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PEIZENES or Photo Electric Impulse Scenes

Another Pathway to Meditating.

You can also call these scenes “energy pictures” that pulsate inside your eyelids, which is the electrical field inside your eyes.

These active images are seen only when the eyes are closed at night or in daylight in a darkened room. The colors are like white cloud shapes against a pure black background. Cloud shapes that appear, then swirl and  move around, then disappear.

This word “PEIZENES” is a new word created by me in ordered to give a name to a real body of a thing for the sake of identification and purpose. “P” for Photo, “E’ for Electric, “I” for Impulse, “Zenes” for Scenes, the “Z” instead of an “S” was used to give the word impact and individuality. “S” sometimes sounds like “Z” in abstract writing. As we were.

Just close your eyes and focus your attention onto the inside of your eye-lid screen.

These Peizenes are not seen by all people, as I have gotten to learn. Also they appear on their own when I meditate on nothing to clear my mind. I have found that if you focus intently on these images, when they are active, you can form living points of light that become coherent images on your mind-screen. This takes practice and focused mind- control once you realize what these images are.

You will be able to see the pictures of images from unknown sources. You can even discover unknown worlds inside yourself at a super-conscious level. These electrical impulses are real and actual. Just ask any Physicist. These images are generated by the heart and brain. You see your eyes are connected directly to the brain. The eyes are the only organs where you can actually see the veins and nerves that are connected to the brain. So that is why you can see the Peizenes, or electrical energy field of scenes. These images are visible electrical transmissions between cells that are necessary for communicating instructions and co-ordinating their usages.

Sometimes they are in abundance, at other times they can be singular. When in abundance and scattered they can be brought together and form a coherent image that you can control. Those images will swirl and dance and reform at will till you send them subconscious commands to form something or simply quit, by opening your eyes.

I myself really don’t do verbal commands. These commands come from my thought energy alone. I think them into control and form a Mystical Magical Marvelous thing. It’s awesome to be able to calm down the mind and reach a higher platitude than our existing fields of view can provide for us. I believe mind-control is beneficial meditational doors that needs keys to open locked doors, that leads to the depths of our own souls, into the Spiritual realm of mind.

These Peizenes are more visible if you know how to meditate. If you do not know how to meditate formally, then just find a quiet place and shut out the world around you. Your brain will create a lot of mental chatter, because it is not used to being quiet. Just dismiss the thought-chatter and tell it to go away. Keep this up and eventually your brain will look forward  to your next Quiet-Time to rest.

When you Pray, you talk to God. When you Meditate God talks to you, because at this time YOU are quiet and listening to the Universal Sound of God in you. This is also a way of grounding your self in Spirituality. Without Spirit nothing else matters. With Spirit everything matters. Meditation is the second half of the communication, prayer is the first half. You learn to pray first, then you need to learn how to meditate. This second act establishes balance in the human mind. How can you hear God the Creator in you, when you have your mouth open talking or being bombarded by loud and disturbing noises all of the time? It can’t be done. You are out of balance, not grounded. Ground yourself, please?

Only the chosen few will attain this level of mind, are you one of them? The majority will not have the time or patience or demeanor to learn about the higher mind. The choice is yours to make. Peace, be still.

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