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Father of all humankind is 340,000 years old | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News


Father of all humankind is 340,000 years old | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News

Archangels are Spiritual Beings.

Angels? Archangels no doubt! Do you believe in Angels? I do.
May I tell you about my favorite Angels? I have three that identifies and clarifies my own inner self. These three personifies me as a Spiritual being living on earth in the physical. These three speaks volumes as to what drives me, and what comes out of me. Ok? Here we go.

Michael is in charge of God’s army. Soldier, Warrior, that tossed the Archangel Lucifer (Devil) out of Heaven. Michael is the protector of First Responders, Soldiers, Police, Emergency Medical Technicians, Firemen and women, Nurses, Doctors and etc.
I am an ex 82nd Airborne Soldier, trained to go to war, fighting the bad to reestablish the good, hopefully.
I pray to God to send this one to me to help me fight the Spiritual evils as well as day-to-day chaos in my world. I have to put on my own armor on a daily basis to protect me from physical and spiritual attacks on earth. I usually win the wars in the end. Although I do shows scars and damage, mentally and physically from the battles. But I also find the time to heal, once again. Understand? Let’s check out my next favorite Angel.

Gabriel is God’s messenger. Some believe that Gabriel is a Female. If so, then she would be the only Female Angel. That’s cool with me, the power is still there. Not diminished by her being female.
He/she brings messages to us from God, and to God from us.. Maybe this Archangel is the small soft voice that some people have said that they have heard inside their minds at certain times.
I am a meditator, my subconscious mind at various time has heard a whisper here or a voice there when in deep distress. I would follow that urging voice and energetic pull or push and would experience or find a solution to my problems.
Hey! I am not Bipolar, been tested already by my Doctor. What does he know about angels? Nothing! Ha ha ha
But really, they are energetic beings, not physical like us. So, I shall continue.
Communication is my thing. I really like trying to communicate good things or talk about miracles to others, I am driven from inside to do this, this is me, this is my work. I talk to others about Spiritually, being human, overcoming obstacles. Sometimes I write messages or affirmations for people that I know, for their mind, that helps them. My work is the same message but a different method. I am also a messenger. I buy knowledge and give it away- freely without Reciprocity. My ability in this area is already built-in, innate.

Raphael is God’s Healer. He heals all creatures. He helps and guides us thru life’s most trying issues of Heart, and Restoration of the Soul.
I, on the other hand, am a Holistic Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Herbalist, and Spiritual Counselor, Nutritionist, and love physical fitness. Not as much as I used to in the P. T. Arena, but at 72 I do what I can to remain healthy. He also identifies me, the Doctor.

These three are not all of the Archangels. There are more. Look around and find your own Spiritual helpers. I don’t want to hog all of the fun. Then I would be selfish. Naaah!

Now you can see, I offered to you a small glimpse into my Spiritual Realm of how Lovology is powered. I am driven to finish this work, and I will before I go back HOME.
In my work I carry around with me an Invisible Tool Kit. I never know what tool I might require to fix a broken spirit, but together we can fix and overcome all broken souls with God’s power flowing thru every one of us. We just have to get up off of our rears and start creating something, even if we have nothing. Even if you have nothing, there is still something that you can do on a positive level. Just open your eyes and you will see. When you have not, use what you got. This thing about Spiritually is more simple than you would ever believe. It is as simple as the air we breathe, and just as powerful, because it is in the air around us. We do have Angels. Hopefully you will see one before you become one. If you believe it, you will see it. Fin.

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