Salvation or Destruction. A personal choice.

Narrow is the Gate, and Straight is the Road to Salvation and Life:

This means, you have to make a conscious and critical decision on your part to live a life in peace and harmony, stay away from drugs, any bad habits, cheating, lies, killings, robbing, raping, and other chaotic behaviors. This is a hard choice for most people on this earth, even for me. But, you have to steer yourself away from these destructive behaviors. Do not even look at bad things that entices you to just have fun, or do whatever you want to do. There is responsibility and consequences even in having fun. Even having fun can turn into a chaotic and bad thing. Understand? Do that which is right and true and stand up to the physical urges that you have running amuck inside your emotional mind, that causes you to lose control of your physical self and rend, disrupt and destroy. Watch yourself, and do the right thing! There is still the ONE GOD, inside of you that can and will take charge of that body, thru your Heart and mind’s will-power to do that which is “Right, True or Lasting.”  Those last three names has a Trinity of it’s own, and it is called: WISDOM.

Wide is the Gate and Broad is the Road to Destruction and Death.

This means, that there are all sorts of enticements for you to get into that will lead to your own destruction. Such as Sensationalism/Drama, unbridled lust, greed, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, guns in the hands of a non-responsible or right-educated and trained mind, disrespectable children to parents, disrespectable parents to children. We are all in this madness together, you see? Irresponsibility, mis-education, or any number of negative ways, there are many of them. No human has the right to destroy themselves or another, but you can, and because you are determined to have your own selfish way. Truth is the only right way. Jesus said: “even if you fall into a ditch, keep your eyes on me.”  He will get you out of that ditch/hell. That means he is your truth and salvation inside of you already. His will is your will to come up out of the craziness and set yourself free of madness and chaos. To continue on with your life with purpose and poise, and dignity, and hope. The god/devil of this earth wants us all dead. Our Heavenly God do not. Look him up, read his word and discern the truth as best as your mind can handle it, and trust those words that will never die. Just Do It! The Holy Spirit will not abandon you. I promise you. Because God cannot lie. It is not in his nature.

Those two choices up there is located in Matthew 7:13 – 14. Lovology is responsible for the outline. A different method, but the same message. Lovology is simply trying to reach the Chosen Few, that is willing to make a conscious and critical decision to stand your ground on a solid foundation of truth and LIVE with real power that is already inside YOU. Wake it up, before it is too late for your own salvation. Peace

About Doctor Love

I am a Theocentric Philosopher and Metaphysical Scientist, researching the Immutable Principles of God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love. I believe in the intrinsic spiritual nature of God, period, none other. I am also the creator of Lovology. Lovology was an idea in 1981, and was born in 2000, and officially registered and copyrighted in the Library of Congress. Lovology is: A concept, based upon ancient wisdom and new knowledge. It is also represented by the seal (icon) of the five spirits: God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love itself. Embracing the vital principal and animating force that is believed to exist in all things. I am the bearer of the last name "Love". After 5 1/2 years of intense studying while on the road, I graduated with an accredited Ph.D in Metaphysics in the year 2000, at 55-yo. I earned my Doctorate of Divinity in 1981 and was granted an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy in Religion in 1993. In 2008, I wrote my first book, that is in the Library Of Congress, that I have not had the funds to publish yet. But I will. The name of the book is: Lovology Research Project Book 1; Practical Meditation. This is a Path, for the chosen few, to get to know yourself, thru exploration of inner space, the final frontier. The Catalystic ingredient immersed into Mind and Matter to discern the truth. There is more to come, hopefully, God willing and the creek don't rise. Peace. Email:

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