What is Lovology?

Hello and Greetings.
I am BG Love. Continuing on a lifelong quest for the discovery and rediscovery of who am I, what am I, and why am I here? This quest started in my subconscious mind when I was a small child, looking up into the Heavens, gazing down at the grass, marveling at the stars that hang from the sky without any attachments. I have traveled extensivelly as an individual, on my own, in the Army, cross-country trucking, and thru books and meeting all of God’s different hues of colors and minds, and atmospheres.My travels was like I was moving thru a book that came alive and attached itself to my memory banks, to be forever hard-wired inside me. To learn and relearn, all that my human mind could comprehend, so I could one day express the wonderment of life and the intrinsic beauty of the One Race of People on starship Earth. I am at the gate now, and I have the keys to a lot of doors, and I want to share some of those keys with you thru Lovology.
The name Lovology came to me in a dream. But later, I found out that I was not the only one privy to that name. In some ways those dream-waves was meant for me in a special way. Thought waves and dreams has energetic properties of their own, also those energy waves are shared by everyone of us, in a universal fashion. Your thoughts do not belong to you alone, they are unconsciously shared by all languages of the earth. It just depends on who is tuned in to the vibrational frequency, like a radio. My real last name is Love. The word Lovology is a shared name by a few. My meaning for the word is very abstract and takes a different path. Agape is very close to that meaning of Spiritual Love.
Lovology is copyrighted in the Library of Congress, and not many people know who I am. I have written a small book or should I say study-manual with the subtitle being ‘Practical Meditation." The manual is written by me and produced thru the Lovology Research Project. I also completed a Meditational Course on three cd’s, bearing the Lovology style. As well as the seal (logo).
What is Lovology?
A theocentric and philosophical concept, based upon ancient wisdom and new knowledge. It pertains to the five spirits: God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love itself. The seal. Embracing the vital principal and animating force that is believed to exist in all things. Founded by me, a metaphysician, that also bears the name.
I hope that clears the air somewhat. There is a many paths or methods to take, but the message must remain the same. This is my way of expressing the name and the power of the Holy One. The methods must change, but the message must remain the same. This is my method. The power must be given in a way for the poor and down-trodden to be able to hit the ground running with knowledge and wisdom and understanding, once personal control and a sense of balance is established. You shall see and understand as we move thru the wilderness what Lovology is and how you can benefit from these personal words of wisdom gathered all my life. Just remember, Lovology is not a religion, it is non-denominational, all you need is a belief in God and yourself to make your life as prosperous as you can vision it. Thank you for helping yourself. May today and tomorrow be good to you.

About Doctor Love

I am a Theocentric Philosopher and Metaphysical Scientist, researching the Immutable Principles of God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love. I believe in the intrinsic spiritual nature of God, period, none other. I am also the creator of Lovology. Lovology was an idea in 1981, and was born in 2000, and officially registered and copyrighted in the Library of Congress. Lovology is: A concept, based upon ancient wisdom and new knowledge. It is also represented by the seal (icon) of the five spirits: God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love itself. Embracing the vital principal and animating force that is believed to exist in all things. I am the bearer of the last name "Love". After 5 1/2 years of intense studying while on the road, I graduated with an accredited Ph.D in Metaphysics in the year 2000, at 55-yo. I earned my Doctorate of Divinity in 1981 and was granted an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy in Religion in 1993. In 2008, I wrote my first book, that is in the Library Of Congress, that I have not had the funds to publish yet. But I will. The name of the book is: Lovology Research Project Book 1; Practical Meditation. This is a Path, for the chosen few, to get to know yourself, thru exploration of inner space, the final frontier. The Catalystic ingredient immersed into Mind and Matter to discern the truth. There is more to come, hopefully, God willing and the creek don't rise. Peace. Email: lovology2@live.com

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