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The 38 Flower Essences for Emotional Support

The 38 Flower Essences for Emotional Support

Dr. BG Love, DD., Ph.D
Lovology Research Project

The 38 Flower Essence Healers
by Dr. Edward Bach (Creator and Founder)

Graduate: Certificate of Award; Flower Essence Practitioner Course.
Herbal Healer Academy. Dec. 24, 1997

1. AGRIMONY: For treating patients suffering inner torture, which they try to dissemble behind a facade of cheerfulness. Often used as a remedy for alcoholism.
2. ASPEN: For treating apprehension – a sense of dread without knowing why; unexplainable anxiety; presentiments; anxiety for no known reason.
3. BEECH: For a patient who is critical and intolerant of others; arrogant.
4. CENTAURY: For treating weakness of will; patients who let themselves be exploited or imposed upon; subservience; difficulty in saying “no”; doormat syndrome.
5. CERATO: For treating those who doubt their own judgment and intuition, and seek the advice of others; easily influenced and impressionable.
6. CHERRY PLUM: For treating a patient suffering from uncontrolled, irrational thoughts; fear of losing control and doing something terrible; fear of “going crazy”; uncontrolled bursts of temper; impulsive; suicidal.
7. CHESTNUT BUD: Treats refusal to learn by experience; continually repeating the same mistakes.
8. CHICORY: Treats the possessive patient who demands respect or attention (selfishness), likes others to conform to their standards; martyr syndrome; patient who interferes and manipulates.
9. CLEMATIS: Treats patient who is indifferent, inattentive, daydreaming, absent-minded, escapist from reality.
10. CRAB APPLE: “The Cleanser Flower” treats patients who feel unclean or ashamed of ailments; those who suffer from self-disgust / -hatred; house pride.
11. ELM: Treats the patient who is temporarily overcome by inadequacy or responsibility, though normally quite capable.
12. GENTIAN: Treats despondence; patients who are easily discouraged and rejected; skeptical, pessimistic; depression, where the cause is known.
13. GORSE: Treats the patient who is desperate, without hope; “Oh, what’s the use?”; defeatist.
14. HEATHER:Treats patients who are obsessed with their own troubles and experiences; talkative bores; poor listeners.
15. HOLLY: Treats patients who are jealous, envious, vengeful, or suspicious.
16. HONEYSUCKLE: For nostalgic patients who dwell in the past; homesickness.
17. HORNBEAM: Treats the “Monday morning blues” but once started, task usually fulfilled; mental fatigue; procrastination.
18. IMPATIENS: Treats impatience, irritability, patients who behave in a melodramatic manner.
19. LARCH: Treats despondency due to lack of self-confidence; expects failure, so fails to make the attempt; has the ability, yet feels inferior.
20. MIMULUS: Treats fear of known things, fear of the world; shyness, timidity, bashfulness.
21. MUSTARD: Treats “dark cloud” of depression that descends for no known reason and which can lift just as suddenly, making patient downcast, saddened, and low.
22. OAK: Treats brave, determined types who struggle on in illness and against adversity despite setbacks; plodders, never resting.
23. OLIVE: Treats those drained of energy, for whom every task is an effort; the physically fatigued.
24. PINE: Treats feelings of guilt; self-blame for the mistakes of others; feelings of unworthiness.
25. RED CHESTNUT: Treats excessive care for, and concern for, others, especially those held dear.
26. ROCK ROSE:Treats patients who are alarmed, panicky, full of trepidation.
27. ROCK WATER: Treats patients who are hard on themselves, often overworked, rigid, self-denying; ascetic.
28. SCLERANTHUS: Treats uncertainty, indecision, vacillation; fluctuating moods.
29. STAR OF BETHLEHEM: Treats all the effects of serious news, or fright following an accident, etc.; release from trauma, no matter how long ago it took place.
30. SWEET CHESTNUT: Treats absolute dejection; the feeling that one has reached the limits of what one can stand.
31. VERVAIN: Treats over-enthusiasm, over-effort, straining; for patients who are fanatical, high-strung, incensed, or inordinately frustrated by injustices.
32. VINE: Treats patients who are dominating, inflexible, ambitious, tyrannical, or autocratic; arrogant pride; those considered good leaders.
33. WALNUT: Protection remedy against powerful influences, helps adjustment to transition or change, e.g., puberty, menopause, divorce, new surroundings. In contrast to CENTAURY, the patient knows what s/he wants, but is easily influenced by other people to do otherwise.
34. WATER VIOLET: Treats patients who are proud, reserved, sedate types, occasionally superior, in whom there is little emotional involvement, but who are reliable and dependable.
35. WHITE CHESTNUT: Treats persistent unwanted thoughts, preoccupation with some worry or episode, mental arguments, constant inner dialog.
36. WILD OAT: Helps determine patient?s intended path in life.
37. WILD ROSE: Treats resignation, apathy, patients who are drifters who accept their lot, making little or no effort toward improvement; those who lack ambition.
38. WILLOW: Treats patients who experience resentment and bitterness, who have an “it?s not fair” and “poor me” attitude.

