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Who are we, What are we?

Who Is God?
God is Spirit.
What is Spirit?
The Vital Principal and Animating Force, believed to exist in all living things, animate and inanimate.
Who Are We?
The bearers of the Vital Principal and Animating Force, permeating our Hearts, Minds and Emotions, the total physicality of the Body itself .
What is the physical body?
The house of flesh and blood, that the Spirit lives in. This is the first house. The house of flesh and blood lives in a house of brick and stone and wood. This is the second house. Therefore we live in two different houses. Both are essential to health and safety, mobility, and personal ownership.
Get to know that the owner of the first house is looking out at the world through it’s eyes, which are windows of flesh and blood. The real owner of both houses are invisible, which is the Spirit, which is you, you see?
Get to know these simple words, and get to know yourself. The Heart, Mind and Emotions are the higher aspects of our inner beingness. All three needs special attention and treatments. The God inside of us can treat all three, if you allow this to be so. The Physicians in the outer world can also help you too, since they are extensions to the powers that be, emanating from the first original Physician, powers given to them to assist us in our sicknesses.
Get to know yourself, and you will become more fully aware of your heritage to everlasting life through our Holy Spirit, the Teacher of all things and our Comforter during our days on this earth and beyond. The Teacher and Comforter is here, on earth. The Teacher is working in our classrooms of the world, and thru Mommy and Daddy teaching and raising us to survive this world. The Comforter is working thru the Doctors, the Nurses, EMTs, Ministers, and Mommy and Daddy whenever you are sick and has an injury, they bandage you up, rub you down, say good things to you, and hold you oh so tightly when you bump your head and you are crying. Feels good doesn’t it?
Humans are the only creatures that are Conscious of the fact of being Conscious. You have a higher mind already waiting for you to educate and see the light. Light is knowledge. Darkness is a lack of knowledge. We are all heirs to the Kingdom of many Mansions. At some point in eternity the Chosen Few will survive this earth, although the majority will perish for lack of Wisdom, and other Devilish evils. This world is only a school of “hard knocks” that you have to achieve higher grades of right education in your mind and graduate from, with honors, to everlasting life. At some point I believe, that we humans of flesh and blood, will achieve eternal life, and walk amongst the stars, in the flesh, and in Astral Form. We have an inheritance of life beyond this life that is awesome. Our very existence, as humans, moving about and creating all sorts of things that no other creature on earth can do, points us toward a real origin of our realities and automatically shows us that there is a Creator and His Creations. Look inside and have the faith of a Mustard seed. A Mustard seed is extremely small, but plant it in the ground a watch that little seed grow into something extraordinarily larger than imagined. You can do this too. Plant yourself in the Lord and trust in yourself to overcome all obstacles and grow into something awesome, you are wonderfully and fearfully made.  God cannot lie. He said it, and that’s that!
Just have the faith of a mustard seed, and believe in the ONE that died for us all. In the end you will reach that higher plateau of your mind and beingness, and your name will be written down in the Book Of Life. We are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience. One day we will all have a choice to walk among the Angels, and see our Creator Personally. I myself, would consider that an Awesome Miracle. True Miracles are acts of LOVE. God IS LOVE.
Human! Make a choice!
The choice is yours, choose wisely.
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