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Help for Homeless-Squatters

Hello and greeting, to my friends and associates and brothers and sisters that visit my website. I have started a GoFundMe account to help raise money thru volunteers that has the ability to do so, however small the donation will be. I am not asking for a handout, nor is this a fraudulent rip-off scheme going on. This family of three are living in an abandoned trailer in the middle of a field of tall grass. They lost their home and a family member prior to this event. They have no lawn mower, no electricity, no medical care, no Social Security Benefits yet (working on it), no transportation and no cell phone signal out there miles away from a cell tower. The Mother has had a back operation in Mississippi, and for some unknown reason cannot get her medical records. Her husband is physically broken up from falling off of a tall structure on his job, their son is 21 yo with Schizophrenia symptoms, and cannot work. The original owners found out by accident that they had been living there for a few weeks. Mother nature, Rats, snakes and other creatures had taken over that trailer and weeds for about five years already. They need everything. This is a dire situation for them.

I give my time to others for free, even when I make house calls to better understand and view the problems people are having at their homes and etc. My ministry is more personal than most people realize. I am a Teacher, Counselor, Educator, with advance knowledge in Holistic Healing. I own the rights to this website, that I pay, to host my work. I do not charge any fees for anything that I do. The contents here are free to anyone that can find the time to read and upgrade themselves inside with invisible keys to open invisible doors to their salvation and prosperity.

Having said all that, please allow me to present to you the various means and ways to help out, if you will. This is a list of the sites to visit at your discretion.

#1.    Scroll down right side of page to photos, then. “click” on the picture/s of the trailer in the weeds.

#2.  remove the numbers in the extension if you are having problems accessing that page.



#5. Madison Journal newspaper of Tallulah, La. My picture is there with my submissions to the weekly newspaper.

#6. This family is in Sondheimer, La. Off of Hwy 65,   down Henderson Loop Rd.    Par Rd. 1122  about a mile on your right, in an old abandoned trailer in a field of tall uncut grass. The mother there is named Glenda Lotts, and Hubby and son share the same name, Billy.

Thank you all for helping out in advance. They are in dire straits indeed. The Chosen Few ae the Ones that will help this family out. The Ones that make individual positive choices for themselves and the outer world of the living. Spiritual and empathic powers are on display in such individuals. The poor helps the poor. Peace and prosperity to you all regardless of your decisions here. Selah

The Decline of the Professional Trucker

ONCE AMERICA’S HIGHWAY HEROES. As I sit pondering my present location, a dark gloomy warehouse-plant in Port Gibson, Ms. I am receiving thoughts of a life that once was glamorous and lots of adventure with excellent pay.

Of seeing new towns and cities, a softly rolling countryside, a stranger’s happy wave here and there. Days when a trucker was made to feel like he/she had never left home. Like the waiter or waitress was just waiting for this special person to come-a-calling, to say “HELLO” and really meant it. A smile was always wall-to-wall and tree-top-tall. Sincere.

All of your coworkers were more like comrades on the battle field. Always there to lift your spirits, when your world was sad and lonely. Dispatchers would talk to you like you were a person, and say “HELLO” from the heart, when you called in. Not just a hello, like when you push a button on a recorder.

Arriving to your home-20 the wife and kids were happy to see you, cheering and grinning their little hearts out >>>>> Daddy’s Home. But over the years all of the above has changed forever never to be the same again. Only the older drivers, 40+ years old can really appreciate what I am talking about here, this was real magic ladies and gentlemen. The Pro-driver was really Kings and Queens of the road. You were really looked up to, somewhat of a role model, if you will. America had a love affair with the finest drivers in the world. Respect was given and received freely, like the air we breathe that God gives to us.

Then along came the new generation of drivers under the Government rules and Regulations and Law Enforcement procedures backing the new license called a CDL “Commercial Driving License.” By 1990 we had new drivers entering the trucking industry who yearned to be looked up to, without giving empathic respect, first. A learned response from many years of sharing the road with others vehicles and looking after each other like the old drivers knew about so well, with a simple license and a great big heart. At this time the CDL is heating up and boiling over to a hard boiling rumble, the pot is about to boil over and blow it’s top.

This new enforcement was supposed to rid the USA of bad drivers which we did not have, and replace them with the new generation, that was void of the good leadership that they needed, that was lost by somewhat less literate and older drivers, who had built up the country, on bad roads, hard trucks, few good places to stop and rest and eat and sleep. From my heart I miss those most wonderful days of yesteryear.  Today’s newer generation is looking forward to bigger trucks, bigger egos, lot lizards, good buddies, echo boxes, Smart phones, weaving in and out of their lanes, and an overall bad case of “screw you” attitudes of others on the roads.

No one likes 4-wheelers (cars, pick ups), and they in turn don’t like us. Drivers constantly whine and complain about the traveling motorist who will always be there, bar none, as they are us. Try to resist complaining about that which you have no power over, and try to do what you are supposed to do as a highly trained Pro with Defensive Driving Skills and Pro Ethics. After 40 1/2 years, I am on my way out, another career awaits for this tired and jaded trucker. I’ll be driving a computer keyboard, and pen and paper will be my highway of tomorrow. My heart no longer hears the call of that Big ole’ Truck. No more noisy engines, keeping me stressed out and waking up with body aches and tension. I am hanging up my spurs and going hoe to stay. I survived and covered 4,000,000 miles across 45 states and Canada. But I was not alone, I had a friend in Jesus riding along with me, helping me thru my own trials and sicknesses, and sleepless days and nights, and thru many a storm of all sorts and caliber. I survived. I am blessed.

