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My Own Personal BLACK FLIGHT!

Greetings to the chosen few.
At this time I am going to elaborate on an old adage called “WHITE FLIGHT” in a kind of reverse way.
My friends, “White Flight” was and still is a term used to signify White people moving away from their homes and neighborhoods because of the influx of Blacks or some other Race or Class of people moving in, and destroying their peace of mind. I have been exposed to that term as a black man. I have lived thru this and understand the nature of this plight.

When I moved into my neighborhood, there were approximately 90% White and 10% Black living here. That was 36-years ago when I purchased my home. Now I too am about to move, because of the chaos from mixed people that happens to be moving in and destroying my neighborhood.. I am not going to defame anyone here because I see this type of movement going on everywhere now amongst all races around the globe. Not because of a particular race, but because of a particular mindset. There are all kinds of people traveling thru my neighborhood. But what bothers me most is the Extreme amount of noise and mayhem they bring, and consider it normal. This chaotic behavior, that only ceases for about 3 1/2 hours in a 24 hour period. That is the only time that I can get some good sleep. From around 2:30am to 6:00am. I need normal peace and quiet.

Now, Black Flight is in reference to me, since I am Black. I am going to do a Black Flight thing and fly away from this perpetual mayhem and chaotic ass neighborhood. I need large amounts of peace and quiet so I can think, and remain in good health and live long and strong. My neighborhood is destroying me unintentionally, but non-the-less destroying my peace of mind anyway, and theirs also.

I have very good skills that I would like to put to use here, but no one is interested in deep thinking, reading, learning, about good behavior, dignity, pride, and self preservation. I started a small counseling center with the promise from my neighbors that they would come, and set down and talk about ourselves, and build ourselves up, and come together. A place to commune and air out problems, to solve problems, to reestablish love into our homes. To get together and help ourselves, paint a house, mow a yard, repair a roof, what ever it took to help each other and to have each others back. Instead of sitting around sucking out of a 40-oz, killing brain cells or draging on a Joint nullifying your brain cells or injesting some kind of drug into their bodies killing more brain cells and committing slow suicide. While they are wasting their time away doing noncreative and destructive personal things we could throw a Bar-be-que, have a great time and fix up someones home, which is creative and usefull and beautiful. But no one came. I had to close the Center 3-months later. No one cared enough to persue a good thing with their own neighbors or family. That’s really sad.

Now, I still have the key to open that door to my own prosperity and others as well. But my people in my area are bound down in misery. They don’t seem to know or have the desire to activate their own powers of love and compassion, and help each other in my area, that is experiencing crime and all types of chaos. My neighborhood is dying a slow death, and I cannot help out, because no one else cares to listen to me. But, you know, as a second thought, only a few really listened to Jesus, and he was God in man,  so who am I, for someone to listen to? Nobody, I suppose.

Since I am on a quest for peace of mind, I plan to move to an area of the country that maybe, just maybe, can use a little spiritual motivation. Just maybe I can or will be able to find a home for my spiritual motivational practice. Just maybe there is a unique area of people that still cares and would cater to someone like me, that I would be willing to volunteer my services and skills that I have learned during my lifetime, that I would freely give away. Just to see a smile, a really happy face, a home that has been repaired, a neighbor that has made friends with their neighbor. Kids playing in a safe environment, adults that are conducive to their learning and upbringing. My art of Philosophy, Spirituality, and Counseling learned from 34-yrs of studying, along with extensive travels in 45 of the 48 United States in an 18-wheeler, alone, and overseas via the Military, must not go to waste. I must find that new home for my spiritual freedom, so my body can get some rest. I can’t do that here. I want to grow wings and fly. I want to ascend to a higher plane of thought and bring as many as I can with me to a new dimension inside ourselves that will shine like the brightest star, outside. That others can see, how I/we have overcome ourselves.

To those that personally know me, you know what and where I am referring to. To my new friends on the pathway to sanity I will share more with you personally and online. I am not in the business of downgrading and vilifying, and talking ugly about others. I mean to talk uP to you. I mean well, but this is real. I have a dream too, of wonderment and peace and love.
Black Flight is what I am going to do. I am not a black man running away from trouble, I am a black man running toward salvation. I speak the truth for all of us, as we are ONE on this planet earth. Peace

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