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Only ONE Can Save This World.

There is only ONE that can save this world. Yes, mankind can slow down the march to eventual destruction by doing good things and thinking good thoughts. This is only a temporary respite. Then these selfsame  leaders in high places, with control of all the wealth and greed and oppression of the poor will eventually succumb to their own egos and fall back into iniquity of their own lusts for power and domination. The destruction will again continue it’s consummation of the earth’s resources and wealth.

These rich people and kings and queens of the earth has already caused way too much damage to our world with greed and consumption. The poor still suffer. We have knowledge everywhere, but there are people in the free worlds, that do not know how to read or write. Our world is broken. And there is more to come. Watch. The poor people of the earth knows the Truth. The Truth is, LOVE is missing in this battle. WE NEED LOVE IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS if we are to survive and prosper as a people. Without LOVE we will surely die off the planet. Since LOVE and TRUTH is our salvation. Without LOVE all is eventually lost.

There is only ONE that can save this world. There is only ONE that can save YOU. Peace 

All is One under Universal Law


I appear to be Black to the causal observer. But, I am also 12 1/2% Creek Indian(Red) under my skin. I am  included in the judgements by others accordingly toward Black skin. Fortunately I have not been handled badly by Law enforcement in 72-yrs. Mostly because of the way I carry myself and know how to respond to a Law Enforcement officer. I have been stopped many times, but not arrested. Because I am aware of Spiritual Laws and Legal and Moral laws. If anyone of us is not aware or know the rules and regulations and laws, as well as self-control, then we all suffer. Color is just a “blame Game” to fixate on, to categorize you, and make you into some sort of statistic, then put you in a box, where it is easier to stigmatize you, crucify you before you are dead and gone.

People of the world, There are decent and law abiding Blacks, whites, Reds, Yellows, and Browns in this world. People of all races are creating all sorts of mayhem and chaos on the planet earth these days. It’s causing an amazing amount of confusion between the races. “The Devil Made Me Do It”, is their mantra. Ironically this mantra has a lot of truth in it, because the Devil probably did cause you to do it. Love is missing from the hearts and minds of people like that. It’s a “mind set”, you see. This “mind set” is creeping like a fog thru the minds of weak and undisciplined individuals. There is no end to this. They are called “Heathens”, that has no God and is uncivilized. Of course, it is wrong to not punish blacks for hitting whites. It is wrong to not punish whites for hitting blacks. It is wrong for Blacks to hit Blacks, and Whites to hit whites. It is wrong for anyone of any race color or creed to disrespect another’s right to live in peace on this earth, the LAW should punish everyone and anyone that commits such and act upon another regardless of color, creed, religion, sex and etc. This kind of behavior is not a one-way street. We all suffer. In the end Spiritual Law will prevail. Till then we all suffer at the hands of the enemy, I know who the true enemy is, we all do, there is only ONE, thrown down to earth, that causes confusion that spreads to any weak spirit or mind. Then chaos and death will follow. Then ONE will judge us all, according to our deeds, and reward us accordingly. Either way, we suffer Hell on earth and the hereafter, if we do not fight for the greater good and obey God’s Laws.  Educate yourself. There is no excuse for not knowing the Laws of Life, God’s and Mankind’s, and suffer needlessly. Peace and Prosperity to you all.

A Prayer for Physical and Mental Healing

This prayer is for anyone that needs it. Our Lord provides for us all, in equal measure, regardless of our states of mind towards Him. Believers already know what I am talking about. Non-believers will witness the truth, and the truth shall set you free. selah

Dear Lord of Mercy and Father of Comfort,
You are the One that I turn to for help in moments of weakness and times of need. I ask you to be with me your servant in this illness. Psalm 107:20 says that you send out your Word and heal. So then, please send your healing Word to me your servant. In the name of Jesus, drive out all infirmity and sickness from my body.

Dear Lord, I ask you to turn this weakness into strength, suffering into compassion, sorrow into joy, and pain into comfort for me. May I your servant trust in your goodness and hope in your faithfulness, even in the middle of this suffering. Let me be filled with patience and joy in your presence as I wait for your healing touch.

