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How To Meditate


The following are suggestions for helping you to create the proper atmosphere for practicing meditations at home.

– Pick a place in your home where there is the least chance of being disturbed.

– Have the following items on hand for practicing meditation. A vase of roses, real or artificial, of different colors, or one living/artificial rose. A white candle and holder. Rose or Jasmine scented incense.

– Arrange as follows: Candle in front of flowers or flower. Burning incense in front of candle.

– Beautiful music playing in the background is most beneficial for meditating.

– You may practice meditation either sitting upright or lying down. Beginners should practice in a sitting position for about a week, and then experiment to see which is better for them, sitting or reclining.

– If you practice in a sitting position, position your body as follows: Both feet flat on the floor. Hands resting palms-up on your lap. Body erect but comfortable. Use a high-back chair to support your head (there are exceptions to this position.)

– If you practice in a reclining position, have your ankles crossed. Fold your hands and place them over the central upper part of your body (there are exceptions to this position also.)

– If meditating in a reclining position, place your head to the North and your feet to the South…….. if at all possible.

– At all times in a meditation period, when your mind is engaged in positive affirmations, or thoughts, keep your attention on the center of your forehead- i.e. your mind’s eye, or eye of the soul, to prevent the intrusion of negative thoughts or noises.

– Temperature in the room or place where you are meditating should be somewhere between 72 and 78 degrees.

– Meditate in the same room or place each day. Use the same chair, select a comfortable article of clothing and use it each day till you have mastered the technique. Then meditate anywhere or anytime you choose.

– Meditate at the same time or times each day

– Don’t meditate when you are hungry, and avoid meditation immediately after a meal. Wait at least 1 or 2 hours, then meditate.

Meditation is known to help strengthen the immune system, increase deeper thoughts and clarity of focus. Better mind control over all your emotions, and daily functions. such as a chaotic environment, like job stress, family chaos, personal mismanagement of self, and all areas of your life. You will be able to complete tasks more expediently and with efficiency. Your world will be under your control according to your faith in yourself, and God.

Light is knowledge, use this light to see into the dark areas of your life, and light it up.
Be aware of most things coming your way, good and bad. Although we all know that some bad things will interfere with your life anyway, but you will have a tool to fight those bad things with, and survive against the odds.

Remember: When you pray, you talk to God. When you meditate God talks to you. How can you hear God talk to you when you are always talking? You have to learn how to listen properly, and these words will teach you how to do just that. While you are in the closet of your mind, seek spiritual peace there, and you will be rewarded openly, in the outer world.

Peace, be still.

Wonderful and loving results will be yours to experience with practice in our stressed out world. The amount of information here is designed for you to perfect the technique. If you make changes or variations to the lines of information, make sure you are cool, calm and collected when you do. A more exact style will be generated by your mind for you only.

Thank you for helping yourself.
Doctor Love


My dear friends.

I believe that the end time is slowly approaching us. It may well be closer than we want to believe. But I also believe that the reason Jesus the Christ said that “no one, nor I know the exact date or time of the Second Coming, except the Father” was because the last days rests upon the shoulders of US, US, US, Mankind!

Depending on how dangerous we become, how very near we become to destroying God’s property, meaning US and the Earth, will determine that moment, that date. You see God does not keep a time-clock. God exists outside of the realm of time and circumstance itself, because our Creator is infinite, you see. The burden of keeping time is our creation for us to keep records, or keep track of events in finite reality. There is no specific end date that He would set. But We would determine it.

I believe that if mankind would get up of off his small-minded butt, stop raising needless hell on earth, killing each other over uselessness, destroying the will to be civilized and ascend to a higher plane of thought. To stop the wars, feed the hungry, the sick, cure diseases, and Love one another. Use the money and resources to care for the ones with less, and the ones with less learn to care for each other too. Pull back from the brink of endlessness and chaos. This would cause the time to virtually stand still, never to get to the point of End Of Days.

Mankind can halt the march to Armageddon, stop the clock that we have the power over, that is left up to US. We can prolong that final hour forever. No Armageddon will come.

God did not reveal this time because mankind’s  destiny is his/our own makings. We can make or break our own connection with the Holy Spirit and Heaven if we so desire. All we have to do is “make a decision, change our minds” to choose life. The Creator gives us this freedom to make a choice between Heaven and Hell. I choose Heaven! We are all free entities, not slaves to God. It does not make sense for the Creator to enslave us this way, with no abilities to make choices in our lives, to punish us endlessly. We have the power, the Will-Power to save the world, otherwise God’s Will, will be done. The world will come to an end by our hands, because of the god-on-earth that we/you serve.

