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The ONE.

 It only takes ONE to save the world. The ONE is inside of all of us. We are the culmination and original reason for all of this creation. We are not only in the Universe, the Universe is inside of us. Subatomic particles that exist inside of us are being found in Space Dust and on other planets and comets. These selfsame particles are not found on earth. They also disappear when we pass away. Scanning Electron Microscopes can see these particles while we are alive, then they are gone.  US humans are the most unique creatures in the Universe and we in it. We humans carry the GOD seed. That seed comes from nothing and becomes something. It is US. WE are it. That three letter word up there is the simplest common denominator to explain the most complex entity in existence. We have the power as ONE to save the world, but separately we will save nothing. Self discovery is the final frontier. Get to know who you really are.

 Space and Oceanic discovery is nothing compared to the discover of our planet and US. Inner Space is the final frontier.

But, alas and alack, the US will not wake up to this built in powerful inheritance and responsibility, or walk the straight and narrow, or do that which is Right, True, and Lasting. Those three words defines WISDOM. For Lack of Vision mankind will surely fail, thusly we all will fail. The ONE True Creator will have to do this for us.

The thread that connects all of this is found in the books of the world. You just have to digest a lot of right information to be able to see this. All of my writings are based upon real information gleaned for years and years of studying various tomes of the world, and being online for over 30-yrs. Believe and you shall see. Look and you will find. Peace.

Only ONE Can Save This World.

There is only ONE that can save this world. Yes, mankind can slow down the march to eventual destruction by doing good things and thinking good thoughts. This is only a temporary respite. Then these selfsame  leaders in high places, with control of all the wealth and greed and oppression of the poor will eventually succumb to their own egos and fall back into iniquity of their own lusts for power and domination. The destruction will again continue it’s consummation of the earth’s resources and wealth.

These rich people and kings and queens of the earth has already caused way too much damage to our world with greed and consumption. The poor still suffer. We have knowledge everywhere, but there are people in the free worlds, that do not know how to read or write. Our world is broken. And there is more to come. Watch. The poor people of the earth knows the Truth. The Truth is, LOVE is missing in this battle. WE NEED LOVE IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS if we are to survive and prosper as a people. Without LOVE we will surely die off the planet. Since LOVE and TRUTH is our salvation. Without LOVE all is eventually lost.

There is only ONE that can save this world. There is only ONE that can save YOU. Peace 

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