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The Cure For All Dis-ease (practically applied.)

    Being a philosopher at heart from birth, that discerned in Godly things, and the truth, I would like to address some of the problems plaguing our world. The people are asking why, and “what is the matter with the young people in my city and the world? Why all the chaos, shootings, murder, rape, robberies and etc?
    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. If you do not plant a seed into the ground a plant will not grow. If the human mind does not have truth and reality planted into it’s subconscious soil, the plant of righteousness, truth and reality will not grow to the surface to be seen.
    Unless the conflict between the Personality and the Spirit is not addressed we will always have mental dis-ease and then emotional dis-ease that acts out in the physical world. Herein lies the cure. This conflict at times start before the child is born, and lasts forever or until correction of truth is administered.
    Let’s look at dis-ease; the pref “dis” means, absence of, undo, deprive… “ease” means, free from pain, worry, or agitation, constraint, without discomfort. Dis-ease is an abnormal condition of an organism or part of it. Unity between the personality and Spirit eradicates and prevents dis-ease.
    The Personality is the part of the human mind, which is without intervention of another (the objective mind). We need to intervene to correct errors on the surface, and get past the objective mind and into the subconscious mind..
    The Spirit, is the person in the vital principal of the soul force, in the subconscious realm where the superconscious resides. This human spirit is the neucleus of the person where the Holy Spirit is Lord inside you.
    Connect the personality and the spirit together without conflict, and you will have a much more divine human form. Dis-ease of the mind would be eliminated, the physical body would not experience extreme emotional pent-up rage or mindlessness, which infects us with morbid behaviortism of physical chaos, personal despair on to Death, in this order.
    God is still in charge, not out there in space or some far off land, but right here all the time, within the human psychophysical temple. Look within yourself and you will see and understand, hopefully. For the Lord gives Wisdom, and from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding, Proverbs 2:6.
    We must be taught by the learned ones, the old ones. The new ones need to listen to right instruction and learn. As ministers and leaders in the clergy, we need more practical knowledge, to allow ourselves to be led by spiritual insightful principles and teach, counsel, and to educate our young as well as the old alike, since we are essentially all of God’s children in his eyes. Those with eyes let them see these words and hear them from within. All the ranting and raving, and complacency and hope will get you nowhere, unless the conflict between the Personality and the Spirit is eliminated. Only the Creator can do this thru us. Ask and it shall be given. My friends of the world what you have just read, is the Cure For All Dis-ease on our planet earth and beyond. Given to me to thru Spirit, to give to you. It is a very simple formula. Read it again and again until you absorb the meaning and the meaning becomes you. So be it.
    My personal and private ministry is to Teach, To Counsel, To Educate, The Chosen Few, using Scientific Principles and Spiritual research methods. A special kind of mix, if you will. To help myself and all persons to improve upon the quality of their lives. I will be working to help save our inner worlds, not to destroy them. The outer world will take care of itself, because of the ways and means that we plant our seeds of good things into our personal soil, that good things will grow up out of us into the light, light is right-knowledge. I too had to seek right-knowledge and understandings to get wisdom. Wisdom means, to do that which is right, true or lasting. Do any one of these three words of light and you will be activating wisdom inside yourself.
    We all have plenty of work to do. There is not much time left, our world is wracked with all kinds of problems and are getting worse. I myself am not perfect, but I feel very special in the eyes of God. I want the chosen few to feel the same as I do. As the majority of people on earth is going to perish and there will be only the chosen few left to build the new world. God said that.  Each one must choose to bring themselves up out of despair and hopelessness, and stand up and face ourselves and a new beginning. But tearfully the majority will not heed anyone’s warning, only the chosen few will do this rightful-thing. This is happening right now in our world. Open your inner-eyes to the soul and you will see clearly. There is no competition in God’s work, practically applied. Enough said for now. Peace.

Our Prayer of Universal Hope.

