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The Importance of Breast Feeding.

Greetings my friends. Are you hungry for another goodie, straight from the Doctor? OK, let me get this disclaimer out there, just in case someone thinks that I am trying to pose as a Medical Doctor. I am not a Medical Doctor, nor do I profess to be one. My articles are for informational purposes only, for the few that are looking for a breath of fresh air, and not for sale.

I am a Theocentric Philosopher that believes in God, and the many attributes of the same spirit. This information has been formulated by me from countless hours of listening, and reading, and watching, and also, asking deep profound questions. The bottom line is a result of my pondering such things and meditating on these things, with a mindset that leans heavily upon the speculative and critical knowledge of things, put them into my mental-mixer and arrive on the scene with my own abstract recipe, cooked down to a wonderful stew, that is food for thought..

The importance of Mother’s milk is beyond mere thinking on the surface, you have to dig down deep into your own psyche and see. Breast feeding is extremely important to the Newborn Child, and wonderfully pleasing and satisfying to the Mother. You see, when the Mother feeds her baby for the first time, there is the pre-milk or Colostrum. This first feeding of the baby really is the baby’s first natural Immune Injection. Also, this is the most important immune injection that the baby will ever get, straight from mommy to the child. The follow up immunoglobulin injections are, shall we say, follow ups. When the Mother feeds her child for the first time, she passes onto her child all of her immunities that she has in her body, that her body has built into immune defences gathered from her life of moving thru time and space, being bombarded by a plethora of diseases, funguses, rashes, pollens, and other invaders of the nasty kind. Her body has fought a war and won against these invaders. Now what she has is a smorgasboard of defenses custom made and passes on to her child. That child in turn will be more that ready for the world, or at least have a fighting chance for a healthy survival.

Colostrum: mother’s milk, secreted for the first few days then gradually change to normal milk. This Colostrum has a high protein and antibody count. Please do not confuse the Colostrum from Bovine cows with that from humans. One is fully compatable for the human child, the other is fully compatable for the baby calf. That’s where the conflux comes in. A Mother cow cannot possibly give your baby the type of immunities that that child needs for it’s future. Because it is a cow!!!! A cow’s milk of Bovine origins is good for you, yeah, sure, but no where as good as those first few days of Mommy’s goodness. Can you diggit?

Mother’s milk protects against: #1. Haemophilus Influenza type B. #2. Pneumonia cause by Streptococus Pneumonia. #3. Meningitis. #4. Infant Botulism. #5. Urinary tract infection. #6. Cholera. #7. Salmonela. #8. E.Coli infections. #9. Respiratory Syncytial Virus. #10. Reduce SIDS. #11. Fever problems with GERD. #12. Atopic Dermatitis. #13. Against Ear Infection. #14. Diabetes. #15. Obesity. #16. Herpes Simplex infections.

Mother’s Benefits: #1. Chemicals are released when the baby is feeding that calms and soothes the mother. #2. Helps the Uterus to contract and the bleeding to cease more quickly after delivery. #3. Reduces the risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer. #4. Also, a great way for the Mom and Baby to Bond for life.

What’s in it?: #1, Fats (the good kind). #2. Vitamins- A-D-E-K. #3. Carbohydrates. #4. And more, all in perfect combinations, easier to digest than Bovine milk, because it comes from Mom. This is good stuff for your mind, I hope everyone that reads this will be blessed.

Now here are my final words about being Politically Correct. Beware of the Moral Police. These are the people that for some reason view the sight of a Mother Breast feeding her child in public as some type of evil thing. There is nothing evil about it. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Baby. I am only kidding there, but I think you get it.

Especially in our Civilized societies we see this as a reason to toss the Mother out of an Eatery or other public place. I suppose some people view this action as some type of Errogenous act or turn-on. Well maybe so, but deal with it, control yourself, adults. The kids around you are hearing you complain and act up about a simple thing that Mother Nature says is a good and proper thing to do. Mother Nature don’t have a problem with it, and we all know that it is not nice to fool with Mother Nature ;- ) Also, the kids has to learn from a natural action. They don’t see this as bad. We be ranting and raving about a natural thing like it is bad, programs the kids to react the same way and they don’t even know why. This is twisted logic for the adults to do this. Just go on about your business like it’s nothing to freak out about,no big deal and the kids will act accordingly. They do what we do, not what we say! Helloooo!

Seriously Mothers, It’s only natural to Breast feed if you can. You will know from within your heart and mind that you have done the best that you can do to ensure that your baby has what it needs in the invisible world (inside), to survive from some of the many preventable diseases in our indigenous zones where we live.

A closing note: I was not Breast fed. I have a type of fungus that attacks my skin about evey three or four years, my Mom does too. It is called “Lichen Planus”. It is a type of fungus that is in the air. It is not contagious. I cannot pass it on, even thru normal sex or blood. My Immune system does not recognize this enemy, as there is no built-in defense for it in my body, so my immune system just lets it sit there and itch the heck out of me and makes my skin erupt into small blisters. My Dermatologist commended me for doing the research on this. Even though there is no real cure for Lichen Planus, Steroids and Hydrocortisteroids can kill it, as well as the good cells. We agree that my research is at least going in the right direction. I hope my work helps at least one person on this earth, if so, then my job is well done. Take care of yourselves, afterall, that body is all that you really own on this earth. We use everything else. Everything else can be stolen by a thief in the night. Peace/Love

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