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15 Health Benefits of Avocados

The wonders of natural foods. Just simply good reading

15 Health Benefits of Avocados

The Poor helps the Poor.

To my friends. I read an article about a woman not having the funds to bury her husband of 42 years. She was selling all of her stuff she owned, except her and her husband’s clothing to raise $3000.00 for a proper burial. She did not ask anyone for help, she just stated her situation to a writer that placed her plight online.
The majority of the people castigated this poor soul thoroughly. But only a few- I mean, about three or four out of 500 people asked to help out. I was one of those few.

I mean, 500 people were online at that time, with most making mean and derogatory comments. What if all 500 of us donated a dollar? That woman would have $500.00 toward the $3000.00 that she needed to pay for her husband’s funeral in about an hour, from the time that the article was posted online. Turn around the hate which is destructive and activate Love which is constructive, creative and vital.

Why is it people are so mean and jaded these days? What is happening to us? The answer is obvious. There is a lack of Love and Compassion in their lives. People have closed the door to our Creator God. This God is inside us, not out there somewhere. We must take care and look after each other, we must take Dominion, and help out, take responsibility and have compassion for each other, and not play a blame game.
This is not a Bill Gates or Obama’s, or Trump’s problem, or any rich person’s problem. Poor people help poor people when things get rough.. Rich people do not, except maybe one in the whole bunch will feel compassionate about this and donate. Poor people come together and do miracles themselves. To heck with the rich people, let us poor people at ground level help each other out. then hopefully people that have a giving heart that has the ability to help out will help you out, because your poor struggle is out in the open, that everyone can see,,,,,,,you are trying with a whole heart to survive, Empathy is very powerful in the right hearts and minds. Miracles can happen thru empathy.

We are the Government, let’s act like it. Let’s show the world how to properly take care of our own from the ground up. Are you game for this, can you handle it?

Some of us are not as poor as we seem or act like we are anyway. Some of us poor has iPads, Smart Phones, 40-oz cans of beer, Crack, Heroin, and will spend our whole check on gambling and etc., then don’t have food to eat or a place to stay, or lights and gas has been cut off. I wonder why?

The money that you waste could go into a savings account, and grow interest. Then you would have the emergency funds saved up for your own emergencies as well as help someone that has less than you, that has a genuine need. What do you think about that? Just a simple truth.

People of the world, there is a tremendous difference in being Financially broke and Spiritually broke. One, we have no money(financially), the other we have no God(spiritually). If you are Spiritually broke, you will not be able to handle anything properly. If you are Financially broke, and spiritually rich, the Spirit will rise up and you will be able to go forth, get an education and wisdom, then you will be able find the finances in proper order in the future, since Spirit brings along hope for things not seen. Which “broke” would you prefer to be?

Maybe a wife and or a husband did not take out a Burial Insurance Policy, or take some other measure to keep from going under if one or the other passes away. So be it. Then is then, now is now. We all make mistakes in life. Let he/she who is without fault cast the first stone at her. I dare you. None of us are perfect, none.
Just help each other out and be done with it. I am not perfect, but I do feel really special about myself, because of wisdom from our Creator in the form of WORDS, that I absorbed like natural food. Good for me. Hopefully, you do too. Ponder these words carefully, you will arrive at the proper destination point in time.

Spare the ROD, SPOIL the Child.

If a child is not disciplined and taught that there are consequences to their bad behavior by the age of 5, then it’s too late, a terrorist is growning into an adult, that has no respect or value system instilled into their minds. No check and balance system. This pattern is hardwired into their emotional psyche. The children need to be disciplined at an early age, if not, then the Police will have to do it at a later age, by burying their faces into the ground. Then the parents scream about Police brutality. HUH?

Ladies and gentlemen, “spare the ROD, and SPOIL the child.” A ROD is a switch or small branch or the palm of your hand, etc. A ROD can also be a Tongue lashing or scolding or tough chastisement. Verbal words of correction is like a ROD that puts pressure on your mind and emotional states and become embedded into the brain and cells of the human body. Even the cells will remember on a subconscious basis the emotional aspect of the chastisement and automatically halts the human on a subconscious level to STOP. A type of built-in psychological stop-sign.

