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An Exploration in Spiritual Law.

There is only ONE LAW governed and enforced in all Spirituality and a myriad amount of laws originating from a single source of Law that  is the foundation of all life seen and unseen on earth and into the cosmos and beyond man’s vision. Where the most intelligent person will find themselves wanting for clarity and meaning to things that cannot be measured by a yardstick, or calculated in physics, or weighted by a scale, or placed inside of some sort of category, or group, or put into a box with an expected outcome of some limited sort of reasoning’s and contemplations of our limited views into our own realities.

There is a single point of power that is all power that exists beyond time and circumstance, that we as humans need to immerse ourselves into like water running downhill, just get into the boat with no oars, and let it take you for the ride of your life. You only have to have the faith of a Mustard Seed. A mustard Seed is miniscule, so tiny, that if you dropped it on the ground, you cannot even see it. That is how much faith you must have to see into infinity, and experience salvation on this earth and beyond.

God does not need us, we need God. Yet God does not require much from us. A mustard Seed? That’s all. Are you serious? Mankind controlled by self servient greed will take everything, including your life, and give nothing back. Like a parasite, draws blood from you, without compensation, or a simple “thank you.” You die a useless life while still alive inside your skin. Wake the heck up people. Take of those rose colored glasses and see the reality of us all, before we too are an endangered species.

Lovology thru me is going to go there, into those self-same laws and explore how these original spiritual laws control all that is, and was, and there is to come. Never changing, a standard set of laws to LIVE by, that keeps us on the straight and narrow on this earth.

Abide by these Spiritual Laws, and you will have abided by all the laws of the earth, made by man from the original source, adjusted and modified according to race, creed, nationality, and indigenous tribes, from the most civilized down to the least civilized of all the nations,  all the cosmos, all of the goings on of everything that you can see and cannot see. Mankind has an infinite unlimited source of supply. We just don’t look for them hard enough. We are all wonderfully and fearfully made. Humans has a GOD.

From this day forward, I with my limited intelligence will make an attempt to expose to you these laws that constitute One Law of all Laws. LIFE is governed by these laws. Learn how to live as a human race, abolish the confusion, and discover a narrow and straight pass to freedom. No law on earth can prosecute a righteous person, if he or she follow the law. The truth has to be spoken only once, after that it just repeats itself. No one can shatter your steadfastness, no one. Truth permeates the All and All collectively, because there are no loopholes in Spiritual Law.

My next blog will start the proceedings into a Theocentric Philosophy and Research of the Immutable Principles of Spiritual Law. God is my guide, I will produce the truth according to my faith and understandings of Spiritual Law trickled down To Legal Law, Natural Law, Moral Law, Civil Law, Scientific Law, Cosmic Law and etc.

We lack nothing, it’s all here for us, Confusion make you think otherwise, do not be led astray by devious minds bent on destroying you. You have a choice to make. Salvation or destruction. Choose wisely and LIVE. Doctor Love said that! Peace into infinity. Word up!

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