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What these symbols mean: G- God, the upside down Y.  M- Mankind, the rightside up Y.   L- Life, or the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit.   D- Death, the zig zag.  The Heart Symbol itself, is Love.  Full meaning: the seal or symbol of the  Five Spirits that comprises the body of Lovology..


God, reaching down to Mankind with the gifts of salvation. Mankind reaching up to God for the gifts of salvation. But, we have a problem. The Devil is in the middle blocking us, trying to confuse us, by preventing us from making contact with God. But we still have the ONE Jesus told us about. The ONE that could not come unless he left. He would leave and send the ONE to us. Our Teacher and Comforter. the ONE that would teach us all things. This ONE is the HOLY SPIRIT, that is the living waters of Life itself. You could take this to the bank and cash it if it was a check. This is TRUTH Personified in HIM. I am a man, but I stand on Hallowed ground when speaking these words. Amen

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