The future is yours/ours, the power is given to us to take Dominion (responsibility) of this earth, not to destroy (dominate) it.

I pray in the name of Jesus, that these words of wit will wake up a few people at least, because the majority will not listen. Only the chosen few will survive the end times. Choose yourself, and live abundantly. Amen

Salvation or Destruction. A personal choice.

Narrow is the Gate, and Straight is the Road to Salvation and Life:

This means, you have to make a conscious and critical decision on your part to live a life in peace and harmony, stay away from drugs, any bad habits, cheating, lies, killings, robbing, raping, and other chaotic behaviors. This is a hard choice for most people on this earth, even for me. But, you have to steer yourself away from these destructive behaviors. Do not even look at bad things that entices you to just have fun, or do whatever you want to do. There is responsibility and consequences even in having fun. Even having fun can turn into a chaotic and bad thing. Understand? Do that which is right and true and stand up to the physical urges that you have running amuck inside your emotional mind, that causes you to lose control of your physical self and rend, disrupt and destroy. Watch yourself, and do the right thing! There is still the ONE GOD, inside of you that can and will take charge of that body, thru your Heart and mind’s will-power to do that which is “Right, True or Lasting.”  Those last three names has a Trinity of it’s own, and it is called: WISDOM.

Wide is the Gate and Broad is the Road to Destruction and Death.

This means, that there are all sorts of enticements for you to get into that will lead to your own destruction. Such as Sensationalism/Drama, unbridled lust, greed, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, guns in the hands of a non-responsible or right-educated and trained mind, disrespectable children to parents, disrespectable parents to children. We are all in this madness together, you see? Irresponsibility, mis-education, or any number of negative ways, there are many of them. No human has the right to destroy themselves or another, but you can, and because you are determined to have your own selfish way. Truth is the only right way. Jesus said: “even if you fall into a ditch, keep your eyes on me.”  He will get you out of that ditch/hell. That means he is your truth and salvation inside of you already. His will is your will to come up out of the craziness and set yourself free of madness and chaos. To continue on with your life with purpose and poise, and dignity, and hope. The god/devil of this earth wants us all dead. Our Heavenly God do not. Look him up, read his word and discern the truth as best as your mind can handle it, and trust those words that will never die. Just Do It! The Holy Spirit will not abandon you. I promise you. Because God cannot lie. It is not in his nature.

Those two choices up there is located in Matthew 7:13 – 14. Lovology is responsible for the outline. A different method, but the same message. Lovology is simply trying to reach the Chosen Few, that is willing to make a conscious and critical decision to stand your ground on a solid foundation of truth and LIVE with real power that is already inside YOU. Wake it up, before it is too late for your own salvation. Peace

Seeking Solace in Driskill Mountain, La.

Hello everyone. I decided to take a little time out to do a bit of adventuring with my camera. You see, Outdoor photography is an amateur hobby of mine. So, I went Mountain climbing in Louisiana. Surprise, Louisiana has a mountain!

That’s right. Louisiana has a mountain. Driskill mountain that is. it’s 535-ft. high, the highest elevation point in the State. Hey, I’ll even tell you how to get there, if you care to discover a little known secret in La.

Google “Driskill Mountain, La.” for more directions to this area, since it is located off the roads in the forest on Hwy 507.

The included directions are for people in the Tallulah, La. area, where I live in the North East of the state of Louisiana or anyone else, looking for a little adventuring. Actually it is just one big old dirt hill that happens to be in a forest on private land, that also happens to be the highest elevation in the state of Louisiana. I did not see any bears or other fierce creatures. It is also an easy climb, pretty tame, indeed.

From Tallulah: go West on I-20 to exit 77, onto Hwy 507. Turn south and drive thru Simsboro. Continue on 507 south past hwy. 147. Continue on past Hwy 797 on your right. Continue south about another 2 miles to Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church on your right. From the I-20, exit 77, the driving distance is about 11 or 12 miles down a narrow rd. The Church is the only landmark nearby.
Park on the left side, near the Cemetery/Church. You will see the trail-head as well as the signs to the trailhead.
Just pass thru the opening in the fence on your left and continue up the trail. Follow the blue paint markings on the trees.
It’s about 3000 feet or so to the summit. Remember, this is private property, not commercial, so please be kind and respectful to the environment, and don’t leave trash behind or set fires and etc. The private owners do not mind kindly and neat visitors at all.
The website for Driskill Mountain is: My pictures on the mountain with a few others is located at; Or go to my main site at Scroll down on the right side to some pictures. Click on these to access as well.

