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Freedom of speech, and acting civilized.

There is way too much ignorance in our world these days. Do not get angry when I say that, as I mean not to insult my readers. Mankind has an obligation and a right to chastise mankind, when we are veering into unsavory waters.

We have a right to freedom of speech in the USA. But, if your freedom of speech robs others of their rights, then you lose the right to your freedom, in turn. So let’s be civil folks, and try to work together for a solution to our problems. Let’s not throw stones if we live in a glass house. There is only one human race on this earth. We have learned to become civil over time and circumstance. Now we are regressing back into uncivility. Remember, when you put another person down, you have to stay down with them to keep them there, regardless of who they are. The greatest thing that mankind can do is “seek peace and persue it.” I said mankind. So children, grow up, and act like Men and Women that are civil. We are not animals, we are humans, made of the highest order, a little bit lower than the Angels. Life is tough, it’s not easy. But if we all worked together, toward any common goal, we as Humans of the world, would win in the end. Peace

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