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You Can Judge Others!

Yes, you can judge others. 1 Corinthians 2:15,  says: the spiritual man can judge all things, and not be subjected to any man’s judgement,  (especially non-believers). A spiritual man/woman listens to God’s voice (superconscious mind inside you), spiritual law. Inside each and everyone of us is a Higher Mind, the mind that places you in a position to be the best that you can be on this earth. Believe in the truth and you will exalt yourself to be the best, never having to think at a lower level with your mind in the gutter. You will strive to do what is right instead of what is not right, because you would have the mind of Christ.
You should not judge others if you stand to be judged yourself. This wisdom weaves itself thru Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Ontology, Epistemology, Cosmology and the Common mind. I Am a Metaphysician/Researcher of Spiritual Laws, I Am authorized thru Man and God to say these things. I am not perfect, but I am blessed in many ways.
Also, the Bible does not contradict itself, it simply gives you different points of view so you can make up your own mind concerning wisdom: that which is right, true, and lasting. And above all else, get LOVE inside your HEART, and show it with your MIND, by the good things that you do.. understand?

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