Flickr is a brand new photosite for me. I only have a few photos there, but that will increase over time.
Enjoy. Doctor Love


Greetings. Did you look at those three words up there in a casual manner, or did you absorb them? Hopefully you absorbed them. There is a great meaning hiding out inside those few words.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Doctor Love, my real last name is Love. My designation is a Doctor in metaphysics. A Doctor in metaphysics is not a Doctor of Allopathic Medicine, that treats you with drugs. A Doctor in Metaphysics are the equivalent of a Doctor in Spiritual Medicine that treats you with Holistic and Spiritual Healing and higher education. We utilize the genuine higher learning tools that the Holy Spirit gives to us as Teachers and Comforters as best as we can in human form. I take meta-science and try to distill it down from the abstract meta-language to a more easily absorbable simpler language that you can hit the ground running with in efficiency and communication, I think that is what I am trying to do.

“Stand for something, or you will fall for anything!” That is a powerful statement there. I did not dream this up or originate these words, here I lay no claim. But, I can elaborate on them for awhile because they mean something.

If you do not stand for something then you are not a good leader. Especially for your own self. You are stumbling around following others endlessly, with no end in sight. It is ok to follow someone if you are a child, or an apprentice, or student, or neophyte. Someone has to teach you theory and practical application of life’s myriad pathways and extraordinary challenges. You in turn will take that training as your own and expound upon it and become somebody of growth and prominence. In turn as you age, you yourself will become the teacher.

Steer away from the masses, swim upstream against the masses if you do not feel that they are going in the right direction, become yourself as an individual and shine like a diamond in the eyes of others, because of your own uniqueness and poise. Do not be afraid of being alone, because God’s got your back. Always will. No argument here from me. He’s always had mine, even when I did not have sense enough to realize it. I am older now, looking thru space and time and circumstance. I can see the truth.

When I as a kid, I could not for some reason follow a group of people walking along a sidewalk. If I did, I would find myself observing their gait, their interaction with each other, the faint smells floating in the air emanating from the ones ahead of me. I would be actually studying them under my invisible microscope. Soon I would feel compelled to speed up into the bunch of them. Once immersed within the bunch I would realize that I am crowded out, I had to pass on thru to the forward position, then a little bit ahead of them to be able to observe them coming at me under my invisible microscope. Then I would start encouraging them to speed it up, you’re walking too slow, like cattle. I wanted to see something different, I wanted to encourage the individuals to get a move on, separate from the masses, energize yourself, you are stagnating and holding me up. Even today I am either pushing people or pulling them to get going, to motivate them to be even greater than I if they tend to look to me as a role model and trustworthy. We must always strive to be our best, do our best, for a greater good at all times. I am a motivator of positive things, I will get out front and lead. It’s not because I love doing it, it’s because I am driven from within, to survive this world on my own accord. Teach me, and I in turn will learn to become the teacher/leader and surpass my teacher. I will be more proficient, artistic, professional with all of your training, then add my own experiences, to become the Master in my own right. I fall for nothing, if you will only give me a moment to think about it. I ponder what is said, then sift thru it, looking for what is useful, then discard the rest. I am not perfect, but has become something very special in my life and the lives of others. We must strive to not fall for anything. Believe none of what you hear, believe very little of what you actually see. Learn to look beyond the length of your nose. Look further away into the distance and see the thing before it is upon you, then destroys YOU! During peace prepare for war. Nothing on earth is guaranteed by man. Only our Creator can and will do that.

In Politics in the USA, we the people are the real body, not the Politicians that we elect into the White House, they are our servants. Jesus said “that he who is greatest amongst you, is your servant.” Not the other way around. Stand for something, or fall for anything.

Let’s all do something positive and with conviction and lead ourselves, then lead our country. We are responsible for ourselves and each other as we become ONE.
Just blabbing away for the sake of hearing yourself talk and use up oxygen is a waste of time. Do something good. Words without deeds or empty prattle. Has no value. Be valuable, be prominent.
Stand for something, or fall for anything. Which are you?

