Conflict of the Personality and the Spirit.

    Conflict of the Personality and the Spirit is the root cause of all sicknesses and dis-ease of the mind, transferred to the physical level, where sickness can be seen. Working on this Cause alone, can help you to remain mentally clear, physically healthy, and wholly stable. You will be able to absorb information thru the five outer senses more clearly and process it better.

The Personality is the mental aspects of an individual, such as traits, behavior, beliefs, and your way of thinking. The Spirit is the vital principal and animating force, the I AM inside the physical body where the soul lives. Our invisible self of the human that contacts the Holy Spirit that is the active force of God, and is believed to be the third person in the Holy trinity.

The conflict is between these two forces, ergo, our will versus God’s will. This conflict is what makes us sick, that Doctors cannot cure. Only God can cure you. The Doctors can only remove the physical and psychological blocks that prevents healing of the body that was brought on by this conflict in the first place. Herein lies the cure for all dis-ease..

After the conflict has been neutralized, you will experience clearer concentration during prayer and meditation, which makes for a purer access to the higher consciousness of the human spirit to act and interact with the higher vibrational frequencies of the HOLY SPIRIT. Prayers will be answered more expediently, due to the easier match-up of the two balanced vibrations that are present at the same time, in the same place.

Along with Faith, you will have a much clearer and better connection of the SILVER CORD from God to mankind. The SILVER CORD is the equivalent to the Umbilical Cord that connects the Mother to the Unborn Child in the womb. One is physical, one is Spiritual. Please, think upon these words of wisdom.

As always, I am not writing to inflame anyone, nor do I need that type of vibrational energy aimed in my direction. I can deflect that Spiritually, if I have to. I know who I am, a vessel, and a child of God. I have something to ascend up to, otherwise my life would be useless. I am inspired to survive this world, then I too will pass on into the invisible realm of spirit.

I just have another method, to convey invisible and immutable truths thru spiritual law. To share in my experience of Higher Consciousness, thru meditational blogs.

To enable you to help yourself to attain higher goals and spiritual awareness via insight and an adventurous exploration within your own mind according to your faith. The real treasure map is there, inside your mind. Lovology is just another point of view, not another contradiction. A different road, with the same objective as my destination point. One day we will all live in the same House. OM

Salvation or Destruction. A personal choice in life.

Narrow is the Gate, and Straight is the Road to Salvation and Life:

This means, you have to make a conscious and critical decision on your part to live a life in peace and harmony, stay away from drugs, any bad habits, cheating, lies, killings, robbing, raping, and other chaotic behaviors. This is a hard choice for most people on this earth, even for me. But, you have to steer yourself away from destructive behaviors. Do not even look a bad things that entices you to just have fun, do whatever you want to do. There is responsibility and consequences even in having fun. Even fun can be chaotic. Watch yourself, and do the right thing. There is still the ONE GOD, inside of you that can and will take charge of that body, thru your Heart and mind’s will-power to do that which is right, true and lasting. Those last three names has a Trinity of it’s own, and it is called: WISDOM. 


Wide is the Gate and Broad is the Road to Destruction and Death.

This means, that there are all sorts of enticements for you to get into that will lead to your own destruction. Such as Sensationalism, unbridled lust, greed, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, guns with a non responsible mind, disrespectable children to parents, Irresponsibility, mis-education, or any number of negative ways, they are many. No human has the right to destroy themselves, but you can, because you are determined to have your own selfish way. Truth is the only right way. Jesus said: even if you fall into a ditch, keep your eyes on me. That means he is your truth and salvation inside of you already. His will is your will to come up out of the craziness and set yourself free. To continue on with your life with purpose and poise, and dignity, and hope. The god of this earth wants you dead. Our Heavenly God do not. Look him up, read his word and discern the truth as best as your mind can handle it. The Holy Spirit will not abandon you. I promise you.

Those two choices up there is located in Matthew 7:13 – 14. Lovology is responsible for the outline. A different method, but the same message. Lovology is simply trying to reach the Chosen Few, that is willing to make a conscious and critical decision to stand our ground on a solid foundation and LIVE with real power that is already inside YOU. Wake it up, before it is too late for your own salvation. Peace

Spatial Thinking. A Mental Observational Exercise.

     Developing powers of observation and awareness. A walk from and to my home in my neighborhood, observing in detail my surroundings. The following exercise of mind will be told in a Cryptic style.

    1.   Today is a cloudy and overcast day, but the temperature seems nice.

    2.   Geraldine has installed a security light at the rear of her home.

    3.   Ronald has a new layer of topsoil in his yard. I didn’t realize that he needed this.

    4.   The Bingo Hall has closed, due to the influx of Gambling here in my hometown. The parking lot is empty and desolate, when at one time it teemed with the comings and goings of patrons trying to win a few dollars. Hoping to get lucky while losing their hard earned cash that is severely needed at home.

