrites.

What did Jesus say about hypocrisy and hypocrites? By far, of all preachers and prophets of the Bible, Jesus had the most to say about hypocrisy and hypocrites. Since he did not mince any words on the subject, but directly confronted the religious hypocrites of his day (the scribes and Pharisees), they hated Him intensely – eventually having Him arrested on trumped up charges. Here is a list of some of the hypocrisy that Jesus spoke against:

Giving to the poor to be recognized by others (3)

Praying in public to be recognized as “God’s man” (4)

Letting everybody know that you are fasting to get recognition of others (5)

Complaining about other’s behavior when yours is even worse (6)

Pretending to honor God through lip service only (7)

Testing other people to try to make yourself look superior (8)

Deceiving from knowing God (9)

Repressing the poor and widows (10)

Teaching Proselytes to be hypocritical (11)

Tithing (giving to the church), but neglecting justice and mercy (12)

Doing everything for show, while really being self-indulgent and unrighteous (13)

Treating stock animals better than fellow human beings (14)

Being able to analyze the weather, but unable to distinguish between right and wrong (15)

Jesus indicated that those who practiced hypocrisy would be sent to hell (16) indicating that they were really non-believers. In other books of the New Testament, the writers associate hypocrisy with such things as evil (17), lying (18), perverting the gospel (19), envy and slander (20), and jealousy with selfish ambition (21), James contrasts the evil of hypocrisy with the “wisdom from above,” which is characterized as being “pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering (21).

This is by no way the complete rebuke that Jesus laid down onto the Scribes and Pharisees. The bible contains the rest. This is just a selection of how far mankind has gone into Hypocrisy, especially us Christians. We are not doing the right work according to scripture in it’s entirety. All Leaders that are in high places falls short and causes the common people that they are supposed to do good for, fall short as well. We all need to relearn who we really are and what we are supposed to be doing in God’s eyes. These teachings exist under Spiritual and Universal Law, molded into legal and Moral laws.

Disclaimer: I alone by no means hold ownership of this writing above. This material is owned by others. I merely found bits and pieces and patched it together as best as I could. Not for sale. Free to read. There is no competition in God’s words.

Lawn Grass as a Healer.

Hello my friends. This is another installment of a different nature. Matter of fact it is about Mother Nature and Her ability to help heal you thru the Dynamic Energetic field of Spiritual Forces that exist everywhere and in all things.

OKAY! Here we go; All natural things has healing properties naturally found in trees, grass, fruits and etc. Now we are going to concentrate on grass. Especially the un-mowed kind of grass. Specifically the un-mowed grass in your yard. The Healer is there, for your minor headaches and body stress and anxieties. Meditation exists here big time.

Whenever you feel stressed out, from a minor headache or anxiety, just go outside and lie down in the un-cut grass, anywhere, but your own yard is best because the grass recognizes you. Sounds funny, huh? That’s ok, this relaxes your nerves as well if you are laughing. You may need some privacy while doing this. OK? That’s up to you.

#1. Remove your outer garments. Everything except your bottom undies. Your back, head, arms, fingers and toes need to be in direct touch with the grass roots.

#2. Lay down on your back, draw your legs up to your buttocks, and dig your toes into the grass roots.

#3. Extend your arms out in the form of a crucifix, and dig your fingers into the grass roots. Now relax your head, let it slowly rest into the un-cut grass.

#4. Relax your body by wiggling it around to get comfortable. Then close your eyes.

#5. Start at 10, then count down to zero, slowly while breathing in and out and relax. Slowly deep-breathe in and out and allow the tension to melt away into Mother Nature’s Healing spiritual energy that you are being bathed in right now. Rest and let your mind take a trip into space or some beautiful paradise, of warm water and flowers, and birds flying around you singing their little songs. Relax. If you go to sleep, that is ok.

Now when you awaken from your meditation in the un-cut grass, slowly let your senses reacclimate themselves to your surroundings and your new fresh feeling in your body mind and spirit. Get up and sense the feelings of your new experience and more better control of your inner world.

If you do not feel deep relief emotionally and inside your body the first time, that is ok. Practice a bit more, with different areas of un-cut crass and allow your own attitude to believe in miracles. Miracles are acts of LOVE. Can you digit? Peace my Brothers and Sisters whoever and wherever you are.


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