God Saves Souls. But!!!!!!!

Did you know, that God actually saves souls? Well, he really does. Now you see, I said that to get to another point in my story. I am not preaching here, I am simply exploring the actual and factual truth of an action on your part, that has to be carried out.

God is Spiritual, therefore he looks at things with a Spiritual eye. We are physical and has a human spirit, that human spirit has the potential to act and interact with the Holy Spirit, which is God’s active force. We can discern spiritual truths that are seen when they are manifested into the physical world by us. The spiritual/dreams/visions become real things by the energy and skills we have inside of us to create something from nothing. Ergo, oil into tires, sand into silica into computer chips, rocks into jewelry and so forth and so on. Can you diggit?

Now, what I am going to say will surprise some and some will sit there dumbfounded, some will wake up and get busy increasing their self-worth and prosper. Some religious souls will consider my thoughts are a bit hard on them. Well, I am not trying to make anyone mad, let’s speculate for a spell.

God saves souls, but it is up to you to save your own arse! The Spiritual Father saves our souls, which is the invisible, and formless thing that is really the I AM of us. It cannot die unless our Lord commands it so. Our physical bodies is the HOUSE where the spiritual US lives. Our spirit lives in a house of flesh and blood. Our flesh and blood combined seamlessly lives inside of a house of wood and brick and mortar. God lives inside of our house of flesh and blood which is the Church, along with our human self. You see, your body is a house for the two of you. God is already there, the power is already there, the innate built-in abilities are already there. You are contained within yourself your total entirety upon birth. You are in charge of all of this, so wake the heck up.

Praying to God for some gift or thing is not enough, you have to actually meditate and design the actual thing inside your mind to be able to see it later in the real world, created by you from nothing. Then your prayer is answered by you from the things the Lord has put on earth for you to have already. You have to make the first step, then he will take over inside you, guide you, comfort you, help you every step of the way till your desire has been answered.

Just because a few good things has happened to you already in life, do not sit on your laurels after you pray and expect God to come down from heaven and put these things in your hands. Get up and go to work, put the power of the active Holy One to good use, by actually mastering and controlling that physical thing that your spirit lives in. Get an education, learn a craft, help somebody that has a dream, create goals and live up to them, these things in our minds can be our blessings, but we have to go to work. God said “Mankind shall live by the sweat of his brow”, that means: you must go to work if you want to live. You don’t have to work yourself to death, work smart, think. Can you think in a smart way? If not then you can master it with practice. With a good mind and good skills learned inside you, you will be able to have every thing that you need, not necessarily everything that you want. Needs and wants are two different things altogether. Understand?

The power is in you, saved or unsaved, believers or a non-believer, sinner or a saint, even an atheist has this power, our Lord did not pick and choose. He sends the rain to the just and unjust all in equal measure.

You are responsible for your own life, you have to save your own soul as well as your arse. But you need the Lord God of all creation to help you with the details. Without his spiritual power non of us would survive this world. We have to work and sometimes fight for what is right and just. Just don’t forget who you are, and where you came from, and who guides you. God don’t need us pitiful pathetic humans, we need HIM! This world would not cease to exist if every single one of us died. The Holy books says ” even if Heaven and Earth passes away, my word will stand.” His word cannot die, he is Spirit. The Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and the End.

So please, my friends work to save yourself as you are not designed to live into infinity, and take the Power with you, it exists everywhere at once, we just have to activate the force inside of us, we on earth is the bottom line. Save yourself and you in turn helps to save the world. Don’t just talk to hear yourself talk and use up oxygen, get busy because God is watching us.

Prayer is the initiation of Affirmative action, Meditation is listening to God talk to you, so you can receive directions, work is the means to create and earn every blessing that you deserve. A Blessing is considered as a “special favor” from our creator in Lovology. This is a win win situation. Sure the Devil (evil minds) is busy and wants you to fail and to be confused. Tell this Devil to get away from you, because you know who the Lord(creator) really is, and you will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Peace1

Before You Were Born (speculation)

Have you ever seriously pondered why your mind feels differently from what your physical body shows you? Some people have and some do right now. Why is that?

I feel that I am a Male inside of a Female’s body. I feel that I am a Female inside of a Male’s body. Or, I feel confused about my own sexuality. Is this rational thinking? What kind of thoughts are these?

Why do I feel and think in one zone and physically appear in another? Where did these feelings come from? Let’s take a look from the point of origin, shall we? So many questions, few to no answers. Let’s meditate and ponder the unknown invisible world of subtle realities.


