Seeking Solace in Driskill Mountain, La.

Hello everyone. I decided to take a little time out to do a bit of adventuring with my camera. You see, Outdoor photography is an amateur hobby of mine. So, I went Mountain climbing in Louisiana. Surprise, Louisiana has a mountain!

That’s right. Louisiana has a mountain. Driskill mountain that is. it’s 535-ft. high, the highest elevation point in the State. Hey, I’ll even tell you how to get there, if you care to discover a little known secret in La.

Google “Driskill Mountain, La.” for more directions to this area, since it is located off the roads in the forest on Hwy 507.

The included directions are for people in the Tallulah, La. area, where I live in the North East of the state of Louisiana or anyone else, looking for a little adventuring. Actually it is just one big old dirt hill that happens to be in a forest on private land, that also happens to be the highest elevation in the state of Louisiana. I did not see any bears or other fierce creatures. It is also an easy climb, pretty tame, indeed.

From Tallulah: go West on I-20 to exit 77, onto Hwy 507. Turn south and drive thru Simsboro. Continue on 507 south past hwy. 147. Continue on past Hwy 797 on your right. Continue south about another 2 miles to Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church on your right. From the I-20, exit 77, the driving distance is about 11 or 12 miles down a narrow rd. The Church is the only landmark nearby.
Park on the left side, near the Cemetery/Church. You will see the trail-head as well as the signs to the trailhead.
Just pass thru the opening in the fence on your left and continue up the trail. Follow the blue paint markings on the trees.
It’s about 3000 feet or so to the summit. Remember, this is private property, not commercial, so please be kind and respectful to the environment, and don’t leave trash behind or set fires and etc. The private owners do not mind kindly and neat visitors at all.
The website for Driskill Mountain is: My pictures on the mountain with a few others is located at; Or go to my main site at Scroll down on the right side to some pictures. Click on these to access as well.

Flickr is a brand new photosite for me. I only have a few photos there, but that will increase over time.
Enjoy. Doctor Love

About Doctor Love

I am a Theocentric Philosopher and Metaphysical Scientist, researching the Immutable Principles of God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love. I believe in the intrinsic spiritual nature of God, period, none other. I am also the creator of Lovology. Lovology was an idea in 1981, and was born in 2000, and officially registered and copyrighted in the Library of Congress. Lovology is: A concept, based upon ancient wisdom and new knowledge. It is also represented by the seal (icon) of the five spirits: God, Mankind, Life, Death and Love itself. Embracing the vital principal and animating force that is believed to exist in all things. I am the bearer of the last name "Love". After 5 1/2 years of intense studying while on the road, I graduated with an accredited Ph.D in Metaphysics in the year 2000, at 55-yo. I earned my Doctorate of Divinity in 1981 and was granted an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy in Religion in 1993. In 2008, I wrote my first book, that is in the Library Of Congress, that I have not had the funds to publish yet. But I will. The name of the book is: Lovology Research Project Book 1; Practical Meditation. This is a Path, for the chosen few, to get to know yourself, thru exploration of inner space, the final frontier. The Catalystic ingredient immersed into Mind and Matter to discern the truth. There is more to come, hopefully, God willing and the creek don't rise. Peace. Email:

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