You should not beat your kid to death, nor verbally abuse them by using curse words and threaten them with extreme punishment. A spanking on their buttocks or legs with a light switch or your palm will not damage the child. You will be warming up the outer layer of skin, where the nerve sensors or, and that will translate into a perceived higher level of pain, but not actually. The buttocks and legs are the most fleshly parts of the body. You will be warming up the skin a little bit, but no serious damage will come from this. If you are mad and feel like doing harm, then halt yourself and compose the rage. Then talk to the child, and explain why he/she is going to be punished. Make sure they understand, then commence with the spanking. Spanking requires control from the adult. If you do not have this type of control, then retrain yourself, get counseling or do a meditational, till you be able to attain a controlled mindset to spanking. Otherwise the Law will spank you. The Law will not punish you for spanking in a caring and loving manner, only if you go overbord, understand?
Corporal Punishment needs to be reinstated. We need to be able to have the freedom to chastise our young without them being able to threaten us because of a spanking. Afterall the Grownups are the ones that run the world, or so I thought. We have to provide 100% of all the needful things that our children requires to grow up, into their life.

Spiritually speaking, Man has not been able to uphold his duties, to take Dominion of this earth, to take care or take charge of his family and the earth. Instead man has taken Domination. Dominion, means to take care of this world, your family, be responsible, to protect. Dominate, means to put down by force, or totally disregard the caring of another sentient being, to enslave. Now the Women has to bear the burden of Man’s lack of responsibilities to the world and their families. She has to become the man also. The women at some point in time will also lose their way in the game of life. They will have to take care of the man and the children and the world, then they too will start failing. Not because of not trying, but because of the amount of pressure and strain of being in the middle of two extremes, the men and the children, one on the left, one on the right. This will cause her to lose her way, it’s too much of a burden for her to bear, and then the children will take over. Woe unto us, this is happening right now in our world. The children are taking charge, because both the man and woman has not taken care of their responibilities and failed, there is no real sense of responsibility in children. They do not listen to what you say, they act accordingly to what you do. The bad examples exemplify themself in children because it is sensational irresponsibility. Once the children takes charge, we are lost. The children do not have the necessary learned proper skills to navigate the terible storm of life, their boat is taking on water and is about to sink. It will sink to the botom of the sea of life. Trust me, it will.

My friends, if you think that this generation is bad, wait until you see what is going to happen with the next generation, in about 10 to 15 years. This generation of unlearned children will teach the next generation, which will get worse than it is now by default. Humanity has not changed, but our technology has made it seem like we are becoming more humane, we are not. Technology is useful to a limit, then it too begins to be used for evil purposes. Do not become a slave to technology, because humanity still functions at it’s lowest common denominator. We are becoming more uncivilized, we are regressing back to the cave-man. Watch out, you don’t want to go back there. So stand your ground and fight, fight the good fight, for peace in all of it’s forms.

Grown ups need to take responsibility and turn this oncoming hellish thing around. Love your wife, love your husband, and most of all, love your children, and bring them up in right ways. Stop playing adolescent games. Adults still playing kiddie games after their teen years is a waste of energy and mind. Grow up, and be Men and Women of character and good substance. Be real.

Use the ROD, save your child, save the world. Always try to do that which is right. God is still in charge. The laws of the land get their laws from Spiritual Laws, otherwise they may not be good laws. Man’s laws are Legal, but not always right. God’s laws are good and just laws, that stands for reproof. In the world of learning, take what is useful and discard the rest.
We may not be able to absolutely save the world or stop the chaos for now, but we can at least controll it and manage it till the ends of time. Think about what you can do in a positive manner to help out! Turn away from the redundant rhetoric, create a new thought process as an Individual parent. Help the children, they are the future. It’s not their fault that they are here, it’s ours.

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