Please restore me your servant to full health, dear Father. Remove all fear and doubt from my heart by the power of your Holy Spirit, and may you, Lord, be glorified through my life.

As you heal and renew me your servant, Lord, may I bless and praise you.

All of this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. And so shall it be. I rest inside myself knowing that my prayer has already been answered. Amen.


I Am A Free American Man

Obviously when you first see me, my appearance is black. My Great Grandmother is/was an African American (bless her soul.) I myself on the other hand is 12% Muskogean Creek. My Great Grandfather was Muskogean Creek Indian (bless his soul as well.) Therefore I am Biracial. But most of all, I am simply an American Man. I was born here in the USA. I am “free”. I worked my butt off and got an education. I have lived all of my dreams thru God’s loving grace.. It was not easy, life itself is not easy. The laws and rules and regulations are in place for the freedom of America’s People. Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Polka-dotted, and etc. The original laws came to this country in the form of the Holy Bible. Thusly all laws used by mankind in the USA, such as Legal, Natural, Civil, Moral, Ethical and etc., are derived from that original set of laws. The Law of Love is the utmost law created by God. Love your neighbor as you would yourself and you will have fulfilled all of the remaining laws.
The problem is: Laws, rules, regulations and etc. are hidden in books. Some of my people of this world will not take the time, nor have the ambition to look in a book and read real talk. Some prefer to spend their time shucking and jiving, dramatizing and bullshipping their way thru life, ripping and killing each other. This is the low road to life.
Do not be lazy with no self esteem or ambition to do what is right for yourselves, no matter the so-called race stigma that the Devil tries to identify you with. God is no respecter of personalities. Meaning: that God is not concerned about the hue or color of your skin. He chose us to be different from each other. If you don’t like what I just said, then have this discussion with him and complain to him. Don’t you dare fall into that bottomless trap of negative mindlessness. I think that the different colors of skin is extremely beautiful and definitely not boring to look at. So, how did we learn to hate each other because of this pseudo reality? Was it some sort of past-history or some other negative thing that was cast upon you? I can understand how you feel about that. I too had to overcome myself and get past my own skin. Thru education, travel amongst indigenous peoples of different lands and countries, and most of all my greatest discovery was that I had a creator. I was not alone anymore from that day forward. I was able to see the suffering of other races, at the hands of their own race. There is a lot of misery on the planet. But God can bring you thru. I have the scars, scrapes, bandages and wounds of war from fighting against everything and anything that tried to destroy me. I am sore and getting old from all of the wear and tear. But you know what? I AM STILL STANDING. I am a free American Man. Period.

God said” I am not the Master of confusion. So this begs a question. Then who is the Master of confusion? Simple answer again: The Devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Satan among many other negative and rotten names. This Master of Confusion is in charge of the Air and lives on earth. Do not allow this evil entity to creep into your conscious/subconscious/mind/heart ever. He cannot do no more than you allow him to do. God’s got your back on this one, trust me. God cannot lie, simply because He is LOVE, and LOVE heals all.
We no longer have leaders of prominence, so we have to lead ourselves. Sounds good to me. Some has made a conscious or subconscious decision to enslave themselves in the here and now. We are our own dang problem. “Even when Heaven and Earth passes away, my words will never pass away.” Says the Host of Hosts.  My old neighborhood in Baton Rouge was too mean, dramatic, and self-destructive for me. I love my people, but they were making my life miserable. There was one more “key” in my spiritual pocket, to open one last door after retirement. I  used this key to open another door, hopefully in a better geographical setting that is more fitting for my mind-set, and where people like myself, black, white, Red, brown, and yellow and multicolor, that has a common spiritual plane of recognition and a hunger to get to know who we are inside, as humans, that wants to live and thrive. To love one another, for all eternity. I am a free American Man. I AM.

PEIZENES or Photo Electric Impulse Scenes

Another Pathway to Meditating.

You can also call these scenes “energy pictures” that pulsate inside your eyelids, which is the electrical field inside your eyes.

