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“The Sinners Prayer”

Below you will find the spiritual Path to forgiveness and salvation for us sinners that need to repent and allow our Creator and Lord and Friend to enter our hearts and minds. Move from chaos to order just by doing a simple thing: Change your mind. That’s all. Just make the decision to acknowledge the ONE that wants us to live. Not the one that wants us all dead. We move from chaos to righteousness and salvation by the power of your own mind, by opening up your heart and claiming your inheritance to everlasting life. The greatest gift to be born again in the spirit while still living in a house of blood and bone and flesh. The only house that you as a spiritual being actually owns, yet it too is only temporary. Prepare to live in the Father’s House where you will find your own Mansion that Jesus is preparing, for us, his friends and his family..

And Now We Pray.

Heavenly Father:………………….. I come to you in prayer, asking for the forgiveness of my sins. I confess with my mouth and believe with my heart that Jesus is your Son, and that he died on the Cross at Calvary, that I might be forgiven and have Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Father, I believe that Jesus rose from the dead and I ask you right now to come into my life and be my personal Lord and Savior. I repent of my sins and will worship you all the days of my life! Because your word is truth, I confess with my mouth that I Am born again and cleansed by the blood of Jesus! In Jesus name. Amen

Now rest in peace inside yourself knowing that God cannot lie. “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my Words will never pass away!” Sayeth the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. Salvation is yours. And it shall be so!

I Fear For Us All!

I Fear,

Loss of freedoms in America and other progressive countries around the world.  I fear that one day I may become a Recluse – a Hermit in some isolated place away from others to maintain my sanity. Or I may be at war with my own Government as a constructive critic, pressing the issues of Ethics, more peace, less war, dignity, pride, humbleness, selflessness, respect for it’s own people, justice, right laws,  dominion instead of domination and etc.

Fighting against the evils of all mankind, like hatred, jealously, non consciousness, sensationalism, complacency and apathy, loss of hope of being complete, before my death. I know, that is a tall order there for any man fighting alone. I hope I don’t have to fight alone, you see, I need people, just a few people, that feel the same way in their own minds regardless of country, or national origin, or sex, or geographical location, or color, or creed, or religion. Only Love is important now. We need to focus on LOVE.

I don’t have much chronological time left on this earth. I must fight for my own salvation, as well as working with others that choose to remain free of fear inside themselves.

Fear can be an all-consuming thing. My thoughts are assembled below to express my own deep sense of perceived fear in myself. From what I can see surrounding me on this beautiful blue marble called Earth. We are losing our freedoms one by one, which may cause a Domino effect on other freedom loving peoples and destroy them too. Complacent people see this going on and they just sit or stand and stare and do nothing about wrong things taking place right before their eyes. It seems that they are waiting for some miracle to come and save them, while waiting for a hand-out. That type of action is so illusive. You know why, because we are the MIRACLE already on the scene, and don’t even know it, we don’t really know who we are. We are all children of God. And that God says ‘Mankind can not even think of anything that they can not do.” Release your minds and hearts from Purgatory, don’t let your own Spirit die inside you, because YOU ARE IT. If you are Spiritually dead, you may as well be Physically dead as well. You are of no real use to yourself or anyone else. Our Creator cannot even use us if we are in this type of self-imposed nothingness.

I/we need peace, I am tired of the negative and evil mentality of my world. I hate as well, the destructive mind-set of the people that have relinquished their control over to the  other god that wants us all dead.

These poor souls I see on a daily basis seems to be unconscious or void of feelings of love and compassion, they wear plastic faces that show no expression. They have become hard in their facial countenance because thy are hard and cold inside. These souls hurts us by their actions, non caring, and without empathy. Apathy is running rampant, then comes war, and hot on it’s heels is death. War on drugs, war on alcohol, war on women, war on animal abusers, war on religion, war on races, war on education, war on other countries, war on war, war on everything.

Humans has the KEY to unlock this door that leads to freedom from the ravages of fear. Just turn your back on fear and refuse to let it overpower you, because LOVE sees no evil and is also the cure for all evil. Just Love one another. That’s all that we have to do. Simple enough isn’t it. But let me tell you something Brothers and Sisters of the Spirit, that is one tall order up there. But we should strive to do just that till the ends of time, because freedom from fear is not free. We must stand and fight the Master Of Confusion, Evil.

