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Help for Homeless-Squatters

Hello and greeting, to my friends and associates and brothers and sisters that visit my website. I have started a GoFundMe account to help raise money thru volunteers that has the ability to do so, however small the donation will be. I am not asking for a handout, nor is this a fraudulent rip-off scheme going on. This family of three are living in an abandoned trailer in the middle of a field of tall grass. They lost their home and a family member prior to this event. They have no lawn mower, no electricity, no medical care, no Social Security Benefits yet (working on it), no transportation and no cell phone signal out there miles away from a cell tower. The Mother has had a back operation in Mississippi, and for some unknown reason cannot get her medical records. Her husband is physically broken up from falling off of a tall structure on his job, their son is 21 yo with Schizophrenia symptoms, and cannot work. The original owners found out by accident that they had been living there for a few weeks. Mother nature, Rats, snakes and other creatures had taken over that trailer and weeds for about five years already. They need everything. This is a dire situation for them.

I give my time to others for free, even when I make house calls to better understand and view the problems people are having at their homes and etc. My ministry is more personal than most people realize. I am a Teacher, Counselor, Educator, with advance knowledge in Holistic Healing. I own the rights to this website, that I pay, to host my work. I do not charge any fees for anything that I do. The contents here are free to anyone that can find the time to read and upgrade themselves inside with invisible keys to open invisible doors to their salvation and prosperity.

Having said all that, please allow me to present to you the various means and ways to help out, if you will. This is a list of the sites to visit at your discretion.

#1.    Scroll down right side of page to photos, then. “click” on the picture/s of the trailer in the weeds.

#2.  remove the numbers in the extension if you are having problems accessing that page.



#5. Madison Journal newspaper of Tallulah, La. My picture is there with my submissions to the weekly newspaper.

#6. This family is in Sondheimer, La. Off of Hwy 65,   down Henderson Loop Rd.    Par Rd. 1122  about a mile on your right, in an old abandoned trailer in a field of tall uncut grass. The mother there is named Glenda Lotts, and Hubby and son share the same name, Billy.

Thank you all for helping out in advance. They are in dire straits indeed. The Chosen Few ae the Ones that will help this family out. The Ones that make individual positive choices for themselves and the outer world of the living. Spiritual and empathic powers are on display in such individuals. The poor helps the poor. Peace and prosperity to you all regardless of your decisions here. Selah

Health benefits of Collagen

Hello my friends. I am about to present to you  something exceedingly needed in the human body, that not many doctors talk about. This something is highly responsible to your longevity (longer-life-span) and less body aches and pain and overall positive health benefits, naturally. I have used my own body as a guinea pig to be able to express my newly found health benefits of natural nutrients that is located in food that we should be eating for good health, instead of consuming excessive amounts of processed foods, and ruining our health. We need to relearn to eat properly, naturally made and created food, that is simple. This is the basics. Not a complete comprehensive study. I want you to follow up by reading and researching the benefits of Collagen for your health. It is also known as Gelatin, because of the jelly look, like in Jello without the sugar content.

I am talking about Collagen; pronounced: Col-lag-en. Collagen is Anti-aging. It is located in about 90% of the body in different forms. It is a protein. It is like a glue that binds the body together. It is located primarily in the tissues of the skin, ligaments, muscles, joints, hair, heals the stomach/gut and etc. It is the clear liquid that you see oozing out of damaged skin, or in a pot of boiled meat such as beef. That jelly like liquid is collagen that is floating there in a cool pot of boiled meat. Not the whitish semi-solid stuff, that is just fat from grease, useless. Toss it out. Collagen can be gathered from the pot and used in a broth or soup or stew.

The benefits are: Stronger joints. More flexibility of ligaments, muscles, and sinew. Hair will stay it’s natural color longer. Skin will maintain it’s elasticity and not wrinkle as you age. Your body will not feel as weak and worn down. Your eyes will be healthier. Less pain and discomfort. Stronger nails, arteries, heart muscles and on and on. Understand?

How to get it? Well, all you have to do is consume vegetables of a red color, such as tomatoes, potatoes, beets, apples, and oranges and etc. Meat that is lean red beef, cut away the fat. Pork, chicken, chicken feet, animal joints, salmon/fish of any kind. Green leafy vegetables, such as collard greens, mustards, lentils, pinto beans and etc.

