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Greetings. Did you look at those three words up there in a casual manner, or did you absorb them? Hopefully you absorbed them. There is a great meaning hiding out inside those few words.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Doctor Love, my real last name is Love. My designation is a Doctor in metaphysics. A Doctor in metaphysics is not a Doctor of Allopathic Medicine, that treats you with drugs. A Doctor in Metaphysics are the equivalent of a Doctor in Spiritual Medicine that treats you with Holistic and Spiritual Healing and higher education. We utilize the genuine higher learning tools that the Holy Spirit gives to us as Teachers and Comforters as best as we can in human form. I take meta-science and try to distill it down from the abstract meta-language to a more easily absorbable simpler language that you can hit the ground running with in efficiency and communication, I think that is what I am trying to do.

“Stand for something, or you will fall for anything!” That is a powerful statement there. I did not dream this up or originate these words, here I lay no claim. But, I can elaborate on them for awhile because they mean something.

If you do not stand for something then you are not a good leader. Especially for your own self. You are stumbling around following others endlessly, with no end in sight. It is ok to follow someone if you are a child, or an apprentice, or student, or neophyte. Someone has to teach you theory and practical application of life’s myriad pathways and extraordinary challenges. You in turn will take that training as your own and expound upon it and become somebody of growth and prominence. In turn as you age, you yourself will become the teacher.

Steer away from the masses, swim upstream against the masses if you do not feel that they are going in the right direction, become yourself as an individual and shine like a diamond in the eyes of others, because of your own uniqueness and poise. Do not be afraid of being alone, because God’s got your back. Always will. No argument here from me. He’s always had mine, even when I did not have sense enough to realize it. I am older now, looking thru space and time and circumstance. I can see the truth.

When I as a kid, I could not for some reason follow a group of people walking along a sidewalk. If I did, I would find myself observing their gait, their interaction with each other, the faint smells floating in the air emanating from the ones ahead of me. I would be actually studying them under my invisible microscope. Soon I would feel compelled to speed up into the bunch of them. Once immersed within the bunch I would realize that I am crowded out, I had to pass on thru to the forward position, then a little bit ahead of them to be able to observe them coming at me under my invisible microscope. Then I would start encouraging them to speed it up, you’re walking too slow, like cattle. I wanted to see something different, I wanted to encourage the individuals to get a move on, separate from the masses, energize yourself, you are stagnating and holding me up. Even today I am either pushing people or pulling them to get going, to motivate them to be even greater than I if they tend to look to me as a role model and trustworthy. We must always strive to be our best, do our best, for a greater good at all times. I am a motivator of positive things, I will get out front and lead. It’s not because I love doing it, it’s because I am driven from within, to survive this world on my own accord. Teach me, and I in turn will learn to become the teacher/leader and surpass my teacher. I will be more proficient, artistic, professional with all of your training, then add my own experiences, to become the Master in my own right. I fall for nothing, if you will only give me a moment to think about it. I ponder what is said, then sift thru it, looking for what is useful, then discard the rest. I am not perfect, but has become something very special in my life and the lives of others. We must strive to not fall for anything. Believe none of what you hear, believe very little of what you actually see. Learn to look beyond the length of your nose. Look further away into the distance and see the thing before it is upon you, then destroys YOU! During peace prepare for war. Nothing on earth is guaranteed by man. Only our Creator can and will do that.

In Politics in the USA, we the people are the real body, not the Politicians that we elect into the White House, they are our servants. Jesus said “that he who is greatest amongst you, is your servant.” Not the other way around. Stand for something, or fall for anything.

Let’s all do something positive and with conviction and lead ourselves, then lead our country. We are responsible for ourselves and each other as we become ONE.
Just blabbing away for the sake of hearing yourself talk and use up oxygen is a waste of time. Do something good. Words without deeds or empty prattle. Has no value. Be valuable, be prominent.
Stand for something, or fall for anything. Which are you?

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