These active images are seen only when the eyes are closed at night or in daylight in a darkened room. The colors are like white cloud shapes against a pure black background. Cloud shapes that appear, then swirl and  move around, then disappear.

This word “PEIZENES” is a new word created by me in ordered to give a name to a real body of a thing for the sake of identification and purpose. “P” for Photo, “E’ for Electric, “I” for Impulse, “Zenes” for Scenes, the “Z” instead of an “S” was used to give the word impact and individuality. “S” sometimes sounds like “Z” in abstract writing. As we were.

Just close your eyes and focus your attention onto the inside of your eye-lid screen.

These Peizenes are not seen by all people, as I have gotten to learn. Also they appear on their own when I meditate on nothing to clear my mind. I have found that if you focus intently on these images, when they are active, you can form living points of light that become coherent images on your mind-screen. This takes practice and focused mind- control once you realize what these images are.

You will be able to see the pictures of images from unknown sources. You can even discover unknown worlds inside yourself at a super-conscious level. These electrical impulses are real and actual. Just ask any Physicist. These images are generated by the heart and brain. You see your eyes are connected directly to the brain. The eyes are the only organs where you can actually see the veins and nerves that are connected to the brain. So that is why you can see the Peizenes, or electrical energy field of scenes. These images are visible electrical transmissions between cells that are necessary for communicating instructions and co-ordinating their usages.

Sometimes they are in abundance, at other times they can be singular. When in abundance and scattered they can be brought together and form a coherent image that you can control. Those images will swirl and dance and reform at will till you send them subconscious commands to form something or simply quit, by opening your eyes.

I myself really don’t do verbal commands. These commands come from my thought energy alone. I think them into control and form a Mystical Magical Marvelous thing. It’s awesome to be able to calm down the mind and reach a higher platitude than our existing fields of view can provide for us. I believe mind-control is beneficial meditational doors that needs keys to open locked doors, that leads to the depths of our own souls, into the Spiritual realm of mind.

These Peizenes are more visible if you know how to meditate. If you do not know how to meditate formally, then just find a quiet place and shut out the world around you. Your brain will create a lot of mental chatter, because it is not used to being quiet. Just dismiss the thought-chatter and tell it to go away. Keep this up and eventually your brain will look forward  to your next Quiet-Time to rest.

When you Pray, you talk to God. When you Meditate God talks to you, because at this time YOU are quiet and listening to the Universal Sound of God in you. This is also a way of grounding your self in Spirituality. Without Spirit nothing else matters. With Spirit everything matters. Meditation is the second half of the communication, prayer is the first half. You learn to pray first, then you need to learn how to meditate. This second act establishes balance in the human mind. How can you hear God the Creator in you, when you have your mouth open talking or being bombarded by loud and disturbing noises all of the time? It can’t be done. You are out of balance, not grounded. Ground yourself, please?

Only the chosen few will attain this level of mind, are you one of them? The majority will not have the time or patience or demeanor to learn about the higher mind. The choice is yours to make. Peace, be still.

Before You Were Born (speculation)

Have you ever seriously pondered why your mind feels differently from what your physical body shows you? Some people have and some do right now. Why is that?

I feel that I am a Male inside of a Female’s body. I feel that I am a Female inside of a Male’s body. Or, I feel confused about my own sexuality. Is this rational thinking? What kind of thoughts are these?

Why do I feel and think in one zone and physically appear in another? Where did these feelings come from? Let’s take a look from the point of origin, shall we? So many questions, few to no answers. Let’s meditate and ponder the unknown invisible world of subtle realities.


This is Lovology style, Metaphysically, and Ontologically driven. A sort of random time-line of events, before our arrival upon Terra Firma. Are you ready to dive off into an Ocean of thoughts? OK, here goes. I’ll get right down to the gist of this specualtion and try to find a critical thought here somewhere.