Boiled foods are the best, fried foods, not so much. But the absolute best is Bone Broth. Bone Broth is loaded with collagen. You have to boil the beef or animal bone for hours to get them to release the collagen/gelatin into the water. Ask Halle Berry about this one. That is how she was and is maintaining her good looks and health over the years. She makes her own Bone Broth. I am 73 and looks a bit younger because of my eating mostly natural foods and getting some good walking, bicycling, swimming, meditation, prayer, and seeking peace and quiet in my life.

Last but not least: The human body’s ability to create Collagen start slowing down around 25-30 years old. By the time you reach 60, the body has stopped creating Collagen period. Now you start to look old and wrinkled and grey. This is a natural thing designed by nature for your body to return from whence it came, back to the earth. But you can hold off the ravages of old age a bit longer and look really great if you follow my advice up there. I promise you. I am living proof, even though I wore myself out working so hard. I thought that I would be dead and gone by 70. I am still here. Glory to the All Mighty. Lead a simple life and prosper in all ways that you deserve.

Side effects: NONE what so ever. Unless you eat too much food. Then common sense knows what happens then. Am I right or wrong? Read up on this Collagen/Gelatin. You have been blessed. Blessed is like receiving a special favor. Having Faith and Grace is Salvation. Love is the key to the invisible door. Seek and you shall find it. Nuff’ said.

The Decline of the Professional Trucker

ONCE AMERICA’S HIGHWAY HEROES. As I sit pondering my present location, a dark gloomy warehouse-plant in Port Gibson, Ms. I am receiving thoughts of a life that once was glamorous and lots of adventure with excellent pay.

Of seeing new towns and cities, a softly rolling countryside, a stranger’s happy wave here and there. Days when a trucker was made to feel like he/she had never left home. Like the waiter or waitress was just waiting for this special person to come-a-calling, to say “HELLO” and really meant it. A smile was always wall-to-wall and tree-top-tall. Sincere.

All of your coworkers were more like comrades on the battle field. Always there to lift your spirits, when your world was sad and lonely. Dispatchers would talk to you like you were a person, and say “HELLO” from the heart, when you called in. Not just a hello, like when you push a button on a recorder.

Arriving to your home-20 the wife and kids were happy to see you, cheering and grinning their little hearts out >>>>> Daddy’s Home. But over the years all of the above has changed forever never to be the same again. Only the older drivers, 40+ years old can really appreciate what I am talking about here, this was real magic ladies and gentlemen. The Pro-driver was really Kings and Queens of the road. You were really looked up to, somewhat of a role model, if you will. America had a love affair with the finest drivers in the world. Respect was given and received freely, like the air we breathe that God gives to us.

Then along came the new generation of drivers under the Government rules and Regulations and Law Enforcement procedures backing the new license called a CDL “Commercial Driving License.” By 1990 we had new drivers entering the trucking industry who yearned to be looked up to, without giving empathic respect, first. A learned response from many years of sharing the road with others vehicles and looking after each other like the old drivers knew about so well, with a simple license and a great big heart. At this time the CDL is heating up and boiling over to a hard boiling rumble, the pot is about to boil over and blow it’s top.

This new enforcement was supposed to rid the USA of bad drivers which we did not have, and replace them with the new generation, that was void of the good leadership that they needed, that was lost by somewhat less literate and older drivers, who had built up the country, on bad roads, hard trucks, few good places to stop and rest and eat and sleep. From my heart I miss those most wonderful days of yesteryear.  Today’s newer generation is looking forward to bigger trucks, bigger egos, lot lizards, good buddies, echo boxes, Smart phones, weaving in and out of their lanes, and an overall bad case of “screw you” attitudes of others on the roads.

No one likes 4-wheelers (cars, pick ups), and they in turn don’t like us. Drivers constantly whine and complain about the traveling motorist who will always be there, bar none, as they are us. Try to resist complaining about that which you have no power over, and try to do what you are supposed to do as a highly trained Pro with Defensive Driving Skills and Pro Ethics. After 40 1/2 years, I am on my way out, another career awaits for this tired and jaded trucker. I’ll be driving a computer keyboard, and pen and paper will be my highway of tomorrow. My heart no longer hears the call of that Big ole’ Truck. No more noisy engines, keeping me stressed out and waking up with body aches and tension. I am hanging up my spurs and going hoe to stay. I survived and covered 4,000,000 miles across 45 states and Canada. But I was not alone, I had a friend in Jesus riding along with me, helping me thru my own trials and sicknesses, and sleepless days and nights, and thru many a storm of all sorts and caliber. I survived. I am blessed.