Dear Lord of light, we pray that your love is shining into the hearts and minds of everyone in and on this poor planet earth. Lord look into the hearts and minds of the Lawyer, the Politician and the Presidents of the world, that has earthly power over these things. That they will have the God-given sense and sanity, coupled with a little Wisdom, to be able to turn the tide of greed, hatred, racial strife, carelessness and unmittigated unnatural desires to own, and to kill each other wantonly and in malicious manners. To help them learn not to want to own or dominate others to the point of despair and untimely deaths.
My Lord, bless the heathens for they need to embrace you, to regain their sense of self-worth, dignity, and respect for their own selves, for they know not what they do, to our sense of sanity and their own useless carrying ons for the sake of sensationalism and vanities. Bless our homes, our families that are together and estranged, that they too may prosper as best as they can with what they have, abundantly, according to their will and their faith. Remove the veil of sadness, and hopelessness, and pity from our hearts and minds, so that we can wake up and see how far we have really strayed from the right paths and took the wrong paths, that seems to have a never ending spiral down into darkness and despair. Help us to wake up to the truth of why we hate our own kind, and we think there is nothing wrong with our points of view into the negative realm of evil, as long as we can get our own selfish desires and will imposed upon others. I know that God is not the Master of Confusion, then who is? It must be the evil one himself, the Devil, or should I say the evil energy that is confusing the majority of people on earth, burrowing itself into us in vain and low thinking minds, that does not yearn for the higher principles of life. Life is being twisted and contorted by this evil one, but we think that is good for us.
That too is confusing, shake it off, get rid of the confusion, and see what is real, see the light, light is right knowledge. Do not think in darkness, come up out of the abyss of scurrying things that rend and tear you apart, and maim and mutilate others, and then destroy itself.
There is only one real point of light, only one Savior, only One Race of people, the human race. Soon there will be a new day, glorious and bright, possible in our time. Brothers and Sisters of all races and creeds in harmony, is one of the most spiritual and right things to experience. I believe that God created us all a little different from each other to make us wonder about ourselves, and be interested in each other in positive ways, not to hate each other because of skin color and religion or things that we cannot comprehend with our small minds. That is where the beauty of life dwells, in the interest factor of swirling kaliedoscopic hues and sizes and textures, and different types of hair, and things that we can comprehend with an open source of understanding. If everyone looked the same, I think that our world would be rather boring. What do you think about that? The All and All knew what he was and is doing at all times, we just need to get into the flow of right things to wind up at the right destination point, that is all we need to do. Honestly.
God said “if two or more people on earth get together in my name, I will be there,” which means, to share our compassion, our love, our ideas, our pain, our hopes, and that he will bless anything and everything in his name. This is not a parable or a sooth saying thing, this is truth in the spiritual realm that manifest itself in the physical realm, on earth, thru us. This spiritual stuff is all energy, intelligence, vital principals, a moving force and power, that can be proven to some extent by studying physics. But, alas and alack, you wil see the true power when our spirits departs our fleshly home and enter into our Heavenly home, I believe. We cannot see this magnificent glorious thing while we still reside in the physical self,we have to ask for the salvation of our souls to experience this infinite thing. You see, the body that you see in the mirror is much smaller than the body that you really own. Our energetic spiritual life force is much larger, this has been proven by science, that we really do have an energetic thing that leaves the body when we expire, that can be detected by technology. More on this later.
The coming together signifies Unity, Strength, and a connection of the Silver Cord, which is our invisible lifeline to God in the spiritual world. The Silver Cord is akin to the Umbilical Cord that connects the Mother to the unborn child, that nourishes and sustains that unborn child in a safe and comfortable place in time and space till it is time for the unborn to enter into the real world of humanity. We do the same thing after we are born, we get connected to the Silver Cord once the Umbilical Cord has done it’s job, and seperated from the Mother, which is the sustainer for 9-months. Spiritual powers take you the rest of the way on your own personal destination into the future. In this outline you can sense what I am trying to convey to you, that God is more real than we are, all the time. Hold onto the spiritual silver cord, or find your way to it and connect to it, you will find that what I say is the truth.
The two or more persons will be sharing and activating the Active Force of God, the Holy Spirit, which is the Comforter and Teacher of all things. This is our prayer and peace period with spirit right now, where ever you are in the Universe. And to the Universal God, we give thanks!

University Of Metaphysics, Since 1959

My friends. This is the University from which I earned my accredited PhD. Dr. Masters is a wonderful teacher and is also the founder of the  University. Inside this beautiful place is also a wonderful staff, some of which I have met personally. I must say that Della Reese-Lett also earned her Doctorate here. Remember her for the show “Touched by a Angel?”

Here is one more, a world known singer, that graduated from this school. Do any of you remember Kellee Patterson"? She sang the song “If it don’t fit, don’t force it” just relax and let it go. I personally met her in Las Vegas and got a big wonderful hug from her.

If you ever decide that you want to advance your thinking power into the realities of Spiritual, Holistic and new-age advanced studies for your mind, and earn yourself a Bachelors, Masters Or Doctorate, this is the place. You can do it online, and I must say that the enrollments are more diversified now. There is a way to get going for mostly anyone. And you may get the chance to graduate in Las Vegas, at the Sahara Hotel and Casino like I did, or at their new location in beautiful Sedona, Az. The whole course was a phenomenal and beautiful challenge. The trip and stay at Las Vegas was some kinda experience in a highly positive way. You can start by accessing the website at: or  I highly recommend this school. Thank you

University Of Metaphysics, NewThought University Metaphysics Since 1959

The beautiful promises of God

God hath not promised skies always blue,
Flower-strewn pathways, all our lives through,
God hath not promised Sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow, peace without pain.
God hath not promised we shall not know,
Toil and temptation, trouble and woe.
He hath not told us we shall not bear,
many a burden many a care.
But God hath promised,
Strength for the day,
Rest for the laborer,
Light for the way.
Grace for the trials,
Help from above,
Unfailing sympathy,
Undying love.
These beautiful words were not created by me. I symply found the poem written somewhere just like you see it here, and rewrote it.  Author unknown.
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