    5.   Tony’s Doughnuts, is no longer open for business. Too much pressure and stress from mean spirited people of the night and day. Now vandalism has taken it’s toll, the store looks very sad.

    6.   A small grocery store on my left across Plank Rd. is burned out. Inside sits a settle aged gent, or vagrant looking as vacant and burned out as the building itself. Wonder what’s going on in his mind?

    7.   A bag of clothing on the sidewalk in front of St. Vincent DePaul’s used goods store. It’s contents spilled out or thrown out, by someone looking inside for useful things.

    8.   Across Choctaw St. is an old building with a new sign, that reads: Caligula. Hope this new owner fares better than the last one.

    9.   The large Catholic Church’s parking lot is overflowing, out into the sidewalk with worshippers cars, and vans, and trucks. Plenty of business for the Lord.

And I continue my walk thru my neighborhood. Absorbing, in a mindful state of awareness.

    10.   Good old Burger King, stopped to buy breakfast. I noticed it’s only 9:30 am, only 30-min  before breakfast is over. Smells good inside as usual. Paid for my food, waited, gathered my BK bag and left.

    11.   Walking down Chippewa St., I stopped at the Texaco for orange juice, a newspaper, and a peanut pattie – love these things, but my teeth do not.

    12.   Coming up the walkway to mu home, I took an objective view of my rear property – fence on the NW corner needs a new horizontal pole. My yard needs an early February mowing and sprucing up a bit.  

    13.  Nearing the front porch, my house looks like it could use a good paint job, yesterday. It cannot take on the visage of my neighborhood. This is not allowed by me.

    14.   Inside, my wife is still sleeping, it’s approximately 9:50 am. I call out to her that “breakfast is here”, and she responds in a very sleepy, and cumbersome, drag your sleepy feet type of walk thingie, comes into the living room and commence to chowing down.

    I am back inside my cozy home now, pondering my neighborhood walk. What did I Spiritually see? Overall observation: sadness, no real sense of hope. Plastic blank faces, no empathy, hardness, loss of compassion, a negative change of humanity’s inner consciousness, Desolation.

    Is it me that I am looking at from the outside, or is it me, on the inside, really looking at harsh reality on the outside? I hope the latter is true, for my sake.


    This exercise is also a form of objective thinking. Looking at facts and conditions without malice or distortion or bias. No judgment casted. It simply Is what It Is. I hope my exercise up there attained it’s goal of helping someone somewhere in this dear world, to wake up, to show you how to start practicing, and developing your own sense of awareness wherever you are. Keep watch of this world, as the element of surprise is your greatest enemy. You never know what is coming at you, to rend and to destroy. Watch your own back, elevate your own sense of consciousness. Watch!

The ONE.

 It only takes ONE to save the world. The ONE is inside of all of us. We are the culmination and original reason for all of this creation. We are not only in the Universe, the Universe is inside of us. Subatomic particles that exist inside of us are being found in Space Dust and on other planets and comets. These selfsame particles are not found on earth. They also disappear when we pass away. Scanning Electron Microscopes can see these particles while we are alive, then they are gone.  US humans are the most unique creatures in the Universe and we in it. We humans carry the GOD seed. That seed comes from nothing and becomes something. It is US. WE are it. That three letter word up there is the simplest common denominator to explain the most complex entity in existence. We have the power as ONE to save the world, but separately we will save nothing. Self discovery is the final frontier. Get to know who you really are.

 Space and Oceanic discovery is nothing compared to the discover of our planet and US. Inner Space is the final frontier.

But, alas and alack, the US will not wake up to this built in powerful inheritance and responsibility, or walk the straight and narrow, or do that which is Right, True, and Lasting. Those three words defines WISDOM. For Lack of Vision mankind will surely fail, thusly we all will fail. The ONE True Creator will have to do this for us.

The thread that connects all of this is found in the books of the world. You just have to digest a lot of right information to be able to see this. All of my writings are based upon real information gleaned for years and years of studying various tomes of the world, and being online for over 30-yrs. Believe and you shall see. Look and you will find. Peace.

Only ONE Can Save This World.

There is only ONE that can save this world. Yes, mankind can slow down the march to eventual destruction by doing good things and thinking good thoughts. This is only a temporary respite. Then these selfsame  leaders in high places, with control of all the wealth and greed and oppression of the poor will eventually succumb to their own egos and fall back into iniquity of their own lusts for power and domination. The destruction will again continue it’s consummation of the earth’s resources and wealth.

