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Archaeology Proves the Bible is True.

My friends I must say, that I am about to embark on a most wonderous and controversial trip into the realities of the reality of the Holy Bible. Believers have faith and needs no proof. Nonbelievers may or may not want proof, because some do not believe anyway. But if you have an enquiring mind and have a desire to open up to the possibilities of knowledge speeding up in the later days, then here are a few tidbits that your spiritual mind will relish in all it’s glory. Proofs that the Bible is real. Walk into the light of knowledge.

Noah’s Ark:  Archaeological expeditions in Turkey has according to many reports and verifications has found Noah’s Ark. This big boat had two of every kind of animals, birds, humans, insects too I suppose, plants and etc. It is located on Mount Ararat. Some Monks has also located this vessel. The exact dimensions match what the Bible has said according to cubits in length and certain other artifacts was found there to verify it. Remember the 40 days and 40 nights of rain? Well it’s online for anyone to see. Go explore and prove it for yourself.

The Tower of Babel: This is the tower that a group of hapless humans decided to build, to get to Heaven. God thought different about this endeavor and tore it down and dispersed the people all over the earth. It is located near the Black Sea in or near Babylon in the great city of Mesopotamia. The tower is supposed to still be standing as a relic.

Sodom and Gomorrah: Remember this one? Those two words are everyday words today. They have been changed to hide their realities of what they really mean in the Hebrew language. God hated sin so much that he told Abraham to get his wife and family and go, that he was going to destroy the city. This is a sad story indeed. Archaeologists found these cities by using trajectory sound measuring tools, to calculate the sound from earth into space and back. They had to dig down four layers I think, because in those days people tore down buildings and covered them up instead of removing the remains like we do today. According to the explorers the most shocking thing was this; the buildings did not burn from the ground up, they actually burned from the top-down. We all know that fire burns up. then how did this happen?  According to research, Sodom and Gomorrah was hit by a meteor storm, which totally destroyed miles and miles of land and buildings. it was many years before the land was usable again. Brimstone was also located there, and still is. The only place on earth that this has happened.

Walls of Jericho: Archaeologists found this one too. In the city of Jericho West Bank at Tell es-Sultan, also known as Tel Jericho in the West Bank of Israel.

Sign of Jonah:  Remember Jesus was constantly being asked by his Disciples, what are the signs of the last days. Jesus finally decided to settle them down a bit and told them “to look for the sign of Jonah.”  Now the sign of Jonah is here today. Have you noticed a symbol of a fish on some peoples cars and trucks and signs? Well a few thousand years ago Christianity was under attack. Therefore the believers that wanted to congregate had to do so in hidden places like the forest or caves. So they would draw or cut a symbol of a fish into a tree, on the ground and etc., with the mouth of the fish pointing in the direction of their rendezvous point. It was a fish symbol.  Located in the same area that Jonah was supposed to be. He was told by God to go to Nineveh, but instead he chose to go to Tarshish. He was cast overboard in a storm and swallowed up by a giant fish. Days later he agreed to go to Nineveh. The fish vomited him up on the bank. Apparently someone there saw this awesome sight and decided to engrave a fish with a man in his mouth on a box or wall inside of a cave. Archaeologists using coordinates and historical information from the locals, found the cave. Not knowing what was in there actually, they ventured inside and discovered the sign of Jonah. That sign is the sign that Jesus said  was the sign of the last days. I believe that we are starting to experience this revelation right now. Look at our world and discern the truth.

Jesus Family: In the Talpiot Tombs in Israel, under an apartment building these Archaeologists found the bone boxes of Jesus’ family, his mother and brothers. Last but not least they found a box with the inscriptions “Yaweh” scratched into the wood.