This is Lovology style, Metaphysically, and Ontologically driven. A sort of random time-line of events, before our arrival upon Terra Firma. Are you ready to dive off into an Ocean of thoughts? OK, here goes. I’ll get right down to the gist of this specualtion and try to find a critical thought here somewhere.


At the point of conception, when the male sperm and the Female egg make contact, there is a point of light that appears from the collective consciousness of the Universe. The Collective consciousness being the etheral and living field of Atomic energy that permeates the entire Universe, is alive and doing very well. That minute spark of light can be seen under a Scanning Electron Microscope, so this part is critical. This spark of light is a miniscule part of  Spirit itself which can manifest itself, and seperate or dispatch itself from the ethers that gives life, at that moment a human has materialized, otherwise there would be no human without this spark of light. This light is YOU. The physical body that is about to commence growing is the House/physical body that YOU/Spirit lives in. Are you still there with me? OK!

As your physical house grows and develops inside the womb, that house is absorbing a plethora of energetic actions, such as noises, emotional energies, that take place inside your Earthly home, School, the public, sexual intercourse, stress, pain, happiness, everything outside is coming thru the womb to your physical house. The womb is not sound-proof, nor the mother’s entire body. Your physical body’s cells absorb everything.

YOU, the Spiritual being is there, somewhat dormant, while the House/physical-self, is absorbing all of these outside and inside actions into it’s cellular structure. Now imagine, if you will, I AM inside of my physical house, that is inside of another house, attached to it by a lifeline called the Umbilical cord. This is getting good, ;- ), can you see where I am headed with this? Hang on!  When Mommy and Daddy make love, argue fuss and fight, when she chooses a partner, either male or female, or whatever, your Physical House inside this House gathers all of this emotional energy and stores it in it’s cellular structure, for future references, yet to come. You will feel these emotions after your are born and thusly become awake and conscious of them.

Imagine that your Cellular House has no choice about where your mommy goes or do. So some choices cannot be avoided in the human arena of life. I am not blaming the mother totally, I blame the environment of our modern day societies and the way we are evolving into chaos. Our loss of civility, and strange illogical choices we make without no center reference point of truth and Love.

Remember, go deep inside your mind and ponder, and meditate on these Speculative thoughts. You are herein pre-programmed before birth. Once you are born, the YOU/Spirit wakes up inside it’s own House/body and becomes consciously aware of it’s surroundings. Herein lies the shocking problem.

The YOU has awakened and learning from all of it’s five senses now, which is controlled by your mind, the Objective Mind. You are thinking now and feeling.

Before you were born your physical house is already fillled up with the past 9-months of emotional Intelligence. You are awake now, developing critical intelligence which brings forth critical thinking. You see, you are three entities now, Body, Mind and Spirit. The Physical House remembers things that has happened to your parents and actions within the environmental atmosphere of things. You are in the real world now, your physical pody is not what you may have expected to see. Your own house, the flesh has made a subconscious decision as to what it wants to be according to the selective atmospheric energies that it seems to like the most. Whatever turns on the body the most, it has made a subconscious decision before you were born, as to how it wants to be felt from the emotional mind, not the critical mind that has yet to be developed bu YOU in the Here and NOW. It found it’s choice amongst the experiences that it could sense, not from consciously seperating the right from wrong or the good from evil, just whatever is sensational, this is what the body did for you before you were born. It had no chioce, it was bathed in this sensories of receptions and stimulations. Now here you are, just arriving on the scene and is confused as to who or what you are. Trying to find your own reason for being YOU.

Karma is Hell sometimes, every action creates and equal and opposite reaction. You are reacting from the feelings and thought waves emminating up thru the fiber of your being into your critical thinking grey-matter and something just do not seem right. You are right, something is not right, you are not the real YOU.

What actually did happen before I was born? While I was developing from an egg to an Embryo, to a Fetus, on to an emerging child? What the hell went on in my environment before my conscious life?

Each and everyone of us are not responsible for being here, our parents are. Correction needs to be administered before birth while the child is still inside the womb. Talk to him or her, she will hear your verbal sounds and place them inside the body’s cells for rememberance later. A child start on the path of correct wisdom or on a path of miseducation before birth, not later. By the time the child reaches 5-yrs old the emotional makeup of that child has already been developed. So watch what you are letting develop, and come into this world.