At the point of conception, when the male sperm and the Female egg make contact, there is a point of light that appears from the collective consciousness of the Universe. The Collective consciousness being the etheral and living field of Atomic energy that permeates the entire Universe, is alive and doing very well. That minute spark of light can be seen under a Scanning Electron Microscope, so this part is critical. This spark of light is a miniscule part of  Spirit itself which can manifest itself, and seperate or dispatch itself from the ethers that gives life, at that moment a human has materialized, otherwise there would be no human without this spark of light. This light is YOU. The physical body that is about to commence growing is the House/physical body that YOU/Spirit lives in. Are you still there with me? OK!

As your physical house grows and develops inside the womb, that house is absorbing a plethora of energetic actions, such as noises, emotional energies, that take place inside your Earthly home, School, the public, sexual intercourse, stress, pain, happiness, everything outside is coming thru the womb to your physical house. The womb is not sound-proof, nor the mother’s entire body. Your physical body’s cells absorb everything.

YOU, the Spiritual being is there, somewhat dormant, while the House/physical-self, is absorbing all of these outside and inside actions into it’s cellular structure. Now imagine, if you will, I AM inside of my physical house, that is inside of another house, attached to it by a lifeline called the Umbilical cord. This is getting good, ;- ), can you see where I am headed with this? Hang on!  When Mommy and Daddy make love, argue fuss and fight, when she chooses a partner, either male or female, or whatever, your Physical House inside this House gathers all of this emotional energy and stores it in it’s cellular structure, for future references, yet to come. You will feel these emotions after your are born and thusly become awake and conscious of them.

Imagine that your Cellular House has no choice about where your mommy goes or do. So some choices cannot be avoided in the human arena of life. I am not blaming the mother totally, I blame the environment of our modern day societies and the way we are evolving into chaos. Our loss of civility, and strange illogical choices we make without no center reference point of truth and Love.

Remember, go deep inside your mind and ponder, and meditate on these Speculative thoughts. You are herein pre-programmed before birth. Once you are born, the YOU/Spirit wakes up inside it’s own House/body and becomes consciously aware of it’s surroundings. Herein lies the shocking problem.

The YOU has awakened and learning from all of it’s five senses now, which is controlled by your mind, the Objective Mind. You are thinking now and feeling.

Before you were born your physical house is already fillled up with the past 9-months of emotional Intelligence. You are awake now, developing critical intelligence which brings forth critical thinking. You see, you are three entities now, Body, Mind and Spirit. The Physical House remembers things that has happened to your parents and actions within the environmental atmosphere of things. You are in the real world now, your physical pody is not what you may have expected to see. Your own house, the flesh has made a subconscious decision as to what it wants to be according to the selective atmospheric energies that it seems to like the most. Whatever turns on the body the most, it has made a subconscious decision before you were born, as to how it wants to be felt from the emotional mind, not the critical mind that has yet to be developed bu YOU in the Here and NOW. It found it’s choice amongst the experiences that it could sense, not from consciously seperating the right from wrong or the good from evil, just whatever is sensational, this is what the body did for you before you were born. It had no chioce, it was bathed in this sensories of receptions and stimulations. Now here you are, just arriving on the scene and is confused as to who or what you are. Trying to find your own reason for being YOU.

Karma is Hell sometimes, every action creates and equal and opposite reaction. You are reacting from the feelings and thought waves emminating up thru the fiber of your being into your critical thinking grey-matter and something just do not seem right. You are right, something is not right, you are not the real YOU.

What actually did happen before I was born? While I was developing from an egg to an Embryo, to a Fetus, on to an emerging child? What the hell went on in my environment before my conscious life?

Each and everyone of us are not responsible for being here, our parents are. Correction needs to be administered before birth while the child is still inside the womb. Talk to him or her, she will hear your verbal sounds and place them inside the body’s cells for rememberance later. A child start on the path of correct wisdom or on a path of miseducation before birth, not later. By the time the child reaches 5-yrs old the emotional makeup of that child has already been developed. So watch what you are letting develop, and come into this world.