The parting of the Red Sea:  Archaeologists went scuba diving to the bottom of that sea, and found the remains of the bones of horses, weapons, artifacts of the Egyptian army, and their King, and his Chariot. His skeleton has holes stomped into it by his horses. You see the Red Sea is extremely salty. Therefore the remains never really decayed completely, they were preserved by the salt for many years, to be discovered by man and woman. Also science says an extraordinary wind or something did cause the water to part or recede at that particular spot thousands of years ago. Archaeology proves that that Book and thusly our God is REAL. Go and finish exploring for your own sense of reality in our wonderful creator. I dare you!! You may experience “JOY.”

Creation or Evolution

Hello and Greetings,

My dear friends and chosen few that read the writings that I have put forth from ages of study and research from various points of light and in some dark places to try and garner the truth and nothing but the truth as my God has shown me, and I can discern as best as I can as a human, seeking out the hidden truths of all realities that my mind can comprehend, digest and communicate to you.

Creation or Evolution. Which one do you prefer to believe in? Well get ready for a wild ride, because I chose neither one of them, I chose both of them. Surprise!!!   Well, do you want to know why? Because it makes sense, spiritually and scientifically. Here we go. In the beginning GOD created Heaven and Earth and all therein, like Humans, Animals, Birds, Fishes and everything else.  Man did not create himself, bottom line. We reproduced ourselves for thousands of years, from the original creation. We Evolved by way of intermingling of the species.

Remember the Tower of Babel? Babel means to sound confused. GOD tore it down and dispersed humans all of over the planet and confused their tongues. They had to develop and learn new languages. Some wound up in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and etc. It is well known that people that lives in Europe has fair skin, it is colder there. People in Africa then had dark skin, it is warmer there. People of other hemispheric locations had yellow to brown and red skin. You see some of us Evolved as a result of intermingling of the species as well as Mother Nature’s different local temperatures.

Human DNA:  Now the new science has discovered that the human eye could not have evolved over a billion-billion years, because of it’s intricate complexity, and it’s very nature to be able to see and deal with the light spectrums from the sun. Someone had to have created the human eye outright from a single thought. Amazing. in Genesis the Bible says that God was discussing this: Let’s make man in our image. So they, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit agreed, and created us out of the dirt and breathed life into our nostrils. We became Human, Man and then Woman in that order. And God said that was good. The word “good” is a powerful word, look it up, okay?

Now: Science says that our human DNA do not exist on earth, that our DNA, the building blocks of life  are located in space dust, on Comets and Asteroids. It is possible that we are the Aliens that we are looking for.  Say what? You heard me. Our DNA cease to exist when we are returned back to the earth from whence we came, but departs back into space and infinity or Heavenly places. Jesus said ” I am not from here, I go to my Father in Heaven.”  If he is not from here, then we probably are not from here either. God breathed the breath of life into us from where? Heavenly places, that’s where!  Then Jesus  said ” I no longer call you my Servants, because the servants know not the Fathers plans. I call you my Brothers, my Sisters, my Friends, my Family” , because I have given to you everything that my Father told or gave to me. In my Father’s House are many Mansions, I go to prepare a place for you. Now you see? He had to go back there from whence he came and our breath came from there as well. All of this action came from THERE>  We were Created first on earth from THERE, then Evolved over thousands of years by intermingling with those dispersed people and possible others out there somewhere and Evolved into colors of the rainbow. You cannot evolve from nothing, you can only evolve from something that already exists, and GOD Created out existence from nothing that did not exist, then it became something then evolved into a kaleidoscope of wonderful colors of humanity.  There are no such thing as different human races, there is only One Human race created by GOD, then evolved into different Nationalities and colors all over the world. Now which one do you chose??? Creation or Evolution, or both? God hates confusion, so don’t be confused by the masses or the Prince of the power of the air. Only the chosen few will survive this world, the majority of us will die from ignorance, lack of faith, diseases, pestilence and all sorts of bad things that we created. Now look at us right now. Where are you headed? Where are you going, to Heaven or to Hell? What good or bad are you doing with your life right now? We have a Creator, what else do you want? I can see this wonderful new world that is yet to come for all of us. But YOU have to choose your own fate. Choose wisely or suffer forever, even in this world. I rest my case.

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