It’s a rough and tough job being a trucker, but it takes men and women with extraordinary character, and adventurous heart, a perseverance bar none, courage unyielding. From all levels of education, you are out there moving the goods, when every other sane person is at home in bed. Truly we are set apart as a different breed of humankind, looking for that small bit of respect and dignity we all search for, that we also have to earn. In America, you are second place, in the middle of a fantastic wheel moving the goods. A Bravo-Zulu to you–above and beyond—to all drivers, I Salute You.


Mixed R&B, Soul, 70s, 80s, 90s.

The World is in a BALL OF CONFUSION.

Clues To My Life’s Purpose.

Have you ever wondered about your life’s purpose? What am I going to do? Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I deal with me? When am I going to realize who I am?

The only way is to thoroughly look inside yourself, to see yourself. The real you. There is a way to begin the endless journey of self-exploration, to reap the benefits of clarity of mind, as to where you are right now, in the here-and-now. Here is an analytical technique that I once used to begin my own journey inside myself. These are clues that you can change accordingly to your indigenous location in life. This is a template that will give you insight into the spiritual you, the real you. You are the Captain, I am the guide. Let’s go to work. Let’s begin to explore you, from the inside out.


1. Love to sing.  2. Write, read.  3. Communicate.  4. Must be fun, joyful, playful.  So, the collective answer is: I love to read, write, communicate, and have fun.

2. What part of my present job or life activities do I thoroughly enjoy?  #1. Traveling, seeing new lands and new faces, sights and sounds.

3. What do I naturally do well? #1. Communicate, read, write, sing.  #2. Empathic towards others.

4. What are my greatest successes today?  #1. Photography, custom made mailbox, tutor for Operation Upgrade, teaching people how to read, volunteer for the homeless, helped a lady that had mental problems, gave blood, Lovology Research Project, a ministry. Shucks, I’ve even written a book about my research in “Practical Meditation.”

5. Are there causes of which I feel exceedingly passionate about?  Sure: #1. World Peace, saving mankind from itself, inner discovery, embrace God as my saviour, promote positive mental and physical health worldwide.

6. What are the most important lessons that I have learned in my life? #1. Prepare before entering into any situation. #2. Do not procrastinate.  #3. Be decisive.  #4. Be truthful, even if it hurts, period.  #5. Mind my own business.  #6. Stay out of trouble, especially if it is wrong or you sense that it will negatively effect you in the future.  #7. Be forgiving.  #8. Be tolerant.  #9. Love one another.  #10. Do not judge others, unless you are prepared to be judged.  #11. Help, do not hinder.  #12. Let God be God.

7. Are there some issues or perceived problems that have occured over and over again? Yes: #1. I kept trying to operate a business venture, and had to let it go because of frustration, loss of self-esteem, desire, perseverness, letdown, not enough money or spiritual willpower to continue.

8. What do you dream about? Peace, happyness, love, adventure, financial stability, physically healthy, being debt free.

9. Imagine writing your own epitath. What do I want to be remembered for at the end of my life?  #1. I got my affairs straightened out with God and my loved ones.  #2. Finding my true self and broadcasting it to the world.  #3. My home and family members was left secure, financially and spiritually.

10. What would I do if I knew that I could not fail?  #1. Start a program of world peace, a movement toward peace and prosperity through God and mankind, that the world has never seen.  #2. Become the motovative teacher of Godly things on the ground, to lead from Chaos to Reality, on to Divine Consciousness.  #3. Implement my life purpose, forget any and all fears or forms of fear.  #4. Go to church, sing, read, write, communicate to all willing to hear about the beauty that still exist in mankind and of the world. Work for peace and harmony around the globe for all peoples of the earth for the rest of my life. Why, because I have found me, and the Me inside is a whole part of the body of everything. I am no longer alone, I will be free, to persue my life’s purpose, for what ever it blossoms to be. The final Epitathical clue. The only thing that I really own in this world is me, and that is good.

Hopefully those clues up there helps someone to go inside themselves to complete their very own journey to self discovery and realization. We are all worth more that we realize. Discover yourself, no one else can do it for you. Open up your mind and see yourself as a diamond in the rough, waiting for the master diamond cutter to cut all of the little facets into the body of the jewel, and watch yourself shine like a million dazzling points of light. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Fair enough? I never said it would be easy. Never-the-less, find your own way home.