If we indulge in illicit behavior, doing unsavory things, committing despicable acts, consuming poison into our bodies, immoral behavior, we are programming our unborn children before they are able to defend themselves or make decisions against the negatives that later on start surfacing into the consciousness of our minds from the Subconscious energies embedded and preprogrammed actions that are stored in my Physical House. The House is where I/Spirit lives. The Spirit is confused by the House/physical self.


Your answer to all of this is here. Eliminate the conflict between the Personality(corporeal body/house) from the Spirit (non-corporeal body/you) from there you will have the cure for all dis-eases of the mind that confuses you in the conflict zone.

The only way to activate this power is to remember that you do have an ultimate power to ascend up to to help you on earth. Our Creator knows what you need to do to find yourself. Just take the first step on your own, inside your mind is where the power lives, it is the Master, the body is only the House, talk to it, it will try to do your biddings, it listens, even when you are sleeping. Dream about wonderful things, and get to know the real YOU. Say to yourself ” THE DOCTOR IS HERE AND ALWAYS WAS” now go and explore yourself and find your way back home.

The Poor helps the Poor.

To my friends. I read an article about a woman not having the funds to bury her husband of 42 years. She was selling all of her stuff she owned, except her and her husband’s clothing to raise $3000.00 for a proper burial. She did not ask anyone for help, she just stated her situation to a writer that placed her plight online.
The majority of the people castigated this poor soul thoroughly. But only a few- I mean, about three or four out of 500 people asked to help out. I was one of those few.

I mean, 500 people were online at that time, with most making mean and derogatory comments. What if all 500 of us donated a dollar? That woman would have $500.00 toward the $3000.00 that she needed to pay for her husband’s funeral in about an hour, from the time that the article was posted online. Turn around the hate which is destructive and activate Love which is constructive, creative and vital.

Why is it people are so mean and jaded these days? What is happening to us? The answer is obvious. There is a lack of Love and Compassion in their lives. People have closed the door to our Creator God. This God is inside us, not out there somewhere. We must take care and look after each other, we must take Dominion, and help out, take responsibility and have compassion for each other, and not play a blame game.
This is not a Bill Gates or Obama’s, or Trump’s problem, or any rich person’s problem. Poor people help poor people when things get rough.. Rich people do not, except maybe one in the whole bunch will feel compassionate about this and donate. Poor people come together and do miracles themselves. To heck with the rich people, let us poor people at ground level help each other out. then hopefully people that have a giving heart that has the ability to help out will help you out, because your poor struggle is out in the open, that everyone can see,,,,,,,you are trying with a whole heart to survive, Empathy is very powerful in the right hearts and minds. Miracles can happen thru empathy.

We are the Government, let’s act like it. Let’s show the world how to properly take care of our own from the ground up. Are you game for this, can you handle it?

Some of us are not as poor as we seem or act like we are anyway. Some of us poor has iPads, Smart Phones, 40-oz cans of beer, Crack, Heroin, and will spend our whole check on gambling and etc., then don’t have food to eat or a place to stay, or lights and gas has been cut off. I wonder why?

The money that you waste could go into a savings account, and grow interest. Then you would have the emergency funds saved up for your own emergencies as well as help someone that has less than you, that has a genuine need. What do you think about that? Just a simple truth.

People of the world, there is a tremendous difference in being Financially broke and Spiritually broke. One, we have no money(financially), the other we have no God(spiritually). If you are Spiritually broke, you will not be able to handle anything properly. If you are Financially broke, and spiritually rich, the Spirit will rise up and you will be able to go forth, get an education and wisdom, then you will be able find the finances in proper order in the future, since Spirit brings along hope for things not seen. Which “broke” would you prefer to be?

Maybe a wife and or a husband did not take out a Burial Insurance Policy, or take some other measure to keep from going under if one or the other passes away. So be it. Then is then, now is now. We all make mistakes in life. Let he/she who is without fault cast the first stone at her. I dare you. None of us are perfect, none.
Just help each other out and be done with it. I am not perfect, but I do feel really special about myself, because of wisdom from our Creator in the form of WORDS, that I absorbed like natural food. Good for me. Hopefully, you do too. Ponder these words carefully, you will arrive at the proper destination point in time.

Spare the ROD, SPOIL the Child.