If we indulge in illicit behavior, doing unsavory things, committing despicable acts, consuming poison into our bodies, immoral behavior, we are programming our unborn children before they are able to defend themselves or make decisions against the negatives that later on start surfacing into the consciousness of our minds from the Subconscious energies embedded and preprogrammed actions that are stored in my Physical House. The House is where I/Spirit lives. The Spirit is confused by the House/physical self.


Your answer to all of this is here. Eliminate the conflict between the Personality(corporeal body/house) from the Spirit (non-corporeal body/you) from there you will have the cure for all dis-eases of the mind that confuses you in the conflict zone.

The only way to activate this power is to remember that you do have an ultimate power to ascend up to to help you on earth. Our Creator knows what you need to do to find yourself. Just take the first step on your own, inside your mind is where the power lives, it is the Master, the body is only the House, talk to it, it will try to do your biddings, it listens, even when you are sleeping. Dream about wonderful things, and get to know the real YOU. Say to yourself ” THE DOCTOR IS HERE AND ALWAYS WAS” now go and explore yourself and find your way back home.

Archangels are Spiritual Beings.

Angels? Archangels no doubt! Do you believe in Angels? I do.
May I tell you about my favorite Angels? I have three that identifies and clarifies my own inner self. These three personifies me as a Spiritual being living on earth in the physical. These three speaks volumes as to what drives me, and what comes out of me. Ok? Here we go.

Michael is in charge of God’s army. Soldier, Warrior, that tossed the Archangel Lucifer (Devil) out of Heaven. Michael is the protector of First Responders, Soldiers, Police, Emergency Medical Technicians, Firemen and women, Nurses, Doctors and etc.
I am an ex 82nd Airborne Soldier, trained to go to war, fighting the bad to reestablish the good, hopefully.
I pray to God to send this one to me to help me fight the Spiritual evils as well as day-to-day chaos in my world. I have to put on my own armor on a daily basis to protect me from physical and spiritual attacks on earth. I usually win the wars in the end. Although I do shows scars and damage, mentally and physically from the battles. But I also find the time to heal, once again. Understand? Let’s check out my next favorite Angel.

Gabriel is God’s messenger. Some believe that Gabriel is a Female. If so, then she would be the only Female Angel. That’s cool with me, the power is still there. Not diminished by her being female.
He/she brings messages to us from God, and to God from us.. Maybe this Archangel is the small soft voice that some people have said that they have heard inside their minds at certain times.
I am a meditator, my subconscious mind at various time has heard a whisper here or a voice there when in deep distress. I would follow that urging voice and energetic pull or push and would experience or find a solution to my problems.
Hey! I am not Bipolar, been tested already by my Doctor. What does he know about angels? Nothing! Ha ha ha
But really, they are energetic beings, not physical like us. So, I shall continue.
Communication is my thing. I really like trying to communicate good things or talk about miracles to others, I am driven from inside to do this, this is me, this is my work. I talk to others about Spiritually, being human, overcoming obstacles. Sometimes I write messages or affirmations for people that I know, for their mind, that helps them. My work is the same message but a different method. I am also a messenger. I buy knowledge and give it away- freely without Reciprocity. My ability in this area is already built-in, innate.

Raphael is God’s Healer. He heals all creatures. He helps and guides us thru life’s most trying issues of Heart, and Restoration of the Soul.
I, on the other hand, am a Holistic Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Herbalist, and Spiritual Counselor, Nutritionist, and love physical fitness. Not as much as I used to in the P. T. Arena, but at 72 I do what I can to remain healthy. He also identifies me, the Doctor.

These three are not all of the Archangels. There are more. Look around and find your own Spiritual helpers. I don’t want to hog all of the fun. Then I would be selfish. Naaah!

Now you can see, I offered to you a small glimpse into my Spiritual Realm of how Lovology is powered. I am driven to finish this work, and I will before I go back HOME.
In my work I carry around with me an Invisible Tool Kit. I never know what tool I might require to fix a broken spirit, but together we can fix and overcome all broken souls with God’s power flowing thru every one of us. We just have to get up off of our rears and start creating something, even if we have nothing. Even if you have nothing, there is still something that you can do on a positive level. Just open your eyes and you will see. When you have not, use what you got. This thing about Spiritually is more simple than you would ever believe. It is as simple as the air we breathe, and just as powerful, because it is in the air around us. We do have Angels. Hopefully you will see one before you become one. If you believe it, you will see it. Fin.