I did my part, I actually lived thru all that stuff up there and there’s more to go. Hopefully you can find yourself too. Just look into the mirror, look real hard and deep. Your spirit is looking thru your eyes at it’s physical self, where it lives, it lives inside of you, and it likes what it sees. Peace

A Letter To My Son: The problem with life.

One fine day, as my son and I was discussing the frustrations and twists and turns of his life and how the world seems to not care about anyone anymore. He had just come back from a tour of Iraq in 2009. I hope the world doesn’t mind my sharing those precious words for my son with you. You see, if you have a son or daughter, trying to grow up in this uncertain world, there may be something useful herein that you may be able to avail yourself of, and give to one of them a heartfelt moment. Don’t miss any moments to talk to each other, in the early years. You will one day wish that you did. You and your child will both lose if you do not do that little thing.

The problems with life.

Well, that’s just the way life works son. Sometimes we have no control over certain events that come our way. We just have to do our best with whatever it is that is presented unto us on a daily basis.

The thoughts and plans that you have in your mind right now, may not work out as planned when you get home from Iraq. Your agreed upon plans that you discussed deeply with your girlfriend or family memebers will not work out without their help. Juan, you see, fate is a strange thing. You give yourself beautiful thoughts, to dream while you are away from your familiar realities……but, when you actually get back home, fate moves those thoughts and ideas and dreams away from you thru distraction, and you then pursue another wayward objective, totally different from that which you originally planned. The reality of doing something is much more difficult to follow thru with, than the idea  of a dream. A dream is beautiful and free and easy, reality is difficult and costly and hard, therefore you abandon your original thoughts/dreams for new ideas and new dreams when you get back home. Thoughts and ideas change like the weather. Only your best thoughts with a greater-good as a catalyst will come true in the real world, your other thoughts will be like smoke in the wind, evaporated into nothingness.

Have you noticed your own thoughts? Have you had great lofty ides as to what you wanted to do while away from home? And then when you come home, non of these ideas seem to work, you find something totally different to do. or do nothing at all? It seems like you are just going around and around in circles, running into an invisible wall, getting nothing done? What’s the matter? Once again, blame it on FATE? If you do, then fate is working inside you. You can’t get rid of it, but you can manage it and control it and keep it on the outside of your mind, at a distance. You have to establish your very own balance of power, that is uniquely yours in your lifetime in this world. Having said that, don’t blame the game, blame the player. It’s your life, change the way the game is played, create your own method, your own uniqueness and live your life.

I, me, myself, am subjected to fate on a daily basis like everyone else. Most people don’t even have a name to identify the thing that is causing them to have empty dreams, or dreams that seem to fade away into nothing or is taken away by other distractions. Stop allowing yourself to be distracted. Stop making important business decisions when your mind is in a state of emotional flux. Make your important decisions when you are calm and is in a controlled intellectual state of mind. The emotional states of mind in man can be driven by ego and vanity, and cause you to make unsound judgements and critical errors that you probably would be able to see if you are in control of your thoughts and take the time to think it out. You see the ego do not like to fail, it loves to exploit and do wanton and dumb  and incorrect things. Egotistical human’s do not take the time to think, they just react to stimulation without real thought, and get themselves into trouble with the Laws and everyone and everything else.  Remain vigilant of your own thoughts and where they are about to take you into the future. Learn to see from within, using insight, instinct, mother-wit, intelligence. When you embark onto a new seemingly fun thing, be careful there too, because having fun has it’s own built in responsibilities that will trap you in the future. The fun thing will disregard the prospect of warning you, that you are having such a wonderful time with your new adventure, that you throw caution to the wind and run head-long into trouble in the near future. Pay attention to laws, both Legal and Spiritual Laws. Strengthen your resolve, focus your mind and master it, afterall it is your mind to have and to control. Isn’t it?

You just have to keep on keeping on, and work for a greater good in your life. I am tired of most things now, I just want peace in all things that I do. I would be content with that, to live a simple uncomplicated life now. I can feel the days and years getting shorter, at a slow and gradual pace. But to actually have that peace I so desire, I am going to have to fight for it, no one is going to hand it to me on a silver platter, I have to earn it. I am not naive, I have no illusions about that. I must earn that respect from others to have that which I cherish so much. Now my world is coming into reality a little bit at a time. I have the invisible key, to open that invisible door, that only I can see. Can you see it? Not yet? You will one day, just open up your mind, and keep the faith.  Faith is Hope for things not seen. ;- )

I am not sorry for how this economy is screwing up my life, so don’t you feel sorry for me. I have done ok with my life. I am just so tired to still have to do so much for some of those that missed the mark in life. My Soul and Spirit is just fine. The real world is where the tiredness is. I have done more in my life that many people. I cannot look back at my past life and say “I wish I could go back twenty years and start my life all over, I would do this or that.” I have already done it. I am happy with me.