It’s a rough and tough job being a trucker, but it takes men and women with extraordinary character, and adventurous heart, a perseverance bar none, courage unyielding. From all levels of education, you are out there moving the goods, when every other sane person is at home in bed. Truly we are set apart as a different breed of humankind, looking for that small bit of respect and dignity we all search for, that we also have to earn. In America, you are second place, in the middle of a fantastic wheel moving the goods. A Bravo-Zulu to you–above and beyond—to all drivers, I Salute You.


Our Prayer of Universal Hope.

Dear Lord of light, we pray that your love is shining into the hearts and minds of everyone in and on this poor planet earth. Lord look into the hearts and minds of the Lawyer, the Politician and the Presidents of the world, that has earthly power over these things. That they will have the God-given sense and sanity, coupled with a little Wisdom, to be able to turn the tide of greed, hatred, racial strife, carelessness and unmittigated unnatural desires to own, and to kill each other wantonly and in malicious manners. To help them learn not to want to own or dominate others to the point of despair and untimely deaths.
My Lord, bless the heathens for they need to embrace you, to regain their sense of self-worth, dignity, and respect for their own selves, for they know not what they do, to our sense of sanity and their own useless carrying ons for the sake of sensationalism and vanities. Bless our homes, our families that are together and estranged, that they too may prosper as best as they can with what they have, abundantly, according to their will and their faith. Remove the veil of sadness, and hopelessness, and pity from our hearts and minds, so that we can wake up and see how far we have really strayed from the right paths and took the wrong paths, that seems to have a never ending spiral down into darkness and despair. Help us to wake up to the truth of why we hate our own kind, and we think there is nothing wrong with our points of view into the negative realm of evil, as long as we can get our own selfish desires and will imposed upon others. I know that God is not the Master of Confusion, then who is? It must be the evil one himself, the Devil, or should I say the evil energy that is confusing the majority of people on earth, burrowing itself into us in vain and low thinking minds, that does not yearn for the higher principles of life. Life is being twisted and contorted by this evil one, but we think that is good for us.
That too is confusing, shake it off, get rid of the confusion, and see what is real, see the light, light is right knowledge. Do not think in darkness, come up out of the abyss of scurrying things that rend and tear you apart, and maim and mutilate others, and then destroy itself.
There is only one real point of light, only one Savior, only One Race of people, the human race. Soon there will be a new day, glorious and bright, possible in our time. Brothers and Sisters of all races and creeds in harmony, is one of the most spiritual and right things to experience. I believe that God created us all a little different from each other to make us wonder about ourselves, and be interested in each other in positive ways, not to hate each other because of skin color and religion or things that we cannot comprehend with our small minds. That is where the beauty of life dwells, in the interest factor of swirling kaliedoscopic hues and sizes and textures, and different types of hair, and things that we can comprehend with an open source of understanding. If everyone looked the same, I think that our world would be rather boring. What do you think about that? The All and All knew what he was and is doing at all times, we just need to get into the flow of right things to wind up at the right destination point, that is all we need to do. Honestly.
God said “if two or more people on earth get together in my name, I will be there,” which means, to share our compassion, our love, our ideas, our pain, our hopes, and that he will bless anything and everything in his name. This is not a parable or a sooth saying thing, this is truth in the spiritual realm that manifest itself in the physical realm, on earth, thru us. This spiritual stuff is all energy, intelligence, vital principals, a moving force and power, that can be proven to some extent by studying physics. But, alas and alack, you wil see the true power when our spirits departs our fleshly home and enter into our Heavenly home, I believe. We cannot see this magnificent glorious thing while we still reside in the physical self,we have to ask for the salvation of our souls to experience this infinite thing. You see, the body that you see in the mirror is much smaller than the body that you really own. Our energetic spiritual life force is much larger, this has been proven by science, that we really do have an energetic thing that leaves the body when we expire, that can be detected by technology. More on this later.
The coming together signifies Unity, Strength, and a connection of the Silver Cord, which is our invisible lifeline to God in the spiritual world. The Silver Cord is akin to the Umbilical Cord that connects the Mother to the unborn child, that nourishes and sustains that unborn child in a safe and comfortable place in time and space till it is time for the unborn to enter into the real world of humanity. We do the same thing after we are born, we get connected to the Silver Cord once the Umbilical Cord has done it’s job, and seperated from the Mother, which is the sustainer for 9-months. Spiritual powers take you the rest of the way on your own personal destination into the future. In this outline you can sense what I am trying to convey to you, that God is more real than we are, all the time. Hold onto the spiritual silver cord, or find your way to it and connect to it, you will find that what I say is the truth.
The two or more persons will be sharing and activating the Active Force of God, the Holy Spirit, which is the Comforter and Teacher of all things. This is our prayer and peace period with spirit right now, where ever you are in the Universe. And to the Universal God, we give thanks!
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