Lawn Grass as a Healer.

Hello my friends. This is another installment of a different nature. Matter of fact it is about Mother Nature and Her ability to help heal you thru the Dynamic Energetic field of Spiritual Forces that exist everywhere and in all things.

OKAY! Here we go; All natural things has healing properties naturally found in trees, grass, fruits and etc. Now we are going to concentrate on grass. Especially the un-mowed kind of grass. Specifically the un-mowed grass in your yard. The Healer is there, for your minor headaches and body stress and anxieties. Meditation exists here big time.

Whenever you feel stressed out, from a minor headache or anxiety, just go outside and lie down in the un-cut grass, anywhere, but your own yard is best because the grass recognizes you. Sounds funny, huh? That’s ok, this relaxes your nerves as well if you are laughing. You may need some privacy while doing this. OK? That’s up to you.

#1. Remove your outer garments. Everything except your bottom undies. Your back, head, arms, fingers and toes need to be in direct touch with the grass roots.

#2. Lay down on your back, draw your legs up to your buttocks, and dig your toes into the grass roots.

#3. Extend your arms out in the form of a crucifix, and dig your fingers into the grass roots. Now relax your head, let it slowly rest into the un-cut grass.

#4. Relax your body by wiggling it around to get comfortable. Then close your eyes.

#5. Start at 10, then count down to zero, slowly while breathing in and out and relax. Slowly deep-breathe in and out and allow the tension to melt away into Mother Nature’s Healing spiritual energy that you are being bathed in right now. Rest and let your mind take a trip into space or some beautiful paradise, of warm water and flowers, and birds flying around you singing their little songs. Relax. If you go to sleep, that is ok.

Now when you awaken from your meditation in the un-cut grass, slowly let your senses reacclimate themselves to your surroundings and your new fresh feeling in your body mind and spirit. Get up and sense the feelings of your new experience and more better control of your inner world.

If you do not feel deep relief emotionally and inside your body the first time, that is ok. Practice a bit more, with different areas of un-cut crass and allow your own attitude to believe in miracles. Miracles are acts of LOVE. Can you digit? Peace my Brothers and Sisters whoever and wherever you are.


To Brother Stanley

Hello Brother Stanley,

I apologize for being slow in sending you these Blessed words of Wisdom and Healing for Brother Taylor. The Trucking business is a real headache sometimes, especially if you are a Minister with empathic feelings for others. I never seem to have enough time, but one day I will.

By the way, I really enjoyed being at the New Orleans Convention Center, and being of some inspiration for the couple from California that was excommunicated from their Church because of her confession of being gay. Their Church should not have excommunicated her for telling the truth while looking for help in her marriage. She married a man that embraced her Love. Love is the key to all healing of the soul, the body, and the mind.

All sickness and Death originated from the Original Sin of Adam and Eve. The Lord of our creation do not want you to be sick and helpless, as you cannot glorify him by remaining this way.

