Physical Trauma and getting Old.

There is a prevailing myth amongst the people of the Western Hemisphere, that getting old is the reason why we hurt, have aches and pains and all sorts of maladies.
Throughout my 72-yrs on earth, I have placed myself and my environment under a microscope, and gazed into that invisible eye-piece at my own health conditions and the health conditions of others.

What I am about to say is not written in stone by me, just meer observations, being aware and not taking anything for granted. You as a reader of my words may have a different view, or a different slant about how you deal with aging and your health. That is ok, but we cannot allow ourselves to get upset about our views and fight over this matter. Do not be closed minded, as no one person knows everything, but all of us united does know all things about ourselves, that need to be presently known, as we are still learning about ourselves. But still, we will never know everything about the Creator God. The Creator says ” mankind cannot think of anything that they cannot do.” That means we are capable and able to do anything we really want to do, this comes from the mouth of the Creator, not mine. We are only limited by our own little minds. Just try to do that which is Good, Right, and Lasting. Those three words form a trinity, which means WISDOM. Which is the truth.
This is a matter of speculation here and insightful observations that can become critical information, that possibly one day may help someone see the light, light is knowledge. Darkness is the lack of knowledge. Think!

These words are living things that’s about to come from my keyboard that proceeds from my heart and up thru my mind, that I believe are factual and trustworthy, and leads to the truth with further indept thinking and quandering.

We cannot do anything about chronological aging, but we can do a lot about physical aging. Physical body aches and pains and sickness has nothing to do with you getting old. In other words, pain is not a prerequisite to aging. There are people on earth that is really old, I’m talking about 90-yo people, that are not in pain.  There are young people in their 20’s with known and unknown natural aches and pains.  Time continum does not wear us down, we mentally and physically wear ourselves down, for whatever reasons we do this to ourselves. Work excessive hours, extreme sports, emotional wear and tear from our personal lives at home or at work, multitasking, not getting appropriate rest and sleep.

Here is one of the main reasons that makes us feel old. Number one, the psychology of implanted old thinking, that is easy for our lazy minds to handle and accept as fact. Pre-programmed visuals from our parents or other older people as we grew up looking at them and subconsciously programming ourselves to be like that when we get old. Genetics may have nothing to do with it at all. You can, with your own mind alter your own genetics using Post-hypnotic suggestions and meditating on positive health affirmations as a life-style. You see, the body listens to everything you say, and tries to alter it’s own chemistry to do your bidding. Your Spirit is the boss, the body is the house. So, the real you(human spirit) get busy and prepare your house to have a strong immune system, strong subconscious mind to resist these so called old-age-ills.  Upgrading your mind-set will give you the knowledge and the wherewithal to discern the actual reason you feel discomfort at any age. Deviate from psychosomatic ills that are not real. These are pseudo-ills, meaning: more apparent than actual, or having the appearence of being real.
What you sow, so shall you reap. Whatever wear and tear you do to the body now is going to determine what happens to it in the later stages of your life. It is the physical abuse, excessive work ethic, mental and emotional distress and various other stressed out related syndromes that you have done to yourself are what makes you feel old, not the years of living in time, but the actual wearing out of the body perpetrated by you. Karma is action. Karma will come a full 360-degrees back to you. It is written in spiritual law, therefore this law will prevail forever.

Now you see? See what I am trying to say to you? Look at yourself, and think about it. Think deep, as there is no place for casual vague thinking on my blogs. This is Lovology, for the chosen few. Inner space is where you want to go. Nothing outside yourself is more important that what is inside yourself.

We wear ourselves down, not time itself, but the misuse of time. God is no respecter of time, therefore time has no real effect on us, we place these worn out ills and maladies upon ourselves, by multitasking, not getting enough sleep/rest, extreme physical tasks of having fun or work, family pressures, incorrect diet, and the world itself. We are our own worst enemies. Look to THE Higher Power to guide yourself from within, turn back the hands of time if you have an adventuresome mind. We all must stop sacrificing ourselves in the early stages of our lives, so our bodies will not suffer the wears and tears and rages of a high-paced world, rushing into oblivion. It looks like we are in a hurry to end ourselves.

Work smart. Even God said “that mankind must live by the sweat of their brow.” What this means is “we must work” for a living, but we do not have to work ourselves to death, work smart, use your head. God also despises a fool, do not be foolish with your life, it is yours to maintain and care for. That body has to last till it is time to depart this earthly realm to our spiritual realm.
You see, I hope that these living words has helped at least one person, I would be exceedingly elated.

I repeat; Chronological time has nothing to do with how you feel when you age. It’s the wear and tear that you perpetrate upon your own physical self that determines how you feel. You see, time marches on, we get caught up in the time continum and try to defeat it by speeding up everything that we do. We only destroy ourselves in the end, and live in a miserable painful body, blaming “OLD AGE” in the end times of our lives. You are all that you own, take care of yourself. Then hopefully in the end you will at least not blame old age, and be happy with yourself and the Creator, for taking care of yourself. The “I AM is within you.” Peace

About Doctor Love

I am a Theocentric Philosopher and Metaphysical Scientist, researching the Immutable Principles of God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love. I believe in the intrinsic spiritual nature of God, period, none other. I am also the creator of Lovology. Lovology was an idea in 1981, and was born in 2000, and officially registered and copyrighted in the Library of Congress. Lovology is: A concept, based upon ancient wisdom and new knowledge. It is also represented by the seal (icon) of the five spirits: God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love itself. Embracing the vital principal and animating force that is believed to exist in all things. I am the bearer of the last name "Love". After 5 1/2 years of intense studying while on the road, I graduated with an accredited Ph.D in Metaphysics in the year 2000, at 55-yo. I earned my Doctorate of Divinity in 1981 and was granted an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy in Religion in 1993. In 2008, I wrote my first book, that is in the Library Of Congress, that I have not had the funds to publish yet. But I will. The name of the book is: Lovology Research Project Book 1; Practical Meditation. This is a Path, for the chosen few, to get to know yourself, thru exploration of inner space, the final frontier. The Catalystic ingredient immersed into Mind and Matter to discern the truth. There is more to come, hopefully, God willing and the creek don't rise. Peace. Email:

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