Only ONE Can Save This World.

There is only ONE that can save this world. Yes, mankind can slow down the march to eventual destruction by doing good things and thinking good thoughts. This is only a temporary respite. Then these selfsame  leaders in high places, with control of all the wealth and greed and oppression of the poor will eventually succumb to their own egos and fall back into iniquity of their own lusts for power and domination. The destruction will again continue it’s consummation of the earth’s resources and wealth.

These rich people and kings and queens of the earth has already caused way too much damage to our world with greed and consumption. The poor still suffer. We have knowledge everywhere, but there are people in the free worlds, that do not know how to read or write. Our world is broken. And there is more to come. Watch. The poor people of the earth knows the Truth. The Truth is, LOVE is missing in this battle. WE NEED LOVE IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS if we are to survive and prosper as a people. Without LOVE we will surely die off the planet. Since LOVE and TRUTH is our salvation. Without LOVE all is eventually lost.

There is only ONE that can save this world. There is only ONE that can save YOU. Peace 

About Doctor Love

I am a Theocentric Philosopher and Metaphysical Scientist, researching the Immutable Principles of God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love. I believe in the intrinsic spiritual nature of God, period, none other. I am also the creator of Lovology. Lovology was an idea in 1981, and was born in 2000, and officially registered and copyrighted in the Library of Congress. Lovology is: A concept, based upon ancient wisdom and new knowledge. It is also represented by the seal (icon) of the five spirits: God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love itself. Embracing the vital principal and animating force that is believed to exist in all things. I am the bearer of the last name "Love". After 5 1/2 years of intense studying while on the road, I graduated with an accredited Ph.D in Metaphysics in the year 2000, at 55-yo. I earned my Doctorate of Divinity in 1981 and was granted an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy in Religion in 1993. In 2008, I wrote my first book, that is in the Library Of Congress, that I have not had the funds to publish yet. But I will. The name of the book is: Lovology Research Project Book 1; Practical Meditation. This is a Path, for the chosen few, to get to know yourself, thru exploration of inner space, the final frontier. The Catalystic ingredient immersed into Mind and Matter to discern the truth. There is more to come, hopefully, God willing and the creek don't rise. Peace. Email:

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