Becoming and Being a Writer.

These thoughts of becoming and being a writer haunts the very fabric of my being.
These thoughts ride the wave lengths of my mind and soul like a living thing, restless, nervous, giddy and excited.
I relish the thought of being in a quiet place at home or in the wilderness, putting pen to paper in the serene environment of a peaceful world of my choosing, breathing in deeply the heavenly eathers.
Since I love to communicate verbally at warp-speed, bursting out all over with energetic words of wisdom and motivation, writing would be the corner-stone or the bringing together possibly the two most powerful things known to man. One is my belief in GOD. The other is using a computer to bring me together as a unique entity. (1) myself, (2) God, (3) and the computer. A trinity of sorts. This sounds like a powerful medium indeed, almost a spiritual high pondering the reality of this combination.

At 49-years old I had a lot to talk about concerning this self-same prose. Now I am 67, and I plan to use my remaining days on earth to have my say, to research, practice, and to leave behind a legacy of Dr. Love and Lovology.
Writing may be the special ingredient that completes the puzzle that I have seen in space, that my day will come to ascend into the Heavens with the Master, as I will have attained my own mastership, earned by pain and toil and woe, while here on earth.

You too can ascend to higher levels in your own mind. But first, you need to get to know who you are, what you are, and why you are here on earth. We must all find our own special invisible path, to discern the visible path that is already laid out for us before time began. Just open your inner eyes and explore the possibilities of finding your own way back home. You cannot find the Spiritual you outside yourself, because it is right there with you all the time.

You can’t see the forest for the trees, because you are standing inside the forest. Step outside the forest and you can look back and see all of the trees. Meaning: Step outside of your own little box(mind), and look at yourself in a mirror in an objective way. Reintroduce your spirit to your own body, and allow your own spirit to see you for what you really are, a spiritual being learning how to be human. You see > your spirit is inside you looking out thru your eyes, which are the windows to the world, and observing where it lives, inside this physical body, absorbing all the goings on of your daily experiences in life and recording all of this information into the book-of-knowledge (meta-speculation: the Medulla Oblongota). It sees everything that you do and experiences all the sensations of the six senses. Try to record good stuff that you do, since this good stuff will make your life a lot better. I believe that the Human Being is God’s greatest creation. Get to know YOU, the I AM. Think upon this wisdom. You will find yourself. From this point on you can aspire to be a writer too. Fin.

You Can Judge Others!

Yes, you can judge others. 1 Corinthians 2:15,  says: the spiritual man can judge all things, and not be subjected to any man’s judgement,  (especially non-believers). A spiritual man/woman listens to God’s voice (superconscious mind inside you), spiritual law. Inside each and everyone of us is a Higher Mind, the mind that places you in a position to be the best that you can be on this earth. Believe in the truth and you will exalt yourself to be the best, never having to think at a lower level with your mind in the gutter. You will strive to do what is right instead of what is not right, because you would have the mind of Christ.
You should not judge others if you stand to be judged yourself. This wisdom weaves itself thru Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Ontology, Epistemology, Cosmology and the Common mind. I Am a Metaphysician/Researcher of Spiritual Laws, I Am authorized thru Man and God to say these things. I am not perfect, but I am blessed in many ways.
Also, the Bible does not contradict itself, it simply gives you different points of view so you can make up your own mind concerning wisdom: that which is right, true, and lasting. And above all else, get LOVE inside your HEART, and show it with your MIND, by the good things that you do.. understand?

The Sign of Jonah | Magazine Article | Tomorrow’s World |

Here is the proof of Jesus’s words in relationship the the “FISH” that was inscribed on the object that was found at the “Patio Tomb” in Jerusalem. Read and believe.

The Sign of Jonah | Magazine Article | Tomorrow’s World |

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