These rich people and kings and queens of the earth has already caused way too much damage to our world with greed and consumption. The poor still suffer. We have knowledge everywhere, but there are people in the free worlds, that do not know how to read or write. Our world is broken. And there is more to come. Watch. The poor people of the earth knows the Truth. The Truth is, LOVE is missing in this battle. WE NEED LOVE IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS if we are to survive and prosper as a people. Without LOVE we will surely die off the planet. Since LOVE and TRUTH is our salvation. Without LOVE all is eventually lost.

There is only ONE that can save this world. There is only ONE that can save YOU. Peace 

My Defense of Spiritual Law


I am black. I am not included in the craziness that people of my color commit. There are decent and law abiding blacks in this world. People of all races are creating all sorts of mayhem and chaos on the planet earth these days. It’s causing an amazing amount of confusion between the races. “The Devil Made Me Do It”, is their mantra. Love is missing from the hearts and minds of people like that. It’s a “mind set”, you see. This “mind set” is creeping like a fog thru the minds of weak and undisciplined individuals. There is no end to this. They are called “Heathens”, that has no God and is uncivilized. Of course, it is wrong to not punish blacks for hitting whites. It is wrong to not punish whites for hitting blacks. It is wrong for anyone to disrespect another’s right to live in peace, the LAW should punish everyone and anyone that commits such and act upon another regardless of color, creed, religion, sex and etc. This kind of behavior is not a one-way street. We all suffer. In the end Spiritual Law will prevail. Till then we all suffer at the hands of the enemy, I know who the true enemy is, we all do, there is only ONE, thrown down to earth, that causes confusion that spreads to any weak spirit or mind. Then chaos and death will follow. Then ONE will judge us all, according to our deeds, and reward us accordingly.

Prayer For A Friend

Different Forms of Respect at Funerals

Some mourn at funerals, some show happiness at funerals, and some just throw your carcass into the ground with no fanfare either way. It depends on the mindset of an indigenous geographical area. It seems some people have nothing else to do except create mindless gossip with their little limited intelligence. Get out and about people, travel to another country, see the world. Get a broader view of humanity, let go of the narrow minded view. Be happy, live your own life with greater purpose and poise. Shut down your iPad, your Androids and small screen gadgets that shows a small view of everything. Look up into the sky, there is an endless amount of wonderment and beauty out there, with a much larger view.
Just move right along, nothing in this world is worth ranting and raving over. Tomorrow is a new day. I guarantee that the sun will rise. ;- )

Driskill Mountain, La.

Hello everyone. I decided to take a bit of time out to do a little bit of adventuring with my camera. You see, Outdoor photography is an amateur hobby of mine. So, I went Mountain climbing in Louisiana.

That’s right. Louisiana has a mountain. Driskill mountain that is. it’s 535-ft. high, the highest elevation point in the State. Hey, I’ll even tell you how to get there, if you care to discover a little known secret in La.

Google “Driskill Mountain, La.” for more directions to this area, since it is located off the roads in the forest on Hwy 507. The included directions are for people in the Baton Rouge, La. area, where I live down south.

In the USA. Go North thru Alexandria, La. onto Hwy 167-North, thru Winnfield, La., next town is Jonesboro, then Hodge. As you pass thru Hodge, turn left onto Hwy 147. Stay on 147 till you get to Hwy 507, turn left onto Hwy 507, and continue on this road.
When you pass by Hwy 797 on your right, Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church will be on your right about 1/4 to 1/2 mile. This Church is your starting landmark for Driskill Mountain. It’s the only landmark nearby.
Park on the left near the Cemetary. You will see the trail as well as the signs to the trailhead.
Just pass thru the opening in the fence on your left and continue up the trail. Follow the blue paint markings on the trees.
It about 3000 feet or so to the summit. Remember, this is private property, not commercial, so please be kind and respectful to the environment, and don’t leave trash behind or set fires and etc.
The website for Driskill Mountain is: My pictures on the mountain with a few others is located at;

Flickr is a brand new photosite for me. I only have a few photos there, but that will increase over time.
Enjoy. Doctor Love

A Prayer for Physical and Mental Healing

Dear Lord of Mercy and Father of Comfort,
You are the One that I turn to for help in moments of weakness and times of need. I ask you to be with me your servant in this illness. Psalm 107:20 says that you send out your Word and heal. So then, please send your healing Word to me your servant. In the name of Jesus, drive out all infirmity and sickness from my body.

Dear Lord, I ask you to turn this weakness into strength, suffering into compassion, sorrow into joy, and pain into comfort for me. May I your servant trust in your goodness and hope in your faithfulness, even in the middle of this suffering. Let me be filled with patience and joy in your presence as I wait for your healing touch.

Please restore me your servant to full health, dear Father. Remove all fear and doubt from my heart by the power of your Holy Spirit, and may you, Lord, be glorified through my life.

As you heal and renew me your servant, Lord, may I bless and praise you.

All of this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ.



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