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All is One under Universal Law


I appear to be Black to the causal observer. But, I am also 12 1/2% Creek Indian(Red) under my skin. I am  included in the judgements by others accordingly toward Black skin. Fortunately I have not been handled badly by Law enforcement in 72-yrs. Mostly because of the way I carry myself and know how to respond to a Law Enforcement officer. I have been stopped many times, but not arrested. Because I am aware of Spiritual Laws and Legal and Moral laws. If anyone of us is not aware or know the rules and regulations and laws, as well as self-control, then we all suffer. Color is just a “blame Game” to fixate on, to categorize you, and make you into some sort of statistic, then put you in a box, where it is easier to stigmatize you, crucify you before you are dead and gone.

People of the world, There are decent and law abiding Blacks, whites, Reds, Yellows, and Browns in this world. People of all races are creating all sorts of mayhem and chaos on the planet earth these days. It’s causing an amazing amount of confusion between the races. “The Devil Made Me Do It”, is their mantra. Ironically this mantra has a lot of truth in it, because the Devil probably did cause you to do it. Love is missing from the hearts and minds of people like that. It’s a “mind set”, you see. This “mind set” is creeping like a fog thru the minds of weak and undisciplined individuals. There is no end to this. They are called “Heathens”, that has no God and is uncivilized. Of course, it is wrong to not punish blacks for hitting whites. It is wrong to not punish whites for hitting blacks. It is wrong for Blacks to hit Blacks, and Whites to hit whites. It is wrong for anyone of any race color or creed to disrespect another’s right to live in peace on this earth, the LAW should punish everyone and anyone that commits such and act upon another regardless of color, creed, religion, sex and etc. This kind of behavior is not a one-way street. We all suffer. In the end Spiritual Law will prevail. Till then we all suffer at the hands of the enemy, I know who the true enemy is, we all do, there is only ONE, thrown down to earth, that causes confusion that spreads to any weak spirit or mind. Then chaos and death will follow. Then ONE will judge us all, according to our deeds, and reward us accordingly. Either way, we suffer Hell on earth and the hereafter, if we do not fight for the greater good and obey God’s Laws.  Educate yourself. There is no excuse for not knowing the Laws of Life, God’s and Mankind’s, and suffer needlessly. Peace and Prosperity to you all.

Prayer For A Friend

The Problem With Funerals

Some mourn at funerals, and show sorrow and a sense of loss, some show happiness at funerals, and some just throw your carcass into the ground with no fanfare either way. It depends on the mindset of an indigenous geographical area. It also depends on the type of connection that people had for each other. Some are naturally sad at losing a loved one, then goes thru a grieving period, some are happy and relieved for various reasons of acquiring wealth, or other selfish reason and do not grieve at all.

Whatever your personal motive is, here is something to think about and ponder. The human soul cannot die because it is everlasting, according to the Good Book. The flesh and blood will die, because it is only temporary. So whenever someone passes away from this earth, according to their faith and God’s grace they will be continuing on an everlasting journey to Heaven. No need to ponder that other place, we all know what a horrible place it is supposed to be, according to the scriptures. We don’t want to go there. All persons that physically passes away is free from the dictates and sufferings of this world. They are free, we are not. The living mourns or cheers, accordingly to their relationship with the expired person. The living is left on earth to face the dictates and sufferings of this world accordingly to the way they live their lives. Some suffer some do not.

So get out and about people, travel to another country, see the world. Get a broader view of humanity, let go of the narrow minded view. Be happy, live your own life with greater purpose and poise, and seek truth, understandings and salvation. Shut down your iPad, your Androids and small screen gadgets that shows a small view of everything. Look up into the sky, there is an endless amount of wonderment and beauty out there, with a much larger view. Talk to someone close to you, that you can touch and love, not someone far away on a social website. We only need one GOOD FRIEND. Trust me on this one. Your life will be simpler and you will have someone close to bond with in real time.
Just move right along, nothing in this world is worth ranting and raving over. Tomorrow is a new day. I guarantee that the sun will rise. ;- )

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