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Redefining Lovology

Lovology is about the Five Spirits.

God – Mankind – Life – Death – Love.

Lovology is: A Theocentric and Philosophical Concept of Dealing With Life.

Utilizing Ancient Wisdom and New Knowledge.

ISAIAH 43:18-19. See I too am doing a new thing.

The Message must remain the same, therefore herein springs up a different concept with the same message. To seek and find the Chosen Few, that will take the time to read the Good News of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. There is no competition in God’s work, that is Righteously, Truthfully, and Lastingly applied with Authority.

A Philosophical note: A person that does not know how to read, and wants to, is better off than the person that can read and will not. Which are you? Selah

Psychology of Mind and Behavior

Getting ahead of the game in basic life, to prosper and to be a good trusted leader. You are just starting to enter the adult part of your life.
You’re over 18. Time to pick up the stick and get going. Only the strong survive.
Submissive Body Language tends to make employers think that you do not have leader abilities. Not beneficial for you at moving up in the ranks to a better paying position.. So their minds make up stuff to activate your responses, a test,  or just to mess with you. The lead supervisors are Alfa minded people.
A good kid will try to get along by being obedient, which is good for obeying orders. He receives more than he displays or give out, by way of  subdued body-language and subdued verbal communication. Learn by visual observation of others that are progressing in life, that has the ability to be obedient and move on up as you learn the deeper psychophysical style of successful people. Carve your own path to a better career, by making those traits your own.
Pick up the communication in a positive and respectful/aggressive way. Show more of a bodily aggressive stance by the way you stand. In your face attitude with positive respect. React like you are in charge of you and the energy of that will register in your supervisor’s mind in an affirmative way. You are showing that you can deal with whatever he/she throws at you. Show more outward behavior, like you can be depended upon when the time gets rough. Body language is the most paid-to-attention getter on the planet. Words get attention thru the cerebral cortex, your brain. Body language travels thru the emotional mind. Both are useful and crucial to the growth of any man or woman, if effectively used accordingly. In ordinary life this is a plus, to have those qualities radiating from you like a bright and shining light that all can see.
Positive hard-core attitude: Mimic or imitate the movers and shakers that do a good job as leaders.. Talk to each other like men and women with class and dignity and style, and learn from those that have been living on the streets and etc., that has defeated the loser attitude and developed the winner’s attitude. Just learn whatever it is from them that benefits you and make those qualities your own.
Young men and women, your parents have done their job, hopefully, above and beyond the call of duty to raise you. Now the world is your new parent. This experience will take you the rest of the journey in your life’s future, to the end. You belong to the grown-up world of serious and responsible behavior now. Take all of your blessed teachings from your parents and whatever your teachers gave you while in school and rise above the rest. Become that leader that is hiding inside yourself.
Switch from Introvert to Extrovert carefully, and calculated, don’t overdo the extrovert part, please? Unless this is a job or employment requirement.
Introvert: In-dwelling, easy going, hides out inside. Cool to adventure
Extrovert: Out going, takes charge, shows off skills, adventurer/ trail blazer.
Submissive: Easy going.
Aggressive: Out in front, stand your ground, effective communication.
Dominance: Rule over yourself and others, with skills and authority.
Dominion: To take care of others, look after things, be responsible for the planet itself.
Alpha Male/female: Leadership, takes charge, out in front of the pack. Others look up to him/her for protection and guidance.
Beta Male/female: Follower, fades into the pack, takes a non-confrontational attitude. Lives to exist, not exist to live or lead anyone anywhere.
The choice is yours. If you go to the military, you will need lots of all of this that I have outlined above. I know. I have been there, done that.
Move it civilian/ soldier, he/she is inside waiting for you to take command. Go with God in your heart and mind, you will not fail. When the dust and smoke has faded away after any kind of fight for what is right for your life, you will still be standing tall when the dust settles. You may have a few bandages, and cuts and scrapes and bruises, but you will still stand, and stand again. Keep the faith inside yourself and spiritually look to our Lord and Benefactor for guidance in all things that are needful for your life’s accomplishments.
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