If a child is not disciplined and taught that there are consequences to their bad behavior by the age of 5, then it’s too late, a terrorist is growning into an adult, that has no respect or value system instilled into their minds. No check and balance system. This pattern is hardwired into their emotional psyche. The children need to be disciplined at an early age, if not, then the Police will have to do it at a later age, by burying their faces into the ground. Then the parents scream about Police brutality. HUH?

Ladies and gentlemen, “spare the ROD, and SPOIL the child.” A ROD is a switch or small branch or the palm of your hand, etc. A ROD can also be a Tongue lashing or scolding or tough chastisement. Verbal words of correction is like a ROD that puts pressure on your mind and emotional states and become embedded into the brain and cells of the human body. Even the cells will remember on a subconscious basis the emotional aspect of the chastisement and automatically halts the human on a subconscious level to STOP. A type of built-in psychological stop-sign.

You should not beat your kid to death, nor verbally abuse them by using curse words and threaten them with extreme punishment. A spanking on their buttocks or legs with a light switch or your palm will not damage the child. You will be warming up the outer layer of skin, where the nerve sensors or, and that will translate into a perceived higher level of pain, but not actually. The buttocks and legs are the most fleshly parts of the body. You will be warming up the skin a little bit, but no serious damage will come from this. If you are mad and feel like doing harm, then halt yourself and compose the rage. Then talk to the child, and explain why he/she is going to be punished. Make sure they understand, then commence with the spanking. Spanking requires control from the adult. If you do not have this type of control, then retrain yourself, get counseling or do a meditational, till you be able to attain a controlled mindset to spanking. Otherwise the Law will spank you. The Law will not punish you for spanking in a caring and loving manner, only if you go overbord, understand?
Corporal Punishment needs to be reinstated. We need to be able to have the freedom to chastise our young without them being able to threaten us because of a spanking. Afterall the Grownups are the ones that run the world, or so I thought. We have to provide 100% of all the needful things that our children requires to grow up, into their life.

Spiritually speaking, Man has not been able to uphold his duties, to take Dominion of this earth, to take care or take charge of his family and the earth. Instead man has taken Domination. Dominion, means to take care of this world, your family, be responsible, to protect. Dominate, means to put down by force, or totally disregard the caring of another sentient being, to enslave. Now the Women has to bear the burden of Man’s lack of responsibilities to the world and their families. She has to become the man also. The women at some point in time will also lose their way in the game of life. They will have to take care of the man and the children and the world, then they too will start failing. Not because of not trying, but because of the amount of pressure and strain of being in the middle of two extremes, the men and the children, one on the left, one on the right. This will cause her to lose her way, it’s too much of a burden for her to bear, and then the children will take over. Woe unto us, this is happening right now in our world. The children are taking charge, because both the man and woman has not taken care of their responibilities and failed, there is no real sense of responsibility in children. They do not listen to what you say, they act accordingly to what you do. The bad examples exemplify themself in children because it is sensational irresponsibility. Once the children takes charge, we are lost. The children do not have the necessary learned proper skills to navigate the terible storm of life, their boat is taking on water and is about to sink. It will sink to the botom of the sea of life. Trust me, it will.

My friends, if you think that this generation is bad, wait until you see what is going to happen with the next generation, in about 10 to 15 years. This generation of unlearned children will teach the next generation, which will get worse than it is now by default. Humanity has not changed, but our technology has made it seem like we are becoming more humane, we are not. Technology is useful to a limit, then it too begins to be used for evil purposes. Do not become a slave to technology, because humanity still functions at it’s lowest common denominator. We are becoming more uncivilized, we are regressing back to the cave-man. Watch out, you don’t want to go back there. So stand your ground and fight, fight the good fight, for peace in all of it’s forms.

Grown ups need to take responsibility and turn this oncoming hellish thing around. Love your wife, love your husband, and most of all, love your children, and bring them up in right ways. Stop playing adolescent games. Adults still playing kiddie games after their teen years is a waste of energy and mind. Grow up, and be Men and Women of character and good substance. Be real.

Use the ROD, save your child, save the world. Always try to do that which is right. God is still in charge. The laws of the land get their laws from Spiritual Laws, otherwise they may not be good laws. Man’s laws are Legal, but not always right. God’s laws are good and just laws, that stands for reproof. In the world of learning, take what is useful and discard the rest.
We may not be able to absolutely save the world or stop the chaos for now, but we can at least controll it and manage it till the ends of time. Think about what you can do in a positive manner to help out! Turn away from the redundant rhetoric, create a new thought process as an Individual parent. Help the children, they are the future. It’s not their fault that they are here, it’s ours.

