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God Saves Souls. But!!!!!!!

Did you know, that God actually saves souls? Well, he really does. Now you see, I said that to get to another point in my story. I am not preaching here, I am simply exploring the actual and factual truth of an action on your part, that has to be carried out.

God is Spiritual, therefore he looks at things with a Spiritual eye. We are physical and has a human spirit, that human spirit has the potential to act and interact with the Holy Spirit, which is God’s active force. We can discern spiritual truths that are seen when they are manifested into the physical world by us. The spiritual/dreams/visions become real things by the energy and skills we have inside of us to create something from nothing. Ergo, oil into tires, sand into silica into computer chips, rocks into jewelry and so forth and so on. Can you diggit?

Now, what I am going to say will surprise some and some will sit there dumbfounded, some will wake up and get busy increasing their self-worth and prosper. Some religious souls will consider my thoughts are a bit hard on them. Well, I am not trying to make anyone mad, let’s speculate for a spell.

God saves souls, but it is up to you to save your own arse! The Spiritual Father saves our souls, which is the invisible, and formless thing that is really the I AM of us. It cannot die unless our Lord commands it so. Our physical bodies is the HOUSE where the spiritual US lives. Our spirit lives in a house of flesh and blood. Our flesh and blood combined seamlessly lives inside of a house of wood and brick and mortar. God lives inside of our house of flesh and blood which is the Church, along with our human self. You see, your body is a house for the two of you. God is already there, the power is already there, the innate built-in abilities are already there. You are contained within yourself your total entirety upon birth. You are in charge of all of this, so wake the heck up.

Praying to God for some gift or thing is not enough, you have to actually meditate and design the actual thing inside your mind to be able to see it later in the real world, created by you from nothing. Then your prayer is answered by you from the things the Lord has put on earth for you to have already. You have to make the first step, then he will take over inside you, guide you, comfort you, help you every step of the way till your desire has been answered.

Just because a few good things has happened to you already in life, do not sit on your laurels after you pray and expect God to come down from heaven and put these things in your hands. Get up and go to work, put the power of the active Holy One to good use, by actually mastering and controlling that physical thing that your spirit lives in. Get an education, learn a craft, help somebody that has a dream, create goals and live up to them, these things in our minds can be our blessings, but we have to go to work. God said “Mankind shall live by the sweat of his brow”, that means: you must go to work if you want to live. You don’t have to work yourself to death, work smart, think. Can you think in a smart way? If not then you can master it with practice. With a good mind and good skills learned inside you, you will be able to have every thing that you need, not necessarily everything that you want. Needs and wants are two different things altogether. Understand?

The power is in you, saved or unsaved, believers or a non-believer, sinner or a saint, even an atheist has this power, our Lord did not pick and choose. He sends the rain to the just and unjust all in equal measure.

You are responsible for your own life, you have to save your own soul as well as your arse. But you need the Lord God of all creation to help you with the details. Without his spiritual power non of us would survive this world. We have to work and sometimes fight for what is right and just. Just don’t forget who you are, and where you came from, and who guides you. God don’t need us pitiful pathetic humans, we need HIM! This world would not cease to exist if every single one of us died. The Holy books says ” even if Heaven and Earth passes away, my word will stand.” His word cannot die, he is Spirit. The Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and the End.

So please, my friends work to save yourself as you are not designed to live into infinity, and take the Power with you, it exists everywhere at once, we just have to activate the force inside of us, we on earth is the bottom line. Save yourself and you in turn helps to save the world. Don’t just talk to hear yourself talk and use up oxygen, get busy because God is watching us.

Prayer is the initiation of Affirmative action, Meditation is listening to God talk to you, so you can receive directions, work is the means to create and earn every blessing that you deserve. A Blessing is considered as a “special favor” from our creator in Lovology. This is a win win situation. Sure the Devil (evil minds) is busy and wants you to fail and to be confused. Tell this Devil to get away from you, because you know who the Lord(creator) really is, and you will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Peace1

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