Gather your strength together that you have in your body and pray to our Lord Jesus the Christ, that you will come up out of this Hell. Once again you will be a bright and shining star. Don’t depend on the medicine alone to heal you, but believe in the One God, that all things is under his control and guidance, as well as in the Doctors and Nurses, and your family there >>>> then you will be healed. Our Lord is the true and original healer, the first Doctor of all sickness and afflictions.

Faith is the key to all of God’s blessings. Faith is Hope for things not seen. If you are a believer, go to him in you. If you are not, go to one of his counselors or ministers and they will show you the way. The power is inside you already, you just have to wake it up, that’s all. I will help you with that whenever I see you, since I AM one of his Counselors and Instructors of the way to His heart. You see, He made the human body and he alone knows how to repair it when all else fails. His knowledge is passed down to Mankind to Minister and to Heal His people. My mind is focused on you, my prayers are for you Brother Taylor, you will rise again soon, if not already.

If you have any kind of useless habit, consider quitting them now, such as Smoking, Drinking, Illicit drugs, or other health damaging habits. The body can take a lot of abuse, but not extreme abuse over a period of time. PHIL: 4:5, Let your moderations be known to all mankind, as this makes your habits known, so whenever you go to extremes they will let you know about it, so then you can slow down or stop what you are doing, you see. Man has the Authority and the Right to chastise man, according to Spiritual Law. But some today will harm you if you tell them the truth to their face in admonishments, so be careful when you admonish someone that may be unstable or hateful.

Sometimes the healing can be like a flash (instantaneous), or at other times it may be a slow recovery, but you will recover from your illness. At all times keep the faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Usually when our health gets bad it’s something that we have done to ourselves either consciously or unconsciously to cause this, not God. Therefore if you know what caused the sickness, accept the sickness for what it is, a Disease thing, and cast it out like the Disease it is. You see Biblically speaking, in the old days, they spoke of Demons, the new word is Disease. Demon and Disease is the same thing, same effects, same destruction, these two words live in the same house of horrors and are one. You have to give it a name, then you can cast it out. Jesus called Demons by their names, Doctors today call Diseases by their name, and are identified by it’s signs and symptoms and cured. The original Physician and the modern day Physician are doing the same work, casting out Demons/Diseases. I hope you can smell what the Doctor is cooking? A bit of humor there ;- )

Those that teach that “it is not the will of God to heal, or that sickness glorifies his name, are still going to Doctors, taking drugs, and doing everything to get well. Stop and think, why am I going thru all of this to get well? Well, it is Gods will you see, for you to heal. Can you digit? Peace my Brothers and Sisters.

Note: I was told that Brother Stanly was still sick, but his attitude had changed to a more positive state, and his family and Health Care Givers were there with him, and having a good time with my letter. They found their hope and faith thru him as well, that he would be saved in this world or the other, even if he succumbs to the Disease. He will only be asleep. Christ regards Death of the physical body as being Asleep, because Spiritually you cannot die, according to His and Your Will. Spiritual Law.

Physical Trauma and getting Old.

There is a prevailing myth amongst the people of the Western Hemisphere, that getting old is the reason why we hurt, have aches and pains and all sorts of maladies.
Throughout my 72-yrs on earth, I have placed myself and my environment under a microscope, and gazed into that invisible eye-piece at my own health conditions and the health conditions of others.

What I am about to say is not written in stone by me, just meer observations, being aware and not taking anything for granted. You as a reader of my words may have a different view, or a different slant about how you deal with aging and your health. That is ok, but we cannot allow ourselves to get upset about our views and fight over this matter. Do not be closed minded, as no one person knows everything, but all of us united does know all things about ourselves, that need to be presently known, as we are still learning about ourselves. But still, we will never know everything about the Creator God. The Creator says ” mankind cannot think of anything that they cannot do.” That means we are capable and able to do anything we really want to do, this comes from the mouth of the Creator, not mine. We are only limited by our own little minds. Just try to do that which is Good, Right, and Lasting. Those three words form a trinity, which means WISDOM. Which is the truth.
This is a matter of speculation here and insightful observations that can become critical information, that possibly one day may help someone see the light, light is knowledge. Darkness is the lack of knowledge. Think!