My Own Personal BLACK FLIGHT!

Greetings to the chosen few.
At this time I am going to elaborate on an old adage called “WHITE FLIGHT” in a kind of reverse way.
My friends, “White Flight” was and still is a term used to signify White people moving away from their homes and neighborhoods because of the influx of Blacks or some other Race or Class of people moving in, and destroying their peace of mind. I have been exposed to that term as a black man. I have lived thru this and understand the nature of this plight.

When I moved into my neighborhood, there were approximately 90% White and 10% Black living here. That was 36-years ago when I purchased my home. Now I too am about to move, because of the chaos from mixed people that happens to be moving in and destroying my neighborhood.. I am not going to defame anyone here because I see this type of movement going on everywhere now amongst all races around the globe. Not because of a particular race, but because of a particular mindset. There are all kinds of people traveling thru my neighborhood. But what bothers me most is the Extreme amount of noise and mayhem they bring, and consider it normal. This chaotic behavior, that only ceases for about 3 1/2 hours in a 24 hour period. That is the only time that I can get some good sleep. From around 2:30am to 6:00am. I need normal peace and quiet.

Now, Black Flight is in reference to me, since I am Black. I am going to do a Black Flight thing and fly away from this perpetual mayhem and chaotic ass neighborhood. I need large amounts of peace and quiet so I can think, and remain in good health and live long and strong. My neighborhood is destroying me unintentionally, but non-the-less destroying my peace of mind anyway, and theirs also.

I have very good skills that I would like to put to use here, but no one is interested in deep thinking, reading, learning, about good behavior, dignity, pride, and self preservation. I started a small counseling center with the promise from my neighbors that they would come, and set down and talk about ourselves, and build ourselves up, and come together. A place to commune and air out problems, to solve problems, to reestablish love into our homes. To get together and help ourselves, paint a house, mow a yard, repair a roof, what ever it took to help each other and to have each others back. Instead of sitting around sucking out of a 40-oz, killing brain cells or draging on a Joint nullifying your brain cells or injesting some kind of drug into their bodies killing more brain cells and committing slow suicide. While they are wasting their time away doing noncreative and destructive personal things we could throw a Bar-be-que, have a great time and fix up someones home, which is creative and usefull and beautiful. But no one came. I had to close the Center 3-months later. No one cared enough to persue a good thing with their own neighbors or family. That’s really sad.

Now, I still have the key to open that door to my own prosperity and others as well. But my people in my area are bound down in misery. They don’t seem to know or have the desire to activate their own powers of love and compassion, and help each other in my area, that is experiencing crime and all types of chaos. My neighborhood is dying a slow death, and I cannot help out, because no one else cares to listen to me. But, you know, as a second thought, only a few really listened to Jesus, and he was God in man,  so who am I, for someone to listen to? Nobody, I suppose.

Since I am on a quest for peace of mind, I plan to move to an area of the country that maybe, just maybe, can use a little spiritual motivation. Just maybe I can or will be able to find a home for my spiritual motivational practice. Just maybe there is a unique area of people that still cares and would cater to someone like me, that I would be willing to volunteer my services and skills that I have learned during my lifetime, that I would freely give away. Just to see a smile, a really happy face, a home that has been repaired, a neighbor that has made friends with their neighbor. Kids playing in a safe environment, adults that are conducive to their learning and upbringing. My art of Philosophy, Spirituality, and Counseling learned from 34-yrs of studying, along with extensive travels in 45 of the 48 United States in an 18-wheeler, alone, and overseas via the Military, must not go to waste. I must find that new home for my spiritual freedom, so my body can get some rest. I can’t do that here. I want to grow wings and fly. I want to ascend to a higher plane of thought and bring as many as I can with me to a new dimension inside ourselves that will shine like the brightest star, outside. That others can see, how I/we have overcome ourselves.

To those that personally know me, you know what and where I am referring to. To my new friends on the pathway to sanity I will share more with you personally and online. I am not in the business of downgrading and vilifying, and talking ugly about others. I mean to talk uP to you. I mean well, but this is real. I have a dream too, of wonderment and peace and love.
Black Flight is what I am going to do. I am not a black man running away from trouble, I am a black man running toward salvation. I speak the truth for all of us, as we are ONE on this planet earth. Peace

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