Those words above are frightening to see and relate to. But I have my own time tables built in, that tells me to go to work right now, to Teach, Counsel, Educate and help Heal the Chosen Few. To Try to help others regardless of what happens to my life. I have this deep sense of longing and wanting to be known as a good man, that did his best to make it on his own, serving his Creator, putting a few back on the invisible right path back home, inside themselves and rediscover our innate heritage. Lovology may well be one of the catalysts that serves this purpose. Lovology is my sanity, it helps to keep me sane, by  doing and expressing right wisdom. Wisdom is: that which is Right, True or Lasting.

I am 73-yo, and feel that my own time is running out. At this writing, you can see why I feel pressured from within to continue producing. Time waits for no one. I must make the most of my life now, and plan for the future yet to come. I cannot slow down the Chronological Clock, but I can slow down the Biological Clock, and let time cruise right on by, non stoppable in it’s continuum. I must get out of the fast lane, and cruise in the slow lane, before I too become a part of the madness and chaos that brings fear to others.

You my friends of this Beautiful Marble called Earth, take up your own responsibility and grow into a most wonderful being while still on earth. We are all ONE

It is OK, for a man or Woman to feel fear. But take that self-same-fear, manage it, control it, and send it back from whence it came, magnified 200%, to destroy it. Then you and I, the Chosen Few will feel FEAR no longer. God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things that I cannot change, COURAGE to change the things that I can, WISDOM to know the difference.  And so shall it be.

Prayer For A Friend

The Poor helps the Poor.

To my friends. I read an article about a woman not having the funds to bury her husband of 42 years. She was selling all of her stuff she owned, except her and her husband’s clothing to raise $3000.00 for a proper burial. She did not ask anyone for help, she just stated her situation to a writer that placed her plight online.
The majority of the people castigated this poor soul thoroughly. But only a few- I mean, about three or four out of 500 people asked to help out. I was one of those few.

I mean, 500 people were online at that time, with most making mean and derogatory comments. What if all 500 of us donated a dollar? That woman would have $500.00 toward the $3000.00 that she needed to pay for her husband’s funeral in about an hour, from the time that the article was posted online. Turn around the hate which is destructive and activate Love which is constructive, creative and vital.

Why is it people are so mean and jaded these days? What is happening to us? The answer is obvious. There is a lack of Love and Compassion in their lives. People have closed the door to our Creator God. This God is inside us, not out there somewhere. We must take care and look after each other, we must take Dominion, and help out, take responsibility and have compassion for each other, and not play a blame game.
This is not a Bill Gates or Obama’s, or Trump’s problem, or any rich person’s problem. Poor people help poor people when things get rough.. Rich people do not, except maybe one in the whole bunch will feel compassionate about this and donate. Poor people come together and do miracles themselves. To heck with the rich people, let us poor people at ground level help each other out. then hopefully people that have a giving heart that has the ability to help out will help you out, because your poor struggle is out in the open, that everyone can see,,,,,,,you are trying with a whole heart to survive, Empathy is very powerful in the right hearts and minds. Miracles can happen thru empathy.

We are the Government, let’s act like it. Let’s show the world how to properly take care of our own from the ground up. Are you game for this, can you handle it?

Some of us are not as poor as we seem or act like we are anyway. Some of us poor has iPads, Smart Phones, 40-oz cans of beer, Crack, Heroin, and will spend our whole check on gambling and etc., then don’t have food to eat or a place to stay, or lights and gas has been cut off. I wonder why?

The money that you waste could go into a savings account, and grow interest. Then you would have the emergency funds saved up for your own emergencies as well as help someone that has less than you, that has a genuine need. What do you think about that? Just a simple truth.

People of the world, there is a tremendous difference in being Financially broke and Spiritually broke. One, we have no money(financially), the other we have no God(spiritually). If you are Spiritually broke, you will not be able to handle anything properly. If you are Financially broke, and spiritually rich, the Spirit will rise up and you will be able to go forth, get an education and wisdom, then you will be able find the finances in proper order in the future, since Spirit brings along hope for things not seen. Which “broke” would you prefer to be?

Maybe a wife and or a husband did not take out a Burial Insurance Policy, or take some other measure to keep from going under if one or the other passes away. So be it. Then is then, now is now. We all make mistakes in life. Let he/she who is without fault cast the first stone at her. I dare you. None of us are perfect, none.
Just help each other out and be done with it. I am not perfect, but I do feel really special about myself, because of wisdom from our Creator in the form of WORDS, that I absorbed like natural food. Good for me. Hopefully, you do too. Ponder these words carefully, you will arrive at the proper destination point in time.

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