These words are living things that’s about to come from my keyboard that proceeds from my heart and up thru my mind, that I believe are factual and trustworthy, and leads to the truth with further indept thinking and quandering.

We cannot do anything about chronological aging, but we can do a lot about physical aging. Physical body aches and pains and sickness has nothing to do with you getting old. In other words, pain is not a prerequisite to aging. There are people on earth that is really old, I’m talking about 90-yo people, that are not in pain.  There are young people in their 20’s with known and unknown natural aches and pains.  Time continum does not wear us down, we mentally and physically wear ourselves down, for whatever reasons we do this to ourselves. Work excessive hours, extreme sports, emotional wear and tear from our personal lives at home or at work, multitasking, not getting appropriate rest and sleep.

Here is one of the main reasons that makes us feel old. Number one, the psychology of implanted old thinking, that is easy for our lazy minds to handle and accept as fact. Pre-programmed visuals from our parents or other older people as we grew up looking at them and subconsciously programming ourselves to be like that when we get old. Genetics may have nothing to do with it at all. You can, with your own mind alter your own genetics using Post-hypnotic suggestions and meditating on positive health affirmations as a life-style. You see, the body listens to everything you say, and tries to alter it’s own chemistry to do your bidding. Your Spirit is the boss, the body is the house. So, the real you(human spirit) get busy and prepare your house to have a strong immune system, strong subconscious mind to resist these so called old-age-ills.  Upgrading your mind-set will give you the knowledge and the wherewithal to discern the actual reason you feel discomfort at any age. Deviate from psychosomatic ills that are not real. These are pseudo-ills, meaning: more apparent than actual, or having the appearence of being real.
What you sow, so shall you reap. Whatever wear and tear you do to the body now is going to determine what happens to it in the later stages of your life. It is the physical abuse, excessive work ethic, mental and emotional distress and various other stressed out related syndromes that you have done to yourself are what makes you feel old, not the years of living in time, but the actual wearing out of the body perpetrated by you. Karma is action. Karma will come a full 360-degrees back to you. It is written in spiritual law, therefore this law will prevail forever.

Now you see? See what I am trying to say to you? Look at yourself, and think about it. Think deep, as there is no place for casual vague thinking on my blogs. This is Lovology, for the chosen few. Inner space is where you want to go. Nothing outside yourself is more important that what is inside yourself.

We wear ourselves down, not time itself, but the misuse of time. God is no respecter of time, therefore time has no real effect on us, we place these worn out ills and maladies upon ourselves, by multitasking, not getting enough sleep/rest, extreme physical tasks of having fun or work, family pressures, incorrect diet, and the world itself. We are our own worst enemies. Look to THE Higher Power to guide yourself from within, turn back the hands of time if you have an adventuresome mind. We all must stop sacrificing ourselves in the early stages of our lives, so our bodies will not suffer the wears and tears and rages of a high-paced world, rushing into oblivion. It looks like we are in a hurry to end ourselves.

Work smart. Even God said “that mankind must live by the sweat of their brow.” What this means is “we must work” for a living, but we do not have to work ourselves to death, work smart, use your head. God also despises a fool, do not be foolish with your life, it is yours to maintain and care for. That body has to last till it is time to depart this earthly realm to our spiritual realm.
You see, I hope that these living words has helped at least one person, I would be exceedingly elated.

I repeat; Chronological time has nothing to do with how you feel when you age. It’s the wear and tear that you perpetrate upon your own physical self that determines how you feel. You see, time marches on, we get caught up in the time continum and try to defeat it by speeding up everything that we do. We only destroy ourselves in the end, and live in a miserable painful body, blaming “OLD AGE” in the end times of our lives. You are all that you own, take care of yourself. Then hopefully in the end you will at least not blame old age, and be happy with yourself and the Creator, for taking care of yourself. The “I AM is within you.” Peace

Brain Sync – Your Brain Made Better

Brain Sync – Your Brain Made Better  Once again I have something that is really good for you, and safe. I have used these products myself for many years, to calm down, relax, deal with stress and etc. Kelly Howell and Brain Sync are One. 