Therefore, I want you to keep on growng and getting smarter and smarter each day. Keep love in your heart wherever you are. You have the tools, you just have to learn how to use them, just like I had to learn. You have everything that you own right with you all the time, inside yourself. Your car, a house, a computer, is only temporary, and good for useful purposes. But, even though you bought it, you are only a user, it too will only fall into disrepair and fade away, like dust in the wind. Your body is all that you really own in this world, and it too is only temporary, but it will outlast all the other things that you buy. Also, people can sue you and take away all that you own. They can even damage your body and kill it, but give your heart and soul to the ONE that gave it to you, and no human or Devil can take that away from you. You will have acheived victory over your life, and prospered accordingly to what you set forth in your heart and mind.

Take care of that body and mind Son. Keep your head high. Life can be unforgiving and merciless, life takes no prisoners. You can see where my mind is, and hopefully, later on down the road you will look back and see what I have been telling you, and laugh out loud. On another day you will look at my writings, a treasure trove of spiritual and actual words that you lived by and prospered as you saw it in your dreams, and say ” Inside myself – I am ok- I have me- I am free, my creator is with me.”  ‘Nuff said, peace and love, your Dad.

We are the Government, fight for peace.

We must positively fight to save ourselves first and then the USA, 24/7

Instead of launching yourselves into some type of negative diatribe. Why don’t we all do something positively constructive and ethical to help out this country for us all. Contact your Senator or Congress, and rant and rave straight at them for all this mess that we are in.
Stop crying to each other, and writing rants online that go nowhere but down the drain. All you are going to get from ranting and hating to each other and online is the ability to view your own rhetoric for the sake of rhetoric. Nothing but empty drama that creates more hate. Express yourselves collectively and positively, to the ones in charge of this mess, and come up with some brilliant ideas of your own.
I have seen and participated in the Civil Rights movement, Women’s Liberation movement, Hippie, yuppie, Vietnam war, Dominican Republic, Civil Rights movement, Desert Storm, and I am still here fighting today for our peace of mind, and personal rights and freedoms. I am 72-yo, and still don’t blame anyone but myself and the free people of this country when our Political and personal freedoms and rights slip from our grasp, from being complacent and not pro-active..

Standing around wringing my hands and screaming into the darkness of nothingness gets us nowhere, we as a people must do this now. Generate the right type of Karma, the good Karma and you will be rewarded personally, with goodness and prosperity, by the God within you. Faith is hope for things not seen.
I am a Social Security Retiree, and an Army Veteran with two Honorable Discharges. But, I am being threatened very directly by all this lack of jobs, right education, hopelessness that the USA is about to default on. I am not going to embarrass myself by saying dumb and senseless things to each other in person or online, showing what a useless person I am, I am fighting now and has always been fighting all my life in this country. Freedom is not free, you have to as an individual fight for what is right. Not pick on one person to save your rear, blame it on your own inability to respond in a smart and dignified manner. No one man or woman can give you dignity and respect, you have to create this inside yourself and project this to the outer world to gain positive results. Fight the good fight, and let’s get together at first individually while you are setting there staring at that computer monitor, or smart phone, and do something good. Recreate yourself if you have to. If you can’t find a job and is able, invent or create something from your own mind. You are not helpless. You are at the bottom? Then there is only one way to go, that is UP. Hopefully  you as one can fire up someone near to you, then someone else, like a snowball rolling downhill, gather momentum, and grow bigger into a loud voice, then the ones we have elected will have the backup power from us to go forth and fight for us. We are the USA’s Government, we the people. The power is still with us, we must project this power and live a good life. Be powerful, think Positive Construction. We are responsible for our own lives, not someone else. But it is a joyous thing when we can think and prosper together as one. Motivate and help your representatives to help you achieve prosperity, otherwise they will have to lead alone without your input. Then we all lose. Don’t blame the game, blame the player.  THINK!!


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