Brain Sync – Your Brain Made Better

Fifty fifty plus 1 Remedy

Greetings and Welcome,
Please sit for a moment and absorb what is useful for your health.
What you are about to read is a simple and effective way to help care for yourself. You will be using natural products that you find on your grocery shelf. This is a natural remedy to use to help alleviate aches and pains and discomforts of the muscles. arthritis, sprains, strains, and etc. You will benefit from this treatment, providing that the problem has not gotten out of hand, then you need to see a Medical Doctor. I am not a Medical Doctor, I am a Researcher as specified on my blog.
This remedy was developed by me while practicing massage therapy for pain. A holistic approach using products that are readily available in most stores. Here is the remedy, and a blessing to you.
Fifty Fifty Plus 1 Remedy.
1. 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2. 50% Cold Pressed Castor Oil.
3. 1-Heaping Teaspoonful of Cayenne Pepper Powder. (the hotter the better)
4. 1/2 oz. vitamin E oil, 30000 IU (di-alpha tocopherol).
5. 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.
6. 1- half pint bottle or other container.
Carefully measure the oil amounts so there is about one inch of space below the neck of the bottle. This is for shaking purposes.
After mixing these five items together, shake the bottle vigorously until well mixed. Set it aside for 2-hours. Then shake it again. Let it set overnight at room temperature, then shake the bottle once more. The product is ready to use. Massage this in once in the morning and once before bedtime. Or whenever you like to at your discretion. Take your time and do a thorough massage.
How to convert oils to a soft salve..
Get yourself a small pack of beeswax from a grocery store or online.
Pour about a cup of your blended oil into a small pot. Heat the oil just enough to melt the beeswax. Do not make the oil too hot, this will destroy the healing nutrition in the natural oils. Let the oil cool to room temperature and check to see if the consistency/thickness is suitable for you. If not, reheat the oil and take small amounts of beeswax and pour this into the oils while stirring, till fully melted, then sit it aside to completely cool once again. Then enjoy your massage.
The beeswax will not dilute the strength of the oils. The beeswax is also good for the complexion of your skin. Also the beeswax does not leave you with an oily shine on your skin, just an enhanced radiant look.
How to use the Fifty Fifty Plus 1 remedy.
Both oils recommended here are known natural healers around the world. You will need to massage your body parts till the oils penetrate the skin, and the Cayenne will rub right in also. The Cayenne pepper will increase the flow of fluids in the lymph glands as well as help increase the acceleration of the natural action of the blood flow, so the blood cells can bring more healing power to the sore area faster. Take your time and rub it in thoroughly. Afterall this is your body.
Castor Oil has a wide range of health benefits, as well as Olive Oil.
This remedy is designed for massaging into the skin only. Please do not take this remedy orally.. since there are some side effects of Castor Oil if ingested. And the Cayenne will surely heat you up. I am not aware of any negative side effects of Olive oil.
A Reminder.
The Cayenne Pepper will literally disappear into your skin as you massage the area. Especially after a few days sitting in the oil, and is softened up more. You can make as much as you want to, just remember to use the 50/50 method for the oils. The pepper is 1-heaping teaspoonful for each 1/2 pint of oil.
To make and oil pack, use gauze pads and First Aid tape to hold the pack in place. Saturate the pad till wet, but not dripping. Then attach the pack to the area being treated for 1 to 2 hours while resting or moving around. Store the oil pack in the refrigerator to keep the pack from spoiling and for later use. Then warm the pack in a microwave oven or stove before applying to the affected area. You can reuse this pack for about five times before it becomes unstable, then discard it.
It is ok to wash the area with a mild soap and water after each use, if you desire. Some people prefer to wash as needed, as the skin will not become dirty or flaky from a couple of applications. There may be a natural build-up of old skin cells that will die and new ones regenerate, so wash that off as needed. I have been told that the Fifty Fifty Plus 1 Remedy works good in other ways on the skin and feet, so explore, have fun in your adventure.
I am not a Medical Doctor, I am a Researcher as stated on my blog. If your problem has gotten out of control or has been ongoing for years you need to see a Medical Doctor. My remedy is Holistic in nature and designed to be used at the onset of soreness and pain, and is not intended to be used like a prescription drug. You have the right to make up your own mind about your health and state of being and the right to treat yourself as you see fit. I make no outrageous claims as to the effectiveness of this remedy. Although I have seen the positive effects of these oils and Cayenne Pepper. The healer is inside you.

A Personal Supplication For Healing.

Dear Lord,
Look down upon this poor and weary soul, whose sick and afflicted state of health is within your power to heal. Raise me up out of the ashes, so I can stand tall even when I am forced to lay down. I will obey with a humbled spirit.
Heal me, both mentally and physically, in heart as well as in mind and body. So I can say with true feelings and conviction that you did this for me. Bless the Physicians and the Nurses, and all of my Caregivers, that they will be inspired to do their best for me. This problem is only temporary and has no devilish hold on me. He will not bar the door that I have to open to reach in and get the precious gift of healing and restoration that I need. My body is temporary, but my soul is of God’s making and saved thru his Son.
May my will be his will, and that my health will be restored. I will prosper today and tomorrow. Blessed is thee who calls his name, IMMANUEL!!!!
Amen and Amen

What is Lovology?

Hello and Greetings.
I am BG Love. Continuing on a lifelong quest for the discovery and rediscovery of who am I, what am I, and why am I here? This quest started in my subconscious mind when I was a small child, looking up into the Heavens, gazing down at the grass, marveling at the stars that hang from the sky without any attachments. I have traveled extensivelly as an individual, on my own, in the Army, cross-country trucking, and thru books and meeting all of God’s different hues of colors and minds, and atmospheres.My travels was like I was moving thru a book that came alive and attached itself to my memory banks, to be forever hard-wired inside me. To learn and relearn, all that my human mind could comprehend, so I could one day express the wonderment of life and the intrinsic beauty of the One Race of People on starship Earth. I am at the gate now, and I have the keys to a lot of doors, and I want to share some of those keys with you thru Lovology.
The name Lovology came to me in a dream. But later, I found out that I was not the only one privy to that name. In some ways those dream-waves was meant for me in a special way. Thought waves and dreams has energetic properties of their own, also those energy waves are shared by everyone of us, in a universal fashion. Your thoughts do not belong to you alone, they are unconsciously shared by all languages of the earth. It just depends on who is tuned in to the vibrational frequency, like a radio. My real last name is Love. The word Lovology is a shared name by a few. My meaning for the word is very abstract and takes a different path. Agape is very close to that meaning of Spiritual Love.
Lovology is copyrighted in the Library of Congress, and not many people know who I am. I have written a small book or should I say study-manual with the subtitle being ‘Practical Meditation." The manual is written by me and produced thru the Lovology Research Project. I also completed a Meditational Course on three cd’s, bearing the Lovology style. As well as the seal (logo).
What is Lovology?
A theocentric and philosophical concept, based upon ancient wisdom and new knowledge. It pertains to the five spirits: God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love itself. The seal. Embracing the vital principal and animating force that is believed to exist in all things. Founded by me, a metaphysician, that also bears the name.
I hope that clears the air somewhat. There is a many paths or methods to take, but the message must remain the same. This is my way of expressing the name and the power of the Holy One. The methods must change, but the message must remain the same. This is my method. The power must be given in a way for the poor and down-trodden to be able to hit the ground running with knowledge and wisdom and understanding, once personal control and a sense of balance is established. You shall see and understand as we move thru the wilderness what Lovology is and how you can benefit from these personal words of wisdom gathered all my life. Just remember, Lovology is not a religion, it is non-denominational, all you need is a belief in God and yourself to make your life as prosperous as you can vision it. Thank you for helping yourself